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Geek Gadget Guide – Finding the Perfect Gadget For the Geek in Your Life

Geek Gadget Guide – Finding the Perfect Gadget For the Geek in Your Life

The task of buying gifts for gadget aficionados can seem very daunting. They have seemingly every gadget under the sun and they know about all the newest gadgets. The goal of this guide is to help you avoid the pitfalls and get the ultimate geek gadget for your loved ones. Gadget obsessed geeks are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. They either have it or they have a better version of it already.

“Uh, thanks granddad! An All-in-one phone-MP3 player-address book-internet-camera. Its uh.. fine, I mean great. What? Yeah I love gadgets. Thanks..” If your buying a gift for one of these types, every family has one, this guide will help you find the ultimate geek gadget!

What makes a great Geek Gadget?

First you have to understand the psychology behind technology enthusiasts. They are, at heart, big kids and gadgets are the acceptable face of the adult toy industry. With that in mind lets take a look at what factors go into making a great geek gadget.

New. If the gadget has been out long enough that you have heard of it they will not want it. It has to be cutting edge. If it was available last Christmas chances are it is already too old to set your beloved gadget lovers heart on fire.

Practical. Well not so much practical but it has to fulfill a need. Preferably one that they did not even know that had. Like metal detecting flip flops.

Advanced. As a rule of thumb it needs to impractically overpowered for what it needs to do. If your buying a secure USB Flash Drive it needs to have better encryption than the CIA uses.

Uncommon. Every gadget geek wants to show off to their friends. They all have a need to be the first one in their group of friends to have something, so they can casually pull it out at the pub and start tinkering with it.

Mens gadgets are always popular, look at one of the more successful brands of shaving razors on the market today and you will see the the rules mentioned in this article playing out. Whether it be the number of blades, the frequency they release new models or if it needs batteries you will never look at gadgets in the same way again.

Please bare in mind that gadgets do not have to cost the earth in fact some of the best ones are weird gadgets and they are more often than not cheap gadgets. Good luck finding your gift gadgets. If you need inspiration in finding the latest gadgets take a look at the latest geek gadget blogs on the internet.…

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PlayStation 3 – A Better Value From a Gaming Standpoint?

PlayStation 3 – A Better Value From a Gaming Standpoint?

You know, there is still a debate – some of you would say that there is no debate going on from your own point-of-view – going on about whether the PlayStation 3 is better than, worse than or equal to the Xbox 360 and/or the Nintendo Wii. This is something that we are not even going to bother getting into here as it is not the main focus. What is the main focus here is what makes the PlayStation 3 better than the others to most people.

There are so many articles out there and debates that are already raging about which of the three gaming systems are the best ones so this one will not be just another one of those. When it comes to being able to play online head-to-head against your friends without having to be concerned about adding more financial stress to what you and your family are already dealing with you can rest assured that this one is the one for you. You are able to go online and play head-to head against your friends with the PlayStation 3 easily.

Something else that makes the PlayStation 3 worth the money is the fact that there is a built-in Blu-ray drive that certainly allows you to play movies and other discs that are Blu-ray compatible. This does indeed add an element of satisfaction for those that like to have a gaming console that is indeed a multi-purpose instrument. Have you ever wanted to play online but were disappointed by the fact that there was no Internet signal where you are? This is where the Wi-Fi networking capability certainly does come in handy.

Something else that you are going to notice that is really good is the fact that you do not have to get rid of all of your PlayStation 2 games either as you are able to play them on the PlayStation 3 pretty easily. The only limitations that apply here is the fact that a few of the PS2 games will not work on the PS3 due to compatibility issues between the two generations of the gaming consoles. If you still have a PlayStation 2 console you will find out that you cannot play the games for the PlayStation 3 on it – compatibility issues here as well.

For most people it actually is a combination of everything already mentioned above that makes the PlayStation 3 the best of the lot as far as they are concerned. For others it is the fact that the games are specifically geared to adults. For yet others the draw is that you are able to compete with your friends online head-to-head easily and without paying any type of extra fees for this service. Yes, there are many other things that you are bound to be hearing that are not so flattering about the PlayStation 3 such as the fact that you will need to wait a few months for the games that you want to be available. You have to decide for yourself if this is what you really want.…

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A Visual Treat at a Modern Gadget Shop

A Visual Treat at a Modern Gadget Shop

There has been a humungous leap when we gauge the amount of technological innovations witnessed in the last couple of years. It is possible that the research and development for it all began years before.

However, the ordinary consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to choices of some of the cool gadgets that are on offer. More perplexing, perhaps, to a gadget freak would be to make an appropriate choice of the ultimate device that he or she can term as a cool gadget as there is no dearth of features and facility in each one of these in their own way.

Gadget Shops

There are several gadget shops with a display of latest array of electronic and telecommunication devices in cities across the world. There is an equally incredible response from people as well that buy with a great interest in many of the products that are on offer.

Retailers and manufacturers are devising newer means of attracting and encouraging the consumer with different products range and prices.

There is an equally strong online presence of almost all shops and manufacturing companies. In case you are pressed for time, you may take a quick search for a product of your choice. There are plenty of online gadget shops as well that can cater to your needs.

Cool Gadgets

So, what are these gadgets that are so popular and for what reasons?

Here is a list of some of the cool gadgets available in the market today.

Mobile Phones – This is one of the primary objects of desire all over the world with the biggest offerings to the consumer. There are touch screen phones to ordinary phones but almost all of these are packed with cameras and speakers. Internet browsing, email, fax and video conferencing are only some of the many features that these new age phones include.

Laptops – The new range of laptops are out in a slimmer version and yet with all modern software applications packed in them. These are colourful gadgets that are an integral part of modern life. There is also a range of mini laptops that are smaller in size and yet packed with comparable performance skill.

Cameras – If you are a photographic enthusiast then this is the best time to shop for your favourite and useful camera. There are some of the best camera manufacturing companies that have released high quality devices for both still photography and video shooting. These awesome gadgets are lightweight and equipped with technologically advanced features.

E-Readers – This is a unique innovation of a personal computer that is best suited for an avid reader. There couldn’t be a better way to download and keep your books in this for your hi-tech reading experience.

Home Entertainment – There is a wide range of choice when it comes to home entertainment. Gaming consoles and television screens with 3d technology are only a way to get started. There are high quality sound systems too for that breathtaking musical experience of your own.

These are some of the areas of technological advancements as the work for newer and better discoveries continue to startle us every other day. Till the time, there is a new product release we do have enough on our hands to ponder about.…

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States With Households Most Likely to Have Gadgets

States With Households Most Likely to Have Gadgets

The Gadget Census gathered responses from households across the country to determine who owns which gadgets. This report examines households from state to state to see which ones have the latest devices. Here are the winners.

Apple iPad Winner: New York

New York State comes out on top with 52% more of their households owning at least one iPad. Maybe it’s the ultimate NY subway companion.

Smartphone Winner: Maryland

Could it be all those government issued BlackBerry smartphones or maybe the WiMAX? Maryland beat out the rest of the country with 48% more households that have at least one smartphone.

Laptop Winner: Colorado

Denver, Boulder and the rest of Colorado have 13% more households with at least one laptop.

e-Reader Winner: Massachusetts

In households in Massachusetts, you are 49% more likely to find someone enjoying an e-reader than the average home in other states.

Point & Shoot Camera Winner: Michigan

Michigan households are 8% more likely to have a point & shoot camera in their home compared to other states.

Flat Panel TV Winner: Maryland

Maryland wins again! Maryland has 13% more homes with at least one flat panel TV. Maybe crab cakes go well with TV watching or those government workers need to watch the news.

