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Three Reasons Simulation Technology Should Revolutionize the Medical Industry

Aviation analogies are often used in discussion and analysis of medical quality issues. Both industries depend on the decision making of relatively few specialists to ensure the safety of their clients. In the case of both of pilots and clinicians, the smallest lapse in judgment can have a profound impact on human safety. The need for performance management in aviation launched a billion dollar flight simulation industry for approximately 75,000 flight crews worldwide. Death due to operator error has seen a dramatic reduction in aviation since the introduction of flight simulation technology. That and other process improvements have elevated aviation to one of the safest forms of travel.
Other studies show that 44% of physician-originated error results from a deficit in practitioner knowledge or skill. For an industry that is undergoing massive improvements in the quantity and efficacy of diagnostic and treatment options, the state of the art in disease training is surprisingly archaic. The primary method of delivering new information to physicians is still verbal and written. Medicine is well positioned to experience the benefits of simulation training.
Today web-based clinical simulation training is readily available and prepared to assist in the education and practice of medical professionals. Many note that it has the potential to alter the landscape of today’s medicine, providing quality education and unparalleled experience to today’s physician, nurse, and medical professional. There are many reasons how and why this educational tool can reduce human medical error in general. However, it is important to focus on three of the most important benefits of medical simulation and how it can alter the practice and understanding of today’s medicine.
1) Medical training in a consequence-free environment
When identifying, diagnosing, and prescribing in a virtual/web-based simulator, clinicians can feel more comfortable making decisions because they are in a consequence-free environment. If a clinician makes a serious error which results in patient injury or death in simulation, the likelihood of making the same mistake in clinical practice is significantly decreased.
2) Fewer restraints on clinical learning
Virtual patient simulators are available everywhere at once; the availability of high quality training is no longer constrained by access to classrooms, teachers, and experts. The medical student, nurse, or trained physician with access to a computer with an Internet connection is able to continue training at any time, day or night.
3) Reduced variability in clinical care delivery (i.e. fewer medical errors)
When training on advanced web-based simulators, such as , which utilize a “Quality Improvement Cycle”, a clinician’s treatment path is compared to best practices and, when available, medical guidelines, and medical error is quickly identified in a specific patient context. Recent studies ( ) demonstrate surprising efficacy in pre/post testing for simulation-based clinical learning.
Simulation training has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry by expanding training capabilities and ultimately enhancing clinical care standards. Its ability to train clinicians in a worry-free environment, easy accessibility, and ability to identify and remediate skill gaps suggest that simulation technology is well positioned to have a profound impact on the quality of healthcare training and delivery in the US.…

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The Benefits Of Teaming With A Consulting Firm That Offers Business Intelligence Analytics

When searching for the best technology consulting firms in the region, there is a crucial list of criteria that companies need to consider in order to achieve optimal professional success. Naturally, one of the most influential factors to look for in a technology consulting firm is their talent-recruiting capabilities. It’s no secret that a company is only as strong and as well-equipped as the staff that runs it. Thus, organizations spanning a multitude of operational verticals depend on their technology consulting firms to solicit the top tier of available candidates that have the experience and skillsets necessary to proactively and proficiently contribute to the success of their organizations.
Business Intelligence Analytics: A Vital Offering From Any Technology Consulting Firm
While candidate sourcing and job placement offerings do represent an integral part of any successful relationship with a technology consulting firm, it’s important to remember that that isn’t the only criteria to look for when screening an ideal provider to partner with. A well-rounded, professional and experienced firm will offer clients an extensive and comprehensive service portfolio that addresses far more than merely their current candidate requirements. What’s one of the most important offerings to demand from your technology consulting firm? Business intelligence analytics.
Key Value Add Differentiators Business Intelligence Analytics Deliver Your Business
No matter what technology vertical your corporation is currently operating in, aligning your organization with a business intelligence analytics resource can deliver a multitude of benefits. Without having a steady and accurate gauge of the state of your organization, it’s hard to ensure that your team is operating at max capacity. An experienced team can help your company drill down on some of the most vital service factors and trending industry indicators to help your company stay ahead of the curve and aware of any potential downturns.
Additionally, not only will a business intelligence analytics team help quantify the current state of your organization, they can also provide a third-party impartial opinion on how things are being managed within your team. Even the most successfully run companies can find themselves struggling with accurately and objectively identifying areas that warrant attention and improvement. An outside business intelligence analytics provider can give your company the fresh perspective it needs to ensure it is always operating as proficiently as possible.
Finally, your chosen analytics provider’s job is not done once it merely identifies your company’s existing inadequacies and operational glitches. A truly seasoned and professional firm will also help your team delve deeply into the exposed issues to get at the root of all internal inefficiencies. From there, a polished firm will then partner with you to create a customized strategic plan to effectively and proactively address the issues. Once a course of action has been delineated, your selected vendor will have the experience and fortitude to help your organization follow through with a systematic execution to get your corporation back on track and operating at optimal productivity levels.…

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Bamboo Flooring – Modernizing the Basics

It was well proven that bamboos can produce endless products with the use of its natural parts. Nowadays, flooring manufacturing companies are making a lot of money with bamboo floors. So what are the advantages of using bamboo as your flooring material? And if you are interested in getting installing one at home, how can you choose the right flooring?
Knowing the following facts could help you a lot in choosing:
1. When mentioning bamboo flooring, many are thinking that installing them would make their houses edgy and uneven due to the bamboo’s canes that are often installed parallel with each other. However, technology made bamboo floors look and feel like your normal laminate or wood floorings.
2. Bamboos can fully grow within a much lesser time as opposed to other soft-wood providers. You don’t have to worry about having to replace your flooring with new materials every so often.
3. Compared to other hardwood planks, bamboo flooring does not bloat or shrink, even after being exposed to too much moisture or high temperature. With this, many architects recommend using bamboo floorings for bathrooms or rooms with heat floorings.
4. Using bamboos as your floorings instead of some endangered species of lumber would help reduce environmental imbalance. Also, as what was mentioned earlier, bamboos grow quickly. Hence, using them as flooring would gradually decrease the rate of deforestation in forests and timberlands.
During these days when everyone is trying to make a way to take care of our sick planet, bamboo floors should definitely be one of your choices when selecting your home’s finishing.…

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PlayStation 2 Video Games – A Closer Look

PlayStation 2 Video Games – A Closer Look

PlayStation 2 video games were the bees-knees back before the arrival of the PlayStation 3 and the competitive Xbox 360. Now they’re a much underrated relic of gaming history, and are put aside for the much more expensive PS3 and Xbox360 games. But who needs the extra graphics? Who needs the modern gaming? Anyone who knew the joy of PlayStation 2 in its day will easily play PS2 games and have just as much fun as on any newer console. So let us look at some of the best PS2 games, so that we can buy them at ridiculously cheap prices and smite the modern game developers.

The Final Fantasy games are eternal, evergreen, cult following games, and anyone who became hooked on them at their birth, or even later on the newer consoles, will no doubt still enjoy them just as much on a PlayStation 2. The last proper installment on PS2 was Final Fantasy XII. It was a huge advancement in graphics and playability, with nearly endless amounts of game-play time, and can be picked up for a meager price compared to the game time offered.

If you’re a soccer fan, you will know that the game rules do not change all that often. And, not surprisingly, neither do the console versions of the game. The graphics can only go so far when rendering a field from above, and the controls are generally kept as they are. So, although new games are released every year, you would be better off simply sticking to a good old PlayStation 2 version. What’s the difference?

But if these games don’t grab your attention, look out for some of the other PS2 classics. There’s Jak 3, for quirky, challenging and other worldly missions; Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, for a comprehensive experience of the Metal Gear experience; Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, that classic open world, sadistic game-play crammed with hundreds of missions in the unique and hilarious San Andreas environment; and, lastly, Burnout 3, for high-octane, unreal, speed-crazed fun that lasts all the way up until the caffeine in your system wears off.

To find PlayStation 2 video games you would be best off looking them up on Amazon, but, if you’re eager to score a good deal, try bidding on Ebay, as there are tones of people looking to sell some of their old games and consoles. So, if you want a cheap, fun gaming experience, look no further than PlayStation 2 games.…

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Making the Pitch for VoIP Hosted PBX

When developing your proposal for upgrading to VoIP, I’m sure you were smart and included the obvious pros: cost savings, flexibility, and portability. These benefits are great, but stakeholders tend to worry about other issues. Having answers to the following three questions can help your case for implementing VoIP hosted PBX.

What Will Our Clients Think?

Many non-technical business owners consider technology a necessary evil. They realize that advancements in technology can make business function better and with more productivity. The “evil” part for some business owners is the perception of switching to a new technology. In regard to hosted PBX VoIP, business owners are very concerned about how their customers perceive digital answer systems. In the traditional scenario, a business has a receptionist to answer each and every call. People like and have become accustomed to hearing a human voice at the other end of the line.

For small operations with two or three departments, an auto attendant should not provide too much annoyance. An auto attendant, also referred to as a digital receptionist, is an answering system that offers callers a menu of options for making their desired connection, and routes the call to that endpoint. Businesses can usually customize the auto attendant to fit their needs.

