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What Are Gravatar Hovercards?

The word ‘gravatar’ stands for ‘globally recognized avatar’. Social media users have been using them since programs became available to create them.
Gravatars are graphic representations of you or your brand that are displayed next to all your comments, forum posts and Tweets (Twitter messages).They can be comic characters, photos or logos. Other users begin to recognize your posts from the gravatar and potentially increase your following.
Using gravatars can add to your personal branding since your gravatar represents you!
WordPress has recently had an upgrade and added a new feature to the user profile functionality. You can now add more information to your profile and it can be made public using hover technology.
What is Hover technology?
‘Hover’ and ‘mouse hover’ are synonymous terms. Have you ever noticed when you move your mouse over a link or graphic that it can trigger a response? It might produce a popup window or indicate the text your cursor is on is a hyperlink. When text has been hyperlinked and is clicked on it can take you to another page or website. This technique is referred to as hover technology.
The Gravatar Hovercard feature is now set as default across WordPress blogs. You can disable it if you don’t want your profile information made public. Remember, you are in control of what information is placed on your profile and this determines what is on your hovercard.
When you enable Gravatar Hovercards, the public can hover over your gravatar and your personal information that you entered into your profile will be displayed. Things like your name, short bio, photos and contact information can be seen at social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Gravatar Hovercards Pros
A� The primary benefit of Gravatar Hovercards is to promote and extend the community feeling. The hovercards allow the viewer to learn more about you, depending on the information you enter in your profile.
A� Soon this information will be displayed in languages other than English which adds to the ‘user friendly’ part of it.
A� Ease of use. This feature is already set up as a default function.
A� See and learn about the others who are commenting on your blog. It can also help you fine tune your blog or website even further by learning more about your readers.
Gravatar Hovercards are another fun tool to use to share fun and interesting facts about you or your business while posting comments on the Internet.…

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Are QR Codes Fading Out? Only If Self-Absorbed Businesses Will Allow It

The Changing Nature of Technology
If one thing is for certain, it’s that technology is ever-changing. Being far from immutable in all senses of the word, technology is always shifting and flowing as it marches onward. Perhaps these QR naysayers do have some validity to their claims; although not to the extent that they probably imagine. While it’s true that virtually all technology will get replaced eventually, it’s not true to say that the technology in question is not going to have a strong run… and QR technology is fresh in the industry.
So What’s the Problem?
So why do people think that QR codes are going to get replaced before they’ve even had a chance to fulfill their full potential? It’s because people use them stupidly. That’s right: stupidly. Most businesses and companies have been using QR codes like narcissistic drama queens. What’s the bottom line? People don’t care about your website. Many people don’t bother to scan QR codes because there is simply no reward for doing so. Think about it from a consumer’s point of view: if you’re sitting in a pub, drinking a pint of your favorite beer, and you happen to catch a glimpse of a poster on the wall for a beer company, and on that poster is a QR code, are you really going to pull out your smartphone, activate the camera, and scan the QR code? For what? So you can be brought to a webpage that promotes Miller Genuine Draft? No. You’re not going to do that. Why? Because there’s absolutely no motivation for it.
So What’s the Solution?
The solution to this should be obvious to all: offer the consumer a good reason to scan your QR code. The aim of marketers needs to be to make QR codes as ubiquitous as possible – that way, people won’t think about the effort it takes to take out their smartphone and snap a photo. It will become second nature to them. But giving users no motivation will not achieve the ubiquity of QR technology. Companies need to start using QR technology in intelligent ways. They can do this by offering things like coupons, promotions and contests that will spark user interest. If businesses will wake up from their self-absorbed, megalomaniacal coma, they can together start creating the well-deserved buzz that QR codes should already be fostering.
QR technology provides limitless ideas to marketers – and it’s their responsibility to use it to its full potential. So what’s the conclusion of all of this? If companies don’t smarten up, then the naysayers may be right. Innovative and intelligent technology will die if not used in an innovative and intelligent fashion. Let’s start using this useful technology in more creative ways. By doing so, it is certain that QR technology will undoubtedly have a long shelf-life.…

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Market Technology: The Missing Link

