Dominate the Ring in Fight Night Round Four

Boxing Nintendo games have always been wildly popular. Seriously, who does not love an opportunity to rough up virtual opponents? They have also come a good distance since the days of Atari, and EA’s Fight Night Round four gives today’s gameplayers the most practical, entertaining title to date.

To be revealed as the winner, it’s important to enter the ring with a solid strategy in place. Your plan should change based primarily on your body type, together with the style your bloke likes to fight. With burly, short-armed fighters, it’s insistent to stay on the inside, using quick, powerful strikes to rattle your opponent. Naturally, that method will not work with taller, outside fighters, who should stay farther away and use their reach. Similarly, a conventional fighter should set up bigger punches with pokes, while sluggers wish to throw bombs and go for broke. Understanding the attributes of your fighter will provide a gigantic advantage within the ropes. Landing these scores points with the judges and makes it tough for your enemy to find their rhythm. It is the quickest punch to throw, meaning you can thwart opposing hooks and uppercuts.

talking of which, both the hook and uppercut can be strong if used in the correct way. Both are slower than the poke, but do plenty of damage when they connect. Hooks work best in combos, while uppercuts are most effective as counter-punches. You can throw the hook from farther back, while the uppercut will only work in close. Defensive actions like blocking and dodging will leave opponents open for a major blow, giving you the opportunity to take charge of the fight. By acting quickly, you can land your counter-punch and dish out extra damage. Take care, though, because dodging early will get you hit. Likewise, blocking and dodging simultaneously is far more effective than using just one.

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For the best counter-punches, use the haymaker. This devastating blow is thrown by holding down RB and delivering an uppercut or hook. It’s exceptionally dodgy and should be saved for the moments when your opponent is most exposed. You will not always land it, but it’s’s worthwhile when you do. Fights can turn on one huge punch, and the haymaker can be the spark you want.

Everybody wants to go for the head, but it’s’s cautious to employ a heavy dose of body shots. Wrestlers often block their heads, making body shots, and body haymakers, less complicated to land.

On defense, keep your guard up.

And if you are falling behind, filthy strategies can do the trick. You can be disqualified for head-butts or low blows, but you also get away with them if used sparingly. They’re tough to defend and do plenty of damage.

ultimately, it will pay to land a barrage of punches in any given round, even if you are not dealing much damage. You can often win a round by connecting with more blows, even if they’re just puny jabs.

These tips are easy to learn but tough to conquer. Get the hang of each and you will be dominating opponents inside the ring.