If your business has more than a couple of departments, the concern about call answering being impersonal may be legitimate. If the business wants do without a human voice to answer each and every call, you will have to convince them that auto attendant is the best way to go. This really isn’t a difficult feat. The following are just a few of the benefits of using auto attendant:

Always Available – You can set up an auto attendant to answer your calls 24 hours, 7 days a week. Client calls are always answered.

Never Overloaded – The auto attendant is capable of responding to and routing multiple calls at once. Customers are never on hold for very long.

Professional – You can customize the auto attendant greeting.

Is VoIP Stable?

Businesses rely on the satisfaction of their clients to stay in business. Securing client relationships hinges on every part of business-clients can experience one issue with a business and swear never to do business with them ever again. We all understand the frustrations of phone quality issues. The quality issues that are common with VoIP phone service tend to be associated with residential-class VoIP service. Business-class service providers typically implement extra quality measures to ensure call quality remains stable. Quality of Service (QoS) is an example. VoIP service providers that integrate QoS employ a monitoring system that constantly inspects the network connection and ensures that priority traffic takes precedence. Of course, you should also emphasize your own knowledge of VoIP and the ability to choose a service provider that meets the needs of the business.

Is VoIP Secure?

Since VoIP occurs over an Internet connection, business stakeholders are justified in worrying about confidential information being exposed to unscrupulous individuals. Just as using your desktop to connect to the Internet has risks; using a VoIP phone system can open your business up to attacks from devious network malefactors lurking about networks. Protecting your data is serious business and the assurances you can offer should be tied to the service provider you choose. VoIP service providers are very aware of security issues and many are making notable efforts to lessen the risk of an infringement of your privacy. Most Business Class VoIP service providers are typically capable of mitigating common VoIP security issues such as phreaking, eavesdropping, SPam over Internet Telephony (SPIT), and identity fraud.…

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Checking Out Sony PSP Demos Before You Buy the Real Thing

Checking Out Sony PSP Demos Before You Buy the Real Thing

We all know how hard it is to decide on which PSP game to plonk your hard earned cash down onto the counter for. I mean, you don’t want to end up with a dud game that you’ll never play. Sure, you could trade it or sell it on again, but that’s just more hassle. If you can get a decent game in the first place then you’re saving yourself a lot of trouble. That’s where Sony PSP demos come in. Demos allow you to try out a section of the games before you decide whether or not to buy the full thing. This s a great idea, especially in these troubled times.

There are plenty of Sony PSP games to check out that you can download demos for. These demos will give you a taste of what to expect with the game in terms of playing it and how the thing looks and sounds, saving you the hassle of discovering you’ve bought any old rubbish.

More and more games companies are discovering the possibilities of delivering content over the internet, making it easier for you guys to download the latest Sony PSP demos and get to grips with the games before you buy them. This works out really well for companies as they can get some much needed feedback on their new titles, and it works out even better for the consumer as you’re able to see exactly what you’ll be in for with the full release. As a customer, this makes great sense, especially here and now in these financially tight times.

Trying out Sony PSP demos is really quite simple. You can easily get hold of a number of new game demos online, namely at places such as the Sony PlayStation Store. If you have a Sony PlayStation 3, then you can enter the store via the menu. These can be saved to the PS3’s hard drive and transferred to your PSP for playing handheld via the USB connection.

You can also download these great demos directly to your PSP if your unit is connected to the internet. If that fails, then you could always try the PlayStation store online via your home computer. The latest Sony PSP demos are a superb way to get in on the gaming action without risking losing money on bad games.…

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Wall Street Sees Opportunity In Medical Device Manufacturer Stocks

There is a constant search by many individuals on Wall Street that are looking for new and innovative companies with technology that can change the industry. Historically one of the most successful and lucrative stocks have been those that had to do with medical devices. The reason for this is mainly for the fact that medical devices are things that many times are an absolute necessity for those with various health conditions. As a result, they are more willing to purchase one for their needs than they would something that they particularly did not need.
Today, one of the technologies that is poised to change the medical device market and thus raise the stocks of those companies that produce them is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter has been used for decades but only as of late has its functionality changed to accommodate more of a portable vital sign monitoring device.
Years ago technology such as the artificial heart valve was a true ground breaker in the field of medical products and many of the stocks that were associated with them rose quite significantly. As of recently there has been a lot of talk and action surrounding the companies and stocks that have to directly deal with pulse oximeter technology. The main reason for this is the fact that the product is quite revolutionary in every regard. The ability to monitor your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation while on the go has been something that the market has been yearning for, for years. The benefit is that an individual, lets say with asthma, can purchase this portable device and wherever they may go they can constantly monitor their oxygen levels to make sure they are at healthy levels in order to prevent an asthma attack.
The future of stocks related to these products is very bright and will see very positive growth in the future. Although there does exist quite a bit of volatility in almost every sector in the market, however medical technology is a sector that will forever be in demand because it in essence is not a luxury but a necessity. Those that are suffering from various health conditions do in fact need these products because their entire health and welfare depends on it thus they will buy them. The aspect that makes this sector also attractive is the fact that there is constant change and evolution in the arena thus there is always room for growth in the future.…

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How To Get A Cheaper Auto Insurance Quote

When looking for auto insurance, you want to get the best possible cover for the cheapest possible price. There are numerous ways of doing this, depending on the type of cover you are looking for and what category you fit in. With the right approach you will be able to sort out what is best for you.
In a lot of cases there are specialist insurance companies for people. For example women are statistically less likely than men to have an accident. However a standard provider will cover both men and women, meaning your premiums go up in line with more at risk groups. This is why you may benefit from choosing a policy from a company aimed directly at women.
The same is also true of older drivers. Older drivers are less likely to take risks while driving and are more experienced. Therefore you will probably benefit from a policy aimed exclusively at older drivers.
However, there is the chance that you do not fall into this kind of category. In this instance there are other ways to save money on your quote. If you are a careful driver, you can often get better premiums if you have up to five years of no claims. Younger drivers can benefit from refresher courses, both in terms of reducing premiums and encouraging safer driving.
Another way of saving money is to have a voluntary excess also known as a deductible. This is where you agree to pay for the cost of repairs up to a certain amount. While this can leave you out of pocket in the event of an accident in the long term it will reduce your premiums. If you are a younger driver this is very likely to be the case as you are unfortunately in the highest risk category, so anything you can do to save money is worth doing.
When looking at car insurance quotes, the best place to look is online. If this is the first time you are applying for insurance, it is worth looking at the various introductory offers available. Some companies are not available on car insurance comparison sites, so it is worth having as broad a search as possible.
Comparison sites are useful as they give you a chance to see what kind of prices are available to you. A lot of sites also offer clear tables that show what cover you get for your money, such as anti vandalism insurance that will not affect your no claims bonus. It is generally recommended to get at least three quotes to get an idea of what your policy should cost.
With any auto insurance quote, the additional benefit of knowing how much it costs is the leeway it gives you when negotiating with a company. In some cases you may get a discount or possibly extra cover for your money. A lot of companies will have a list of discounts available, such as for having security devices on your car. It is worth getting in contact and seeing what is available.…

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Why Brainwave Technology Is Superior To Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis training involves acquiring knowledge on how you can use your mind control techniques to convince another person or a group, e.g. to agree with you, in case of an argument. This can also be well be applied in advertising of the products whereby you will have to convince them to buy your this could be argued as an old fashioned way of winning the trust of the others and intimidating. As with improvement in technology it influence can be termed as short term as new methods which are more reliable have been developed. And the influence you had on a personal is more likely to be threatened or replaced.
Hypnosis only concentrates on getting the information to the subconscious part of the brains without offering the much needed help. Unlike hypnosis, Brainwave mind control technique can be termed as the one expected to have a long term effect. Besides give out information and persuading, it offers solution to the individuals such as how they can an addiction. This goes a long way to fulfilling their emotion vacuum hence you can consider it as the most effective way. It’s the most advantageous of the two as in a later date you will need little effort to get things your way.
Brainwave persuasion is what advertising agencies such as the TV use. They are always will to spend millions as the known million will fall for their advertisements hence resulting to more sales. If you happen to employ this tactics you are granted to succeed and have an upper hand than your competitors. This goes a long way to improving on how you interacting with people making your work easy. The end results are more profit if you’re in business, excelling in your career and improved relationships
You can use the art of persuasion and it power of mind changing to lay a ground for a successive business. This is possible as you will convince the customers that they are getting the best of the deals. This can’t be possible with hypnosis as it deals squarely with giving information only. The technology has proved that they make customer feels in control which is not the case with hypnosis whereby they only view themselves as customers. With the right technology your communication skills will be upgraded enabling you to handle arguments in an understanding and mature way. These enhance the relationship with the rest which will result in a big win for both.
Some people may take sometimes to make a decision hence a second persuasion is what is needed for them to comply.hypnosis training don’t offer this opportunity hence brainwave technology comes in handy. This gives them a sense of freedom and they will make it their responsibility to make the business successful without feeling being conned. This builds their confidence and at this point it is easy to persuade them to do whatever you wish done. As human being are created to like what others like hence it is good to parade your big number of your customers as this will attract many more.…