Although many, aspects of Industry have morphed and changed over the last, few decades, there are several outposts that continue to find their way. In spite of technological advances, process improvements, changing Market and Customer demands, fierce Competition and even the advent of the Internet and powerful, Marketing platforms – like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – the prevailing mindset has not changed dramatically.
In 1981, we submitted a manuscript to Harvard Business School for review and consideration. It was titled, “Market Technology: The Missing Link.”
It certainly would not rival Ted Leavitt’s “Marketing Myopia,” however Market Technology approached the fundamental issue differently and distinctively.
The actual manuscript was a “library of congress” class of document complete with concept overview, relevant models, heavy detailed, descriptors, case examples to demonstrate that the stuff had been applied to the real world, etc.
In its raw form – Market Technology advocated that companies must treat their marketing, sales and business development needs similarly to the way core engineering and product development are handled. Determining the right response and the right mix for a company’s marketing and sales programs is no different than determining a company’s products and services. In fact, conceiving effective programs is as complex and critical to the company’s success, as conceiving its product set. This meant that the Marketing discipline and process need to be integrated into the business. In fact, with small-to-medium, sized companies – the Market Program – is classified, as critical – in that, it could make or break a company.
For smaller firms – they must get it right – out-of-the-gate, and may not get a second chance.
This is one aspect that distinguishes smaller companies from their larger counterparts – as the larger firm can absorb a missed opportunity or loss more readily.
How many companies have you been associated with that thought and operated this way?
Market Technology represents a Mindset, framework, methodology, process orientation and an implementation -ready, program all rolled-up in one, complete package.
In your company, what role does Marketing play?
Most, will respond by indicating that Marketing plays a support role for either the product/service or to provide mainline support to the company’s Salesforce or Distribution Network (Channel Partners).
Reference will be made to Trade Show support, MarComm, collateral material, brochures, data sheets and even the dreaded “lead generation program.”
In your company, what is the stature of Marketing?
There are exceptions (depending on the Industry and Company make-up), however most will indicate that it is not a Leadership role (although the Marketing Team wants it to be).
What is the missing ingredient?
Is it that Senior Management did not come from the Marketing discipline and will not give it its day and cut it loose?
Is it that companies have experienced too, many false starts with their Marketing Program or it just doesn’t work?
Is marketing too, risky and costly compared to making investment in other areas of the company?
Is marketing viewed, as a luxury vs. a mainline contributor?
There is no silver bullet answer, although some combination of these factors may be the root to understand the dynamics going on here – in your company.
Let’s revisit the elements of the All-in-One package referenced above:
*The Mindset – we continually get bombarded with messages that advocate a company must migrate to a Market-Driven or Customer-Centric state – well, how many successful transitions have you been involved in or led?
The point is that this involves cultural and many times, organizational change – and that is not a small step, but a giant leap. It may demand shift changes in focus and direction, which may also have an impact on the make-up of the Senior Leadership Team.
It takes careful assessment, planning, timing and relentless dedication to pull something like this off, however the starting point is the Mindset. If there is need to infuse or change the company mindset to embrace Marketing – then it must start with the Top Dogs (Senior Leadership Team) and then filter into the organization. Although the mindset sounds like “soft science,” if the company environment is not ripe and receptive and the mindset is not understood and put to practice, then there is no need to invest any time, resource and effort into driving this forward. It’s a Dead stop!
*Framework/Methodology – most companies’ Marketing efforts look-like a disjointed, puzzle. The pieces are laid out and some fit, however it just doesn’t hang together. The reason for this is that the make-up of the Marketing Program is comprised of discrete events (activity-based) vs. a well-thought out, integrated Program (defined and driven by Strategic intent). Further, there are times when something is put in-place to satisfy the interests of the Top Dog or to appease the Sales Team – avoid these activities like …

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Benefits of Open Source ERP to Small and Medium Businesses

Considering its robust platform, many developers have come up with beautiful web based solutions including ERP. ERP on this platform is not really new. It has been around for some years now. However, looking at its acceptability, one of the open-source ERP has also received venture funds recently. It proves that ERP on Open Source is a viable business solution not only for the industry users but also for investors.

What makes Open source tick?

Huge technically well qualified community

Very definition – Open to change from users

Free – all Open Source components are either free or nearly free

Maintenance is today available from third party vendors, though at a cost

Free regular upgrades

Backing by mighty software vendors like Google, Facebook etc.

Thus, any software developed on Open Source proves to be less costly to implement, though not free as many people imagine. Only negative is that there are no standards, or in other words, there are too many standards. But, with proliferation of vendors in this field, it is possible to work around given standards, say Suse Linux from Novell or Red Hat etc.

All this has made it possible to develop large complex applications like ERP on open source. With some years of experience on Open-source based ERPs and alternative revenue models that have emerged, it is possible for a user to opt for this ERP. Outside India there are many such ERPs today in the market. In India too, ESS has taken the lead by releasing an ERP based on LAMP stack.

How does such LAMP based ERP make sense to small & medium sized companies?

User does not have to worry about license cost of third party components like O/S, Database etc. nