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Importance of Technology

Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage, and exchange information. In the beginning of time, human beings made use of it for the process of world discovery and evolution. Technology is knowledge and use of tools, techniques and systems. In order to serve a larger purpose such as problem solving or making life easier and better. Its importance to humans is enormous because it has helped them to adapt to the environment.

The development of high technology has helped to conquer communication barriers and bridge the gap between people around the world. The far places have become closer each time and consequently the pace of life has increased. Things that once took hours to complete, we can do in a matter of seconds today. The world is smaller and life is much faster.


An integral part of our lives

Technological advances have become an essential part of our lives. To understand why, just look around and see that in every moment and context we are surround by it. Whether we are working or resting, is always present to make our lives simpler.

Because of its application, our standard of living has increased, because it is easier to meet our needs. In general all industries benefit from it, be it medicine, tourism, education, entertainment among many others. In addition companies have grown and become more efficient, helping to create new employment opportunities. The application of technology has driven research in fields ranging from genetics to extraterrestrial space.

Example of Technology

Take mobile devices as examples: the faster the world moves the more technological advances are offered. Laptops become thinner and smaller, become more compact each year and offer more capabilities and superior performance. They should be able to process a great deal of information in a quicker and more concise way. The same thing happens with phones. The need to be able to communicate whenever and wherever has become the basis for making mobile phones. More and more mobile phone manufacturers are racing to make it smaller and have more features, games, entertainment and apps. To the point of being almost like a pocket computer. On top of that, its market price drops quickly as new products are launch and more accessible.

The importance of technology

In fact, a very expensive technology, or very complicated, does not usually succeed, because its implementation is very complicated. That is why sometimes technologies that seem rudimentary triumph over others much more ‘modern’. Be that as it may, technology is often in continuous progress, being in general the practical development of new ideas conceived by the scientific disciplines, and therefore, is closely linked to the concept of innovation.

In the life of modern society, technology is indispensable. In fact, most scientific efforts focus on the creation of new technologies that meet the needs of society and raise the level of well-being. That on paper, because the technology is not always used for the intended purpose or designed to improve human life (there are important exceptions, such as war technology), but always a technology meets a need.



Linked to the great needs of humanity, technologies of great value have always appeared. For the need of human communication came the telephone, television, radio, internet. With health needs, advances have been made in surgery, general medicine, clinical analysis. With the economic needs have arisen new industrial technologies, process technologies, Of extraction. And so we could go on to infinity, because there is no area where technology is not present: economic, industrial, social, political, scientific, legislative, educational, etc, as it allows an improvement. Of the final result or a simplification of the intermediate processes. Closely associated with this is the concept of BAT (Best Available Technology) in Spanish. In this term, many of the modern concepts of ecology and sustainability are based, by continuously improving the technologies used in industry to avoid pollution.

This previous term has changed in the last years the old concept of technology like increase of the final yield. Previously, this new technique was directly looking for the best profit possible. Especially since companies seeking economic performance develop in 99% of cases they face. The great problems after the industrial revolution, including not only the social ones, but the environmental ones, are a clear example of the erroneous one of that approach.

Update Today

Nowadays, the aim is not only to increase production, but also to take care of other aspects. Such as the social, the well-being of the workers themselves or the environmental benefit. Consequences of misuse Modern technology has become an important facet of Our lives and without it the world would be radically different. In spite of this, social inequalities mean that there are still many people who do not have access to …


Huawei Introduces Three New Laptops to Compete with Apple, HP or Microsoft

The Chinese company Huawei has presented in Berlin three new Notebook. Which is pretends to make a hole in the market of the laptops.

Huawei entered the notebook world in February 2016 with the launch of a 2-in-1 MateBook. But now, it increases its stake by three and returns to the PC market with strength. The company has introduced three new ultra-light laptops, or Notebook. Which is will try to stand up to the competition, such as HP, Apple Lenovo. Or even competition with the new Microsoft laptops. Richard Yu, the head of consumer affairs at Huawei, has been responsible for introducing the three new devices. This Chinese company in an event where the mention of other brands of competition has been a constant.

Huawei MateBook X (Laptops)

The star of the evening has been the MacBook X. A 13-inch notebook and aluminum body that boasts of lightness, thinness and reduced edges. Yu explained, the Huawei’s MateBook has edges of only 4.4 mm and is 12.5 mm thick. Below the 14.9 mm of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro. In addition, following the comparisons, the new Huawei notebook has a weight of 10.5 kg which. According to the person in charge of Huawei, are 300 grams less than the Apple MacBook.

In terms of power, the Huawei MateBook X is lighter but not less powerful. Specifically, Intel is in charge of equipping the new devices of the Chinese company with the latest generation of its processors. The computer will be available with the i5 or i7 processor and 256 GB of internal memory or 512.

The X model incorporates for the first time the technology of refrigeration Huawei Space Cooling Technology. With micro material encapsulated with phase change. A technology that is used in the aerospace field and that allows this portable to operate without fans.

Huawei MateBook X’s Specifications

Another of the great alliances that has announced the company has been with Dolby. Huawei MateBook X is the first notebook equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system, as well as speakers designed in collaboration with Dolby.

Without a definitive launch date, the price of the Huawei MateBook X part of the 1,399 euros for the model with i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 256 of SSD, 1599 for the same computer but with 512 internal memory and 1,699 euros for the computer With the Intel i7 processor and 512 Gb of SSD.

The renewal of the MateBook presented by Huawei in Barcelona in 2016 has come from the hand of the model E. This device is a 2 in 1, ie a tablet that when attached to the keyboard works as a laptop, and allows greater mobility. Its main competitors are Apple and its iPad Pro, Microsoft and its newly renovated Surface or Samsung with its new Book, so Huawei has put the batteries and presented a fresh, powerful and colorful product.

Huawei MateBook E

The 12-inch screen occupies 84% ​​of the front surface, and is attached through a hinge to a keyboard that can be adjusted up to 160 °. Huawei MateBook E works with Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i5 seventh generation and Dolby Audio Premium. In addition, Huawei has announced the renewal of its Pen, the pencil to work on the MateBook E screen.

Its price ranges from 999 euros to 1,299 euros.

Huawei MateBook D

Finally, Huawei has wanted to complete its bet on laptops with the MateBook D, 15.6 inches. This computer boasts of being thinner than others in the competition, such as the HP Envy of 15.6 and its frame is only 6.2 mm, which provides a larger screen than other brands of equipment (screen ratio / chassis 83%).

Depending on the model of Huawei MateBook D, they are equipped with Intel Core i7 or i5 processors of the seventh generation, and some models also have NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory for users who enjoy video games.

It will be available in the colors Space Gray, Champagne Gold and Aurora Blue from 799 euros to 999 euros./span>…

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Spy Pen – Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About Spy Pens

Spy Pen – Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About Spy Pens

Ever considered purchasing a spy gadget before? If you are indeed looking for one, why not consider the 4GB spy pen? One of the most exciting inventions of modern time, the 4GB spy pen has worked wonders for millions across the globe, and could do the same for you as well! If you are worried or concerned about what has been going on without your knowledge in locations such as your bedroom, your workplace or even inside your car, this device would prove to be your ally in discovering exactly what has been going on!

Often considered more of a myth rather than reality, the existence of spy devices are indeed real and true, as showcased by this amazing pen that has a camera hidden within it. You could probably find them in more than a few electronic stores, as they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world that is filled with doubts and uncertainties. Let us look at one of the most well-known device of the lot, the 4GB spy pen, one that comes fitted with a camera, DVR and a battery together with the actual pen-portion that holds the ink.

The compact size of the pen allows it to video-capture an area effectively without disclosing its position, making it an exceptionally brilliant spy device. And when you buy a USB spy pen, you would be able to immediately transfer your video file to your laptop or desktop, and view it straight away! It is as simple as that!

When we speak of pens that double up as spy devices, they would have two portions to them, namely the actual pen portion and the spy-cam portion. The size of your memory card would determine how long your video footage would be – nevertheless this would also be determined by the size and potential of your battery. On an average you would be able to record approximate 4-6 hours of video footage with the 4GB memory card, but your battery would probably last only to a maximum of 3-4 hours. Thus realistically although your memory card can go up to 6 hours of footage, your battery’s limitations would mean that you should only take into account 4 hours of this footage as your battery would need to be recharged after that.

There are plenty of models to choose from in terms of cost, design and size, thus take your time and browse through your options before you purchase the one that suits your needs best. There are options from $50 all the way to $120 when you speak of 4GB pens, thus you are practically spoilt for choice when you decide to buy this device. The more expensive they are, the better the camera resolution would be, and thus you get better quality videos when you transfer them onto your laptop.