Feature Phone Winner: Pennsylvania

The honor of having “lower tech” cell phones goes to Pennsylvania, where you’ll find 14% more households with at least one feature phone. We know the economy hasn’t been great, but come on Pittsburgh. The Apple store has no short supply of cool, feature-heavy smartphones for you to check out.

Green Award: California

California didn’t beat out any state in a household gadget analysis, but they did come out on top as the state with the most households that recycle gadgets. California households are 47% more likely to have recycled an old gadget in the last year than the average home in other US states.…

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Enter the World of Games Using a PlayStation 3 Card

Enter the World of Games Using a PlayStation 3 Card

The PlayStation 3 cards are meant to offer convenience to the ever growing gaming community. As per the denomination of the card, you can purchase downloadable games, full-length movies, TV shows, game add-ons and other exclusive contents. All the purchased materials can be played or viewed on your PlayStation 3 or PSP.

Choose a reliable PlayStation 3 Card

There are a number of PlayStation 3 Card providers in the web space. Since you do not know them personally, therefore little bit of research is essential before you make payments. Also, the service provider should be quick. The generation of your card code and delivery via email should be quick. Ideally it should not take more than 24 hours. The chances of you getting a wrong card are close to nil because, the card codes are mathematically generated and a strong back hand support works to provide accurate service to the customers.

How does a PlayStation 3 Card works?

There is no mystery in the functioning of a PlayStation 3 Card. This is as simple as recharging your mobile phone. After you have made an online purchase, you will receive a unique activation code in your mail’s inbox, in the same day. In case you face any trouble in activating the code, go through the manual carefully and get to know about the activation procedure, downloads, expiry and more.

You can make payment with several gateways. If not your credit card then use options like AlertPay and PayPal. These are completely secure modes of payments. The cards are available in various denominations. You can choose the one you want.

After you have purchased a PlayStation 3 Card, follow three simple steps to get started and enjoy an exciting PlayStation experience.

• Register and sign in to PlayStation Network on either of your machines that could be a PS3, a PSP or a PC using Media Go

• Visit PlayStation Store and click on the Redeems Codes icon that is at the top of the page

• Enter the 12-digit code that you have received through email. You are ready to play now…

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Palm Pre – Finally a Competitor to iPhone

Palm Pre – Finally a Competitor to iPhone

The Palm Pre’s launch this weekend could be a huge event this year for the gadget industry. The Smartphone with its multitasking capabilities and notifications system are superb. Pre- has a multitouch functionality with touchscreen control, slide-out keyboard, good multimedia integration and Web Services like wireless options such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Palm Inc’s Smartphone is not so attractive like past Apple Inc iPhone but its launch will be seen as a life saver for Palm and exclusive provider Sprint Nextel Corp. Plenty could go wrong. Executives have warned of shortages. Scathing reviews could smother not just Palm’s hopes, but also Sprint’s. And investors might have to wait a long time for the device to boost Palm’s financial.

Although Pre appears to be better than iPhone, it has some draw backs. The keyboard is cramped, the battery life is short, it lacks expansion slot, video recording and flash support. But with all these missing features and making it less appropriate for professionals, the Palm- Pre offers gadget lovers and consumers excellent features and multitasking capabilities The hardware could be better, but more importantly, Palm has developed a solid OS that not only rivals the competition but also sets a new standard in the way Smart phone handle tasks and manage information. The Palm Pre’s design is unlike that of any Smart phone we’ve seen to date, but if we had to give a point of comparison, we’d say it somewhat resembles the HCT touch. It’s a bit like a pebble, with its smooth, black, lacquered finish and rounded edges, and, like the iPhone, Palm keeps it simple by keeping external controls to a minimum.

