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Importance of Technology

Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage, and exchange information. In the beginning of time, human beings made use of it for the process of world discovery and evolution. Technology is knowledge and use of tools, techniques and systems. In order to serve a larger purpose such as problem solving or making life easier and better. Its importance to humans is enormous because it has helped them to adapt to the environment.

The development of high technology has helped to conquer communication barriers and bridge the gap between people around the world. The far places have become closer each time and consequently the pace of life has increased. Things that once took hours to complete, we can do in a matter of seconds today. The world is smaller and life is much faster.


An integral part of our lives

Technological advances have become an essential part of our lives. To understand why, just look around and see that in every moment and context we are surround by it. Whether we are working or resting, is always present to make our lives simpler.

Because of its application, our standard of living has increased, because it is easier to meet our needs. In general all industries benefit from it, be it medicine, tourism, education, entertainment among many others. In addition companies have grown and become more efficient, helping to create new employment opportunities. The application of technology has driven research in fields ranging from genetics to extraterrestrial space.

Example of Technology

Take mobile devices as examples: the faster the world moves the more technological advances are offered. Laptops become thinner and smaller, become more compact each year and offer more capabilities and superior performance. They should be able to process a great deal of information in a quicker and more concise way. The same thing happens with phones. The need to be able to communicate whenever and wherever has become the basis for making mobile phones. More and more mobile phone manufacturers are racing to make it smaller and have more features, games, entertainment and apps. To the point of being almost like a pocket computer. On top of that, its market price drops quickly as new products are launch and more accessible.

The importance of technology

In fact, a very expensive technology, or very complicated, does not usually succeed, because its implementation is very complicated. That is why sometimes technologies that seem rudimentary triumph over others much more ‘modern’. Be that as it may, technology is often in continuous progress, being in general the practical development of new ideas conceived by the scientific disciplines, and therefore, is closely linked to the concept of innovation.

In the life of modern society, technology is indispensable. In fact, most scientific efforts focus on the creation of new technologies that meet the needs of society and raise the level of well-being. That on paper, because the technology is not always used for the intended purpose or designed to improve human life (there are important exceptions, such as war technology), but always a technology meets a need.



Linked to the great needs of humanity, technologies of great value have always appeared. For the need of human communication came the telephone, television, radio, internet. With health needs, advances have been made in surgery, general medicine, clinical analysis. With the economic needs have arisen new industrial technologies, process technologies, Of extraction. And so we could go on to infinity, because there is no area where technology is not present: economic, industrial, social, political, scientific, legislative, educational, etc, as it allows an improvement. Of the final result or a simplification of the intermediate processes. Closely associated with this is the concept of BAT (Best Available Technology) in Spanish. In this term, many of the modern concepts of ecology and sustainability are based, by continuously improving the technologies used in industry to avoid pollution.

This previous term has changed in the last years the old concept of technology like increase of the final yield. Previously, this new technique was directly looking for the best profit possible. Especially since companies seeking economic performance develop in 99% of cases they face. The great problems after the industrial revolution, including not only the social ones, but the environmental ones, are a clear example of the erroneous one of that approach.

Update Today

Nowadays, the aim is not only to increase production, but also to take care of other aspects. Such as the social, the well-being of the workers themselves or the environmental benefit. Consequences of misuse Modern technology has become an important facet of Our lives and without it the world would be radically different. In spite of this, social inequalities mean that there are still many people who do not have access to …


Huawei Introduces Three New Laptops to Compete with Apple, HP or Microsoft

The Chinese company Huawei has presented in Berlin three new Notebook. Which is pretends to make a hole in the market of the laptops.

Huawei entered the notebook world in February 2016 with the launch of a 2-in-1 MateBook. But now, it increases its stake by three and returns to the PC market with strength. The company has introduced three new ultra-light laptops, or Notebook. Which is will try to stand up to the competition, such as HP, Apple Lenovo. Or even competition with the new Microsoft laptops. Richard Yu, the head of consumer affairs at Huawei, has been responsible for introducing the three new devices. This Chinese company in an event where the mention of other brands of competition has been a constant.

Huawei MateBook X (Laptops)

The star of the evening has been the MacBook X. A 13-inch notebook and aluminum body that boasts of lightness, thinness and reduced edges. Yu explained, the Huawei’s MateBook has edges of only 4.4 mm and is 12.5 mm thick. Below the 14.9 mm of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro. In addition, following the comparisons, the new Huawei notebook has a weight of 10.5 kg which. According to the person in charge of Huawei, are 300 grams less than the Apple MacBook.

In terms of power, the Huawei MateBook X is lighter but not less powerful. Specifically, Intel is in charge of equipping the new devices of the Chinese company with the latest generation of its processors. The computer will be available with the i5 or i7 processor and 256 GB of internal memory or 512.

The X model incorporates for the first time the technology of refrigeration Huawei Space Cooling Technology. With micro material encapsulated with phase change. A technology that is used in the aerospace field and that allows this portable to operate without fans.

Huawei MateBook X’s Specifications

Another of the great alliances that has announced the company has been with Dolby. Huawei MateBook X is the first notebook equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system, as well as speakers designed in collaboration with Dolby.

Without a definitive launch date, the price of the Huawei MateBook X part of the 1,399 euros for the model with i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 256 of SSD, 1599 for the same computer but with 512 internal memory and 1,699 euros for the computer With the Intel i7 processor and 512 Gb of SSD.

The renewal of the MateBook presented by Huawei in Barcelona in 2016 has come from the hand of the model E. This device is a 2 in 1, ie a tablet that when attached to the keyboard works as a laptop, and allows greater mobility. Its main competitors are Apple and its iPad Pro, Microsoft and its newly renovated Surface or Samsung with its new Book, so Huawei has put the batteries and presented a fresh, powerful and colorful product.

Huawei MateBook E

The 12-inch screen occupies 84% ​​of the front surface, and is attached through a hinge to a keyboard that can be adjusted up to 160 °. Huawei MateBook E works with Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i5 seventh generation and Dolby Audio Premium. In addition, Huawei has announced the renewal of its Pen, the pencil to work on the MateBook E screen.

Its price ranges from 999 euros to 1,299 euros.

Huawei MateBook D

Finally, Huawei has wanted to complete its bet on laptops with the MateBook D, 15.6 inches. This computer boasts of being thinner than others in the competition, such as the HP Envy of 15.6 and its frame is only 6.2 mm, which provides a larger screen than other brands of equipment (screen ratio / chassis 83%).

Depending on the model of Huawei MateBook D, they are equipped with Intel Core i7 or i5 processors of the seventh generation, and some models also have NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory for users who enjoy video games.

It will be available in the colors Space Gray, Champagne Gold and Aurora Blue from 799 euros to 999 euros./span>…

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Latest Technology

Blogging Technology and Blogging Tools

Blogging tools combine all the basic functions of a simple CMS: content creation, content management, and content delivery are processed through a blogging tool. Other functions such as workflow and personalization mechanisms are missing. Like a CMS system, it can be easily connected even with additional features such as a blog search, discussion forums, and shop applications. To that extent, as a blogging tool, the mini-CMS are spoken.
The content creation can be inserted for each server-or client-based tool. Server-based tools such as , and are platforms available from anywhere. However, it must consist of an online access to the server to create content. For client-based tools such as for the creation of content, are available offline on your own computer.
Meanwhile, websites like , provide client-based tools through the entries for different server or client-based blogging tools and simultaneously prepare for an existing Internet connection that can be made online. These tools offer a number of additional features that make blogging. Basically, all tools give the author the possibility to insert images and links and carry out simple HTML text formatting. The GUI, in particular the client-based blogging tools, now look very similar to those of traditional CMS. HTML knowledge is needed only for the design of the website templates. Many providers, however, are supplied with a set of standard templates.
Again and again, bloggers and writers are unilateral, and this is reflected in the articles of the blog. There is nothing worse than boredom when reading. The mix makes it hot or simply not article. By changing representations and also encouraging to pack something else in the article, we derive again to remain constant readers and also browse through the article. Again and again, the emphasis is that we want to entertain our readers, such as entertainers and in words and pictures. A mix is not a guarantee, but a cross section through the possibilities of the range of articles we must start today.
Due to the vast multitude of spellings and the blog topics, I will just start times with the first 5 types of items that you should invite to the experiment. I’m sure you have used some types and you will again. What successes have you had with the individual methods? Did you notice a difference, for example in the comment section? I’ll be glad, if you let us participate.
Tip Article
A variant is often used to share your knowledge with others. The issue of searchers “How can I make something” very often refers to such items and it aims to achieve a knowledge-sharing. Addressing such issues, the bloggers take up a long time and they have solid knowledge of the applied subject.…

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Science And Technology News

Sharp 37 Inch LCD TV: The Slimmest TV

The slimmest Sharp 37 inch LCD TV has the most convenient and exciting design among the LCD TVs in the market.A� This brand new model offers high definition performance and is suitable to any size of living room.A� Though many LCD TVs are in compact size, they are not like this. The slim feature of this brandA� provides many consumers a choice for their small room. Living in a small apartment with lesser space for appliances, this model ofA� would be appropriate.
The Sharp Aquos LC37D64U 37″ LCD provides a narrower housing, which means more picture in less space. Apartments and small houses will no longer be bothered with an old television set that is big and bulky consuming much space of the living room. Apartments can now keep all their space and still have a fantastic television that has excellent picture characteristics. Also you can benefit from the advance technology that was applied in creating this modern television. Setting this on your wall will create a great impact on your room environment.
Aside from the slender shape of the Sharp LCD TV, there are others feature that make it impressive.A� You can connect many devices like the DLNA technology.A� With the digital living network alliance, you can access a DLNA enabled PC via DLNA-enabled HDTV.A� You can use your TV screen as the computer monitor.A� Showing to your family the latest pictures of yours through theA� screen will exciting and full of fun.
In addition, the DLNA tools will let you access all your music through your PC and make use of the speakers ofthat produce superb sound quality.A� Other devices that can be connected to your TV are your laptop, camera, camcorder, and MP3.A� The two rear connections can be use for your camera or PC and for a satellite or even a disc player or video games.A� Living with the comfort of 37 inch television will make free time worth spending and enjoyable.
Taking into considerations the number of great advantages of A Sharp 37 inch LCD TV would complete the essence of a comfortable living room.A� Look into the specifications of the TV when selecting and be confident to ask for product demonstrations if necessary. Choose the best model that will fitA� your requirements.…

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General Articles

Different Ways to Watch Blu-Ray Movies

Different Ways to Watch Blu-Ray Movies

Over a decade ago, a new technology emerged from the technological revolution; the DVD. DVDs completely revolutionized the movie industry and effectively wiped out all of its competition. Just when we all thought that DVDs were here to stay for the long-term, we get something new and let’s face it, better. Since 2006, Blu-ray discs have already cornered the market and are quickly finding their way into the homes of millions of people.

Many companies – like LG, Samsung, and Sony – have jumped on-board the band wagon so to speak. They are helping this new trend by offering different ways to enjoy the discs. Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

LG Blu-Ray Player

The main feature that sets the LG player apart from others is its one-of-a-kind internal hard drive. Before this player was released, that feature was simply unheard of in movie players. I know what you’re asking. How is an internal hard drive useful in a Blu ray player? Well the answer is simple. Thanks to this innovative technology, consumers are able to download and store movies – and even photos – right onto their player. This is definitely another step forward in a world full of technological leaps and bounds!

Samsung Televisions

What good would it be to own a Blu-ray player without the television to make it come to life? Not any good at all. Don’t worry because there is a wide selection of televisions on the market to breathe life into your Blu player – like Samsung televisions. With a wide selection, Samsung offers televisions that can meet any budget. And Samsung produces some of the highest quality televisions on the market. Samsung televisions produce one of the sharpest images on the market and are completely energy friendly – using energy star certified technology.

Sony PlayStation 3

Consumers watched as Microsoft unveiled the X-Box 360 and wondered why Sony was keeping the PlayStation 3 on the drawing boards. A year ago, they all got their answer. Sony released this fabulous gaming console just in time to be a part of Blu-ray fever! That’s right! This savvy gaming console is the first of its kind to be formatted to play the discs. Sony caught the world by storm with this excellent piece of technology. With state of the art graphics and thrilling gameplay, this gaming machine plays Blu-ray discs sharp and clear with digital audio heard with every word. Sony made a very smart decision by waiting until the Blu-ray fever hit to unveil this wonderful machine. So in essence, consumers can enjoy a gaming console that excels in every category – while at the same time using it to watch their favorite Blu-ray movies.…

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Free Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Offers

Free Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Offers

Anything being given away for free is suspicious, or is it? With all those freebie offers populating the Internet these days, who wouldn’t get suspicious?

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim offers are just too many it is getting a bit hard to ignore them. At one time or another, you have been tempted to take on one and try your luck in actually getting a PS3 without parting with $300.

When offers like this may well be a scam or unscrupulous attempts to steal money from you, there are still the ones that are really running legitimate reward offers.

How can one know if a Sony PlayStation 3 Slim offer is for real?

Here are things you must look for in a rewards site to know they are authentic:

• The site must be obviously made by professionals. If a company can give away high-end items like consoles, computers, cellular phones, etc., they should also be able to afford a presentable and decent looking website.

• The rewards site must care about participants’ personal information. Although you are required only minimal information like your name, mailing address and e-mail address, the rewards company must still present a plausible policy for securing your details.

• The rewards site is sponsored by other big businesses that pay them for every advertisement offer completed by participants. Because of this, there should be no reason for you to be paying for anything. Remember, rewards sites don’t make money out of your pocket; they make money out of sponsor commissions.

Now that you know what makes Sony PlayStation 3 Slim offers genuine, nothing should keep you now from owning a brand new PS3, or any other gadgets you might want to have that you can’t otherwise afford.…

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General Articles

Gadgets Show Live 2010 Showcased Luxury Gadgets

Gadgets Show Live 2010 Showcased Luxury Gadgets

As reported by Latest Gadgets, this year’s Gadget Show Live showcased an exciting range of electronic gadgets that appeal to tech lovers more than ever before.

The UK-based show, held during 7 to 11 April, enjoyed a record attendance of over 66,000 visitors, more than double than that of the first Gadget Show Live in 2009. Some visitors were seen queuing up for the show as early as 6am.

The organiser, Upper Street events director Matt Hodgins, remarked that the show will be made bigger next year as there is no similarly large-scale UK-based gadget show like it. Their plan is to open another hall and to add an extra day to the show in order to showcase a more comprehensive range of gadgets.

The most expensive gadget was the Sky Car MK2. Made in the UK this buggy has a speed of 110 mph and boasts superb performance on the road. Armed with a ram-air wing it is a half-car, half-plane innovation. Priced at A�55,320, however, it may put off quite a lot of buyers.

A foldable Yikebike, a sleekly designed kit with a classic leather seat, is set to provide the most convenient and stylish personal travel solution. Weighing 2 lbs, the bike can travel at a speed of up to 25kmph, has a range of 9km and makes travelling around much easier, either for work or leisure.

In addition, the Cyclone Micro, a plug and play HDMI media player adapter, enables you to play and enjoy your media files directly on the TV via the gadget. Priced at A�40 it offers value for money and works seamlessly with your audio-visual entertainment system.

Made in the US, Beats by Dre is designed to let you enjoy the best music experience. The headphone acoustics are strong in audio clarity and super-deep bass and make the perfect accompaniment to your music collection. The revolutionary headphones are sold at a premium price of A�270.

Seeing the lucrative market of the 3D visual experience, Sony has launched its latest 3D gear that will provide powerful entertainment. The 3D TV has an impressive design and can be linked up to the Sony 3D PS3. Priced at A�2,000, the gadget will add a touch of luxury to your stylish living room for those who can afford it.…

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General Articles

Getting Some Automotive Service Consulting Tips

Your business can regain some economic losses by getting some automotive service consulting tips that can help you gain business in this tough times. With the sales of new cars dwindling, you will need to find ways that are different to keep a profits coming in. One of those ways is to focus on the service department of your dealership.
People love to take their vehicles to people who are qualified to work on them. At times they will pay more just to make sure the job is done by a licensed professional. However, that doesn’t always mean they will be coming to you for that work. You need to try and make sure you earn the reputation as the best in your area where everyone will go for maintenance.
Nothing can be more frustrating to a customer who needs something done on their car than not being able to get it in to be fixed. For that reason you may need to make a few changes in your business. Especially if this is going to be the mainstay during this time when not much money is coming into your business.
Convenience is a huge thing when it comes to service, and you can make sure that you have the best convenience offered to your customers. Even if it means that you will need to extend hours of when your open making it easier for people to set up those appointments. This is going to be a way that you may beat others out for those vehicles that need to be fixed.
Adding more locations that are easier access for more people may be another way that you can help out in convenience. Though you may think that will cost a lot more money than it’s worth, if you find a garage that has closed down, you won’t need to do much to open it again.
Providing your customers with more times and more locations to be able to bring their vehicles in could be just the right thing to do. It will have you seeing more business and Auto keeping those loyal customers coming to you. This can keep them coming even when they are offered lower prices from other places who don’t offer as much convenience as you do.
Find ways of doing follow up with your customers. Phone calls or cards that are sent to them to find out if they were happy with the job that was done might be a way to determine this. It is a great way that you will be provided the feedback that you need to make your business stand out above all the rest.
Also, you will make the customer feel they are a very valued and important asset to your business. If they feel important they will continue to come back when they need more service. You need to keep in mind that your service department may be the only reason you are still in business.
Providing customers with that convenience and treating them right will be the best ways to keep your customers and build Auto up more. Those happy customers will be more than likely to pass on your name to friends and family who need work done.…

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Get Your PlayStation Move Free This Christmas

Get Your PlayStation Move Free This Christmas

Sony has just released the PS3 Move, this is a hand controller which follows your movements on screen just like the Nintendo Wii. Using the Eyetoy camera all your actions are made on screen with much more accuracy than any other controller to date.

With just a few short weeks until the big fat man in a red suit arrives and delivers to all the good little boys and girls parents will be inundated with requests to have the PlayStation move for Christmas.

But you can get these controllers for free and not just the PlayStation move for free you can also get the PlayStation 3 for free too. This is possible by using incentive based websites.

The websites who offer the free gadgets all have one thing in common, they are using incentive advertising. This means they advertise great offers from some major brand names such as Santander Coral and LOVEFiLM.

Many of the websites who offer the latest gadgets have been around for years, constantly updating their free gifts with all the latest gadgets you can be sure the gadget you want can be got for free.

To get the ball rolling you will need to find a website which offers a free PS3 Move, once there you will see that you are required to give them some details such as name email and delivery address. It is very important you fill out this form carefully as mistakes may delay your free gift being sent out.

Once signed up you are required to view the offers available and choose just one which needs to be completed, there are dozens of offers ranging from free trails through to offers which require you to credit and spend money on bingo or casinos.

We always advise people to view the free trials as this means you do not have to spend any money and still allow you to try a service which you may well enjoy and continue to use.

Delivery of your free gift is also free, once your account has been checked and all the requirements have been met the free gift will be dispatched to the address given at the registration stage this is why it is important to fill this in correctly.…

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iPad Insurance – UK Providers

iPad Insurance – UK Providers

There are quite a few companies in the UK that provide iPad insurance. However, not all companies offer all kinds of iPad or gadget cover for a reasonable price.

In this post I will put into view three of the most reputable gadget insurance companies in the UK, what they will cover your iPad for, and what would be an average price for a policy. So, if you reside in the UK and you would like to get an insurance policy for your iPad, this post should be helpful.

Protect Your Bubble

Insuring your iPad with Protect Your Bubble, you will benefit from coverage for accidental damage, which also includes water damage and cracked screens. Theft and mechanical breakdown is also insured by this company when it comes to iPads, and the insurance is fully functional worldwide.

In case of a successful claim, your iPad will be replaced within 48 hours. Also, in case you own multiple gadgets, you can insure them all under the same policy and of course, you will benefit from a discount.

One of the beautiful parts of this company is that they accept various types of payment, including PayPal. I only pay my monthly premiums via PayPal.

Unfortunately with PYB you won’t benefit from accessory cover. However, most companies that offer this type of coverage consider that a certain accessory is part of your iPad. So, you will only benefit from the insurance for your iPad accessory, if that particular accessory is damaged by the same factor your iPad was damaged by.

For an iPad priced between A�500 and A�700, price of the monthly premium with PYB iPad insurance is A�4.88.

Gadget Cover

With Gadget Cover, you will also be covered for the most important detriments that may happen to your iPad. Theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage), technical breakdown (in case your warranty has expired), and you will also be covered worldwide. To this whole package you can add loss cover, but this will add an extra A�1 to your monthly premium.

So, for an iPad between A�500 and A�700, your monthly premium will be A�5.99, or A�6.99 if you also opt for loss cover. However you will benefit from a month free of charge.