Without doubt one of the best spy gadgets ever produced, dispel all your doubts through the purchase of this brilliant device, and live life free of doubts! Hopefully in the future there would be devices that allow you to shoot for more than 4 hours at a stretch.…

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The Amazing Invisible Mouse

The Amazing Invisible Mouse

MIT students have created what is likely to be a device that can take the market by storm. The Invisible Mouse uses a combination of infrared camera and infrared laser in order to read hand gestures in order to control a computer. You basically put your hand on the table with the IR devices pointing at it, move your hand like you would move a mouse and it controls your cursor exactly how a normal mouse would. Although the technology is still in its infancy and it does require extra hardware that manufacturers are not including with their computers – It has the potential to eradicate the need for an extra peripheral.

Although I have only seen it work on a laptop, it would be better suited to a desktop computer which is anchored to a desk. Because people have a tendency to use their laptop on their lap, finding a surface on which to place your hand may seem cumbersome. It also may be expensive for companies to insert the laser on both sides of the computer instead of just one (to cater for left and right handed users). So in that regard, the touch pad might be a better idea to keep built into the mouse. A good idea for desktop computers would be to build the laser and camera into the monitor. Many people have a tendency to put their towers on the floor.

Although the technology is relatively new; it is impressive nonetheless. It has applications far beyond that of controlling a cursor on screen. It could also have various military and gaming applications. It would also be good to help artificial intelligence in the field of robotics and software design. Although infrared technology has been around for some time, it is interesting to see people use it for new things.…

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Dominate the Ring in Fight Night Round Four

Dominate the Ring in Fight Night Round Four

Boxing Nintendo games have always been wildly popular. Seriously, who does not love an opportunity to rough up virtual opponents? They have also come a good distance since the days of Atari, and EA’s Fight Night Round four gives today’s gameplayers the most practical, entertaining title to date.

To be revealed as the winner, it’s important to enter the ring with a solid strategy in place. Your plan should change based primarily on your body type, together with the style your bloke likes to fight. With burly, short-armed fighters, it’s insistent to stay on the inside, using quick, powerful strikes to rattle your opponent. Naturally, that method will not work with taller, outside fighters, who should stay farther away and use their reach. Similarly, a conventional fighter should set up bigger punches with pokes, while sluggers wish to throw bombs and go for broke. Understanding the attributes of your fighter will provide a gigantic advantage within the ropes. Landing these scores points with the judges and makes it tough for your enemy to find their rhythm. It is the quickest punch to throw, meaning you can thwart opposing hooks and uppercuts.

talking of which, both the hook and uppercut can be strong if used in the correct way. Both are slower than the poke, but do plenty of damage when they connect. Hooks work best in combos, while uppercuts are most effective as counter-punches. You can throw the hook from farther back, while the uppercut will only work in close. Defensive actions like blocking and dodging will leave opponents open for a major blow, giving you the opportunity to take charge of the fight. By acting quickly, you can land your counter-punch and dish out extra damage. Take care, though, because dodging early will get you hit. Likewise, blocking and dodging simultaneously is far more effective than using just one.

For the best counter-punches, use the haymaker. This devastating blow is thrown by holding down RB and delivering an uppercut or hook. It’s exceptionally dodgy and should be saved for the moments when your opponent is most exposed. You will not always land it, but it’s’s worthwhile when you do. Fights can turn on one huge punch, and the haymaker can be the spark you want.

Everybody wants to go for the head, but it’s’s cautious to employ a heavy dose of body shots. Wrestlers often block their heads, making body shots, and body haymakers, less complicated to land.

On defense, keep your guard up.

And if you are falling behind, filthy strategies can do the trick. You can be disqualified for head-butts or low blows, but you also get away with them if used sparingly. They’re tough to defend and do plenty of damage.

ultimately, it will pay to land a barrage of punches in any given round, even if you are not dealing much damage. You can often win a round by connecting with more blows, even if they’re just puny jabs.

These tips are easy to learn but tough to conquer. Get the hang of each and you will be dominating opponents inside the ring.…

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The Truth About The Newest Apple iPod Touch Gadget

The Truth About The Newest Apple iPod Touch Gadget

The iPod Touch has been crowned as a king of hand-held gaming and the new iPod comes with three load of new features to make it even more gaming friendly. The apple upgraded the iPod processor and screen for smoother, and more detailed graphics and long last built-in video camera for DH recording, and more.

Do these new features make a must have? Let check it out.

First, let’s talk about the new screen. Apple has brought its high-quality resolution retina display to the iPod Touch, which packs pixels density so small so you don’t even see the lines of resolution.