The face of the device only has one control: a centre button that will take you back to the Deck of Card view. The centre key is a bit deceiving in that it looks similar to a trackball navigator, so there were times where, out of habit, we would try to navigate a page by trying to scroll up and down using the centre button, but you can only press it like a key. On top of the unit, there’s a power button, a silent ringer switch, and a 3.5 millimetre headphone jack, which we’re always happy to see. The left side features a volume rocker, while the microUSB port is on the right. Finally, on back, you’ll find the camera, flash, speaker, and removable battery. The Pre,s display is one of the main highlights of the phone, measuring 3.1 inches diagonally, so it’s smaller than the iPhone. The tiny keyboard isn’t going to draw any praise, nor is the lack of an expansion slot. The lack of a physical keyboard was a big reason why some people chose not to buy the iPhone . However, It can definitely see people with larger thumbs having problems and, unfortunately, there’s no onscreen keyboard option at this point.

The phone memory is about7GB, so the contact list is limited and includes fields for multiple number and email ids. With Palm’s Synergy feature, the Pre can pull a contact’s information from various sources–Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, and automatically fill all the fields in a single contact sheet, so you don’t have to manually enter all the data. In addition to numbers and e-mail addresses, Synergy will also attach any photos that are associated with that person’s Facebook or e-mail account.

So the absolute gadget freak should have it immediately!…

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What to Do If Your PS3 Blinks Red

What to Do If Your PS3 Blinks Red

Has it happened to you? Right in the middle of your favourite game your ps3 blinks red and the game dies. This can be very frustrating because there is never a good time for you PlayStation 3 to break down. But what if you knew how to fix this red blinking light on your console, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

There are a few reasons that can cause the red light of death on your ps3; I will tell you a little more about them and the possible fixes available to you.

1. Overheating is a major cause of the RLOD, this can be rectified easily. You need to cool your ps3 down so turn it off at the mains and leave it for an hour. Take this opportunity to check the vents to see if they are clogged up with dust or something else. If they are clean it away. Also ensure that a good floe of cool air can get to the machine, this can be difficult if the console is stored in an entertainment unit.

2. Check the cables are securely plugged in as a loose cable can cause blinking red lights on your PlayStation 3. Take a moment to look at the condition of the cables too. Are they in a good state, it is possible for these to get damaged through general wear and tear.

3. Removing the hard drive can fix the red light of death. This is quite a simple procedure. If you are not sure there are many good video tutorials online that will show you how to do this. It is advisable to try this a couple of times and this should do the trick.

4. Okay, if you have got this far and the red blinking light is still flashing then you may have a problem with the motherboard. This can be fixed easily but you have two options how to go about it.

A. Send your console back to Sony for them to carry out the repair. You will be without your console for approximately 6 weeks though. Also if your console is out of warranty then you will have to pay for the fix, this is around the $ 150 price range.

B. Your second option is to fix the console yourself. Yes you read that right it is possible and quite simple too. I would strongly recommend that you use a PlayStation 3 repair guide as this will make the whole process a lot easier. Rib Sheffield has written a great guide, it utilises the same repair methods that Sony use to fix PlayStation 3 consoles. With videos and pictures and step by step instructions it should be must have for anyone wanting to repair their PlayStation 3.…

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Getting to Know the Playstation 3

Getting to Know the Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 game console is part of the PlayStation series from Sony. It has been placed in direct competition with other seventh generation gaming consoles like Nintendo`s Wii and Microsoft`s Xbox 360. The major enhancement of this console over its predecessors is its ability to be a part of the PlayStation network.

The console will no longer have to depend on video game developers for playing over a network. Further, it uses the Blu-ray discs for storage. Its other salient features include a terrific multimedia capability. Two main models were released including one with 20GB hard drive and another with 60 GB hard drive.

History of the PS3:

The PlayStation 3 game console first arrived on the scene in May 2005. It had 2 HDMI ports, 6 USB ports and 3 Ethernet ports. But later on, a cost-cutting measure led to the reduction of features and there were now 1 HDMI port, 4 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port. Pricing structure was also released with the 20 GB variety costing $499 and the 60 GB variety costing $599. There was Wi-Fi Internet and an HDMI port in the 60 GB variety. There was also a beautiful silver logo which was absent on the 20 GB variety.

Right now, the PlayStation 3 game console is available in 5 varieties of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 160 GB hard drives. All of them contain 1 or 2 Sixaxis controllers, 1 miniUSB to USB cable, 1 power cable, 1 Ethernet cable, 1 composite video output cable and/or a DualShock 3 controller. With the release of more and more models of PS3, backward compatibility with the PlayStation has vanished.

What is the hardware?

The PlayStation 3 game console is bent downwards when placed horizontally on the table. When held upright in a vertical position, you can see the PS3 logo shining brightly on top. Spiderman seems to be a favorite with the manufacturers as is evident from the logo. The sleek black model has a slot-loading Blu-ray disc drive for loading DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray movies, games and other such media. The CPU of the PS3 game console is made up of cell microprocessors from Sony, Toshiba and IBM. The system also has Bluetooth 2.0 along with Wi-Fi networking. In fact, the hardware of the PS3 is so advanced that even supercomputers can be built out of it.

What about the software?

The operating system of the PS3 game console has been so ingenuously designed that it can be updated from time to time. These updates can be obtained from the PlayStation network or from the official PlayStation website through an external PC. It can be done through system software available on game discs too. PS3 also allows Linux to be loaded onto it.

The PlayStation network:

The PlayStation network came into existence to allow the users of the PlayStation 3 game console to have access to some of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles by paying about $5 to US$15. It is a free 24-hour service which is available round the year. It also has multiplayer support. Electronic money can also be used in the form of PlayStation Network Cards. This system has gained a lot of popularity since its launch.

The famous games:

Some of the games include: Resistance (Fall of Man); The Elder Scrolls IV (Oblivion); F.E.A.R.; Sonic the Hedgehog; Ridge Racer 7; Mobile Suit Gundam (Crossfire); Formula One Championship Edition; MotorStorm; Virtua Fighter 5; Heavenly sword; Lair; Ratchet and Clank future (Tools of destruction); Warhawk; Uncharted: Drake`s fortune.

A lot more titles are there in the PlayStation 3 game console and more are being added every year. Its time you purchased a PS3 and got to discover all its marvels for yourself.…

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Buy Peace Of Mind By Buying A Good Gadget Insurance Policy

Buy Peace Of Mind By Buying A Good Gadget Insurance Policy

Every home has gadgets like a computer, iPhone, laptop and so on and these gadgets are very expensive. We are all so much used to these gadgets that we have to come to believe that they are absolute necessities. You can see many people moving around with their gadgets like laptop and MP3. But, unfortunately, these people do not realize that they may lose these gadgets to thieves if they are a little careless. In view of this, these people are advised to take a suitable gadget insurance to protect all their expensive gadgets.

When you try to take a gadget insurance, you will find that different insurance companies adopt different policies. But, in general, almost all companies cover a maximum of five gadgets with a single policy. If you have a good gadget insurance policy, you can boldly carry your gadgets along with you wherever you go but you should take basic and common sense safety precautions to protect them.

Gadget insurance is very much required if you are forced to travel abroad frequently. But, for this, you should take a global cover that protects your gadgets even in foreign countries. This insurance protects your gadgets from thefts, damages that may be caused due to accidents and also the technical problems that may suddenly make the gadgets non-functioning.

You should spend considerable time and search online for finding out the suitable insurance company that offers the best insurance for your gadgets. You should compare the features and costs of various companies online and take the policy that covers many risks at an affordable cost. You may have a few requirements on your own. You must discuss with the insurance company and try to incorporate your requirements in the policy. But, the insurance company may insist on additional premium if you add more risks than they usually offer.

But, the point that is being emphasized here is that if you have a good gadget insurance policy, you can use your gadgets with peace of mind.

You also have a policy called supercover insurance policy. According to this policy, the insurance company replaces the electronic product lost, within 48 hours. The insurance company ensures to satisfy customers by covering a wide range of risks. The services offered are of the highest quality and since they extend an option to choose from a wide range of risks, you can choose the risks according to your requirements.…