Insurance 2 Go

With Insurance 2 Go, your iPad will be insured for theft, accidents, water and fire damage, worldwide cover for up to 30 days. They also offer accessory cover for accessories up to A�150. Also, in case your iPad is damaged or stolen while in the possession of your immediate family members (over 18), you will also benefit from your insurance.

For an iPad of a similar value as I mentioned above, your monthly premium with Insurance 2 Go should also be somewhere around A�5.

Now, take note that I’m not explicitly recommending any of the UK gadget insurance providers here, although I have insured my iPad via Protect Your Bubble. But, in case you would like to find an insurance provider for your iPad or other gadgets, you can start with these three. They all offer pretty good policies for acceptable prices.…

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New Technology

Applying Printing-Press Rules To Digital Books

The New York Public Library has 87 branches, but recently some patrons have decided to forgo all of them, and visit the stacks in their living rooms instead.
As the popularity of e-books has increased, libraries across the country have installed virtual stacks. At the New York Public Library’s website, patrons can check out audio books and e-books, temporarily downloading items directly to their computers or mobile devices, without ever stepping inside a physical library. “As our readership goes online, our materials dollars are going online,” Christopher Platt, the director of collections and circulating operations for the New York Public Library told The New York Times.(1) The American Library Association estimates that two out of every three libraries now offer e-books.
But a recent decision by HarperCollins may slow the growth of libraries’ digital collections. The publisher announced this month that it will set a lending limit for new e-books it sells to libraries. Under the new policy, after a HarperCollins e-book is checked out 26 times, it will self-destruct. The limit is intended to provide a digital equivalent of the ordinary wear and tear that, over time, causes paper books to expire.
The restriction raises interesting copyright issues. In the U.S., libraries are able to lend books as a result of what is known as the “right of first sale.” This legal principle allows the purchaser of a particular iteration of a copyrighted work to resell or lend it without permission from the copyright holder, so long as no additional copies are made. Once I have bought a copy of a book, CD or DVD, it is mine to do with as I wish.
This principle, fairly straightforward when applied to physical objects, becomes more complex for “objects” such as MP3 files or e-books that exist only as bits of digital information. In response to file-sharing sites, which attempted to apply the doctrine of first sale to digital content, copyright holders began to assert that content transmitted digitally was licensed rather than sold. Since there was never any actual sale, they claimed, the right of first sale did not apply and they could, as a result, exercise greater control over how the content was used. End User License Agreements were created, requiring customers to agree that, though they seemed to be paying money to acquire a product, they were, in fact, not buying anything. By asserting a right to limit libraries’ use of e-books, HarperCollins is essentially claiming that its e-books are, like software programs, licensed rather than sold.
The principle of “fair use” provides further information on how copyrighted works can be used. It is less directly applicable to library e-books, since it applies primarily to the replication of portions of copyrighted works rather than to the use of individual copies of whole works. But it offers some useful general guidelines for considering what constitutes copyright infringement. According to the laws on “fair use,” individuals and courts examining whether a particular use is fair or not are instructed to consider “the effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work.”
Publishers argue that unlimited library access to e-books would undercut their sales. If e-books are readily available to “check out” for free at any time, they worry, customers would have little reason to click “buy” rather than “borrow.” HarperCollins said in a statement about its new policy, “We have serious concerns that our previous e-book policy, selling e-books to libraries in perpetuity, if left unchanged, would undermine the emerging e-book ecosystem, hurt the growing e-book channel, place additional pressure on physical bookstores, and in the end lead to a decrease in book sales and royalties paid to authors.”(2)
While the existing case law is murky, I am inclined to believe that, regardless of the possible consequences for publishers, the “right of first sale” applies.
But I doubt libraries will sue to win the point. While the “right of first sale” protects purchasers of copyrighted material, there is no “right to first sale.” If selling e-books to libraries hurts their profits, publishers are free to simply refuse to do business with libraries. In fact, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan, two of the largest trade publishers in the U.S., currently do precisely that.
Just as libraries depend on publishers, publishers depend on libraries for a large portion of their sales. Sales to libraries can account for 7 to 9 percent of a publisher’s overall revenue, two major publishers told The New York Times. Like it or not, publishers and libraries are locked in a relationship of mutual interdependence.
My guess is that publishers and libraries ultimately will find a solution that both can accept. Publishers might, for example, delay release of popular new e-books to libraries, forcing those who want to read the book …