The retina display provides vibrant visuals, and smooth and detailed graphics. It is not as nice as iPhone 4’s, but still the retina display is nice and great for gaming.

Under the hood, the new iPod Touch, the Apple packs the A4 processor, which helps to power the retina display and produce better graphics. It does not provide extra speed, but will allow your iPod to provide more graphically intensive games.

Apple also provides a built-in gyroscope to provide better motion and tilt tracking, but as of now, not many games apps are using it.

But the biggest addition to are, of course, the new cameras. Now, you can record HD videos, take photographs, and even video-chat with people over Wi-Fi using real-time. Video-conferencing works only between other iTouches and iPhone 4s, but it is still cool way of connecting people.

There are some issues with the iPod Touch: namely that it is still using stainless pack that can get scathed easily, and the base model has too little storage capacity for the price i.e. the cheapest model is $229 and it comes only with 8 GB of space and the price goes to $299 and $399 for 32 and 64 GBs respectively.…

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5 Best PlayStation Games

5 Best PlayStation Games

Rockstar games presents L.A. Noire, a game where you get to be thrown into the 50s where the world was shady and dangerous with mafia and mob connections. In the game, you get to be a handsome police officer dressed in a sleek suit with a hat and a pistol. You get to follow him around and solve murders, such as intense cases that all deal with traffic, homicide, and even arson. You can search crime scenes for clues and question witnesses that can give you some information on how you can figure out the case. Also you will have to use your brains to figure out if people are lying to you or if they are telling the truth.

Also, you get to really experience L.A. as they show you the realistic city scenes and the real streets from 1947, so you can have an authentic experience. You get to solve brutal crimes in one of the most violent times in police history. This game is M for mature audiences, because of the violent language, scenes, and content, so make sure you are old enough and mature enough for it.

Square Enix brings you Tomb Raider, a game where you play as Lara Croft, who wants to search for adventure but gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island and gets trapped in this mysterious cave. So, she uses her survival skills and her know how to escape and then avoid the natives all at the same time. You are severely wounded, too, and you also have to try your best to survive. You will get astounding visuals in this game and also you get to have the whole trilogy if you want it and have some special features, as well.

Infamous 2 is a game brought to you by Sony, a game that gives you a true superhero experience with epic battles with bosses all against a cinematic backdrop. You also get to experience being a superhero with some advanced attacks and also destroying people with dynamic movies. You can also use a new morality system, as well, that allows you to have different endings and you can create and share missions with people, too.

Warner Bros. brings you Mortal Kombat a game that is rich with adventure and excitement, allowing you to tap into your inner fighter. A lot like Tekken 6, a game that lets you choose your player from a list of players, and then you fight other players and do massive mortalities and have tournaments and battles with the other players.

Finally, Grand Theft Auto IV, a game where you play as a thief who steals cars and take them on crazy criminal journeys while trying very hard to avoid the police and you try to advance in the storyline by achieving certain goals and it is a lot like L.A. Noire because it is made by the same company, and it is highly acclaimed for being the best shoot-em-up there is.…

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Latest Computer Technology

Do You Want a Free iPhone 4? Then Read On

The iPhone 4 is out on the market and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Apple’s new gadget is undoubtedly a masterpiece of engineering but like all high end mobile phones it is quite expensive. But I will teach you how to get one without having to pay a single cent. Sounds too good to be true? You don’t have to believe me. Just check it out for yourself.
But let’s look at what the new iPhone has to offer and why you should get one. Here are some of the features that have impressed me the most and that have already established the new iPhone as the best mobile phone in the world just days after its official launch.
1. The “Retina” display is by far the most impressive feature of the phone and the best screen I have ever seen on a handheld device. This is mainly due to the fact that Apple has developed a new technology which allowed them to make the pixels only 78 micrometers wide. This offers never seen before levels of detail even at high zoom.
2. The 5MP camera is certainly a welcomed improvement as compared to the one on the 3GS and the VGA camera placed on the front allows for a really cool type of video call that Apple has named “Face time”. It allows you to switch between cameras at any time thus creating a really unique experience
3. The body might look similar to the ones of previous models but believe me, it’s not. The metal casing and buttons are really peasant to the touch and give a feel of solidity to the entire iPhone.
And now let me tell you how you can get one for free. You see, a lot of companies are currently developing applications for the new iPhone and need a boatload of testers.
The testing process is really simple. You get an iPhone with an application on it and after a week you give the company your honest feedback. You won’t receive money for it but you will get to keep the cool toy that you’ve been entrusted with during testing. So don’t miss out and look into it quickly as spots aren’t limitless.…

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4 of the MOST Popular Products – Shopping Online is Great

4 of the MOST Popular Products – Shopping Online is Great

As we know, different people have varied shopping customs: men pay more attention to coupons while women focus on sales promotion; the western are fond of buying brand products while the eastern prefer to purchasing the discounted commodity; and the like.

However, no matter how different the shopping customs are, almost all the people have regarded shopping online as a wonderful experience. Then, what do people usually buy on the Internet? Let us go to have a look at four of the most popular products online now.


People spend much money on books every year because of their interest in reading. What’s more, they prefer to shop for books online rather than go to a bookstore. Obviously, it is much more convenient to pick out a book online just with a few clicks on your mouse.


Music is one of the most exciting and relaxed entertainments for people. However, people always have different tastes on different kinds of music styles. The online stores have provided a quantity of musics such as hip hop music, rock music, classical music, countryside music, and so on. Just to to enjoy yourself online; it is terrific!


There are lots of clothing shops online, which have offered lower-priced clothes for customers to dress themselves. As to the female, the cost of clothing has occupied one third of their salary every month. Clothing is really something great online.


People, especially the young, like playing computer games very much. Play Station is one of the most popular games, which is a line of video game consoles created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. As soon as the latest Play Station gadgets are released, people often go to purchase one for themselves without hesitation. You would find that the sales volume of computer games will soon come to a boost at that time.

In a word, more and more people tend to do shopping online nowadays. It is true that there comes the ear of information technology.…

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Concrete That Cleans the Air

Concrete That Cleans the Air

Emissions that are the result of burning regular fossil fuels (like the fuel in your car) are made up a massive amount of different compounds. Even if we are able to reduce the emission levels of one of these compounds it is a good thing and will help bring down the pollution created by driving. That is where the research done by researchers at Eindhoven’s University of Technology in the Netherlands will become a formidable method to reduce the global ecological damage caused by cars that are on the road. They have developed a concrete that strips nearly fifty percent of the nitrogen oxides from exhaust emissions.

The concrete was developed in a laboratory and after extensive testing a one thousand square meter stretch of road was laid to test the concrete in a real test of its potential. The concrete works by stripping nitrogen oxides from the air and converting them into nitrate (a nontoxic compound) as the sunlight and concrete worked together to break it down. The nitrate is then carried away by rain and never seen again. So it not only turns a once toxic chemical into something benign – but using the forces of nature makes the problem virtually disappear.

It is assured by those who can supply the concrete that the cost incurred is not really much more than that of regular asphalt or concrete. In this regard it can be considered economically sound as well as ecologically. It can also be mixed with regular concrete and asphalt without jeopardising the structural integrity of the latter materials. It may just be an easy way for roads to do something extra besides protect a vehicle from unnecessary wear – it will also help reduce the environmental effect of having many cars spewing forth noxious fumes from their tail pipes.…

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MySpace and Facebook – The Shifting in Social Media

Like all fads that were once hot, is quickly becoming supplanted by a comer, . It was just a few short years ago, that everyone who was online had a MySpace page, now it’s Facebook’s turn.
When Fox bought MySpace for $320 million everyone thought it was the deal of the century, but times have changed.
When MySpace was cool, it was where everyone went to view pages of people who were on the cutting edge of technology. It had special features that made it fun. You could set up your page to play a favorite song when people came to it or you could put a skin on your page to change its appearance. For a while it was the hottest thing around.
MySpace began losing its most of its members in 2008 and the decline continues today. Many MySpace users are abandoning their pages and opening Facebook accounts. Some have maintained their MySpace page but primarily use Facebook.
MySpace’s fall from grace was not surprising considering how quickly technology changes. If you don’t adapt and keep current, users will find another online tool. Many people said they dropped MySpace because it was slow to implement user requests. It only recently implemented an updates system used by Facebook for well over a year.
Some also felt that MySpace was not inclusive, that it wasn’t a place where your grandmother would want to visit or create her own page.
Facebook is seen differently and that’s part of its overwhelming appeal. With Facebook, many entire families have gotten involved and created their own pages. So, with more users, Facebook has become the more popular social networking site.
In time Facebook will probably face the same fate as MySpace. Technology changes rapidly and people have short attention spans. New products are coming out all the time that are diluting people’s focus and making them want to trade in what they have for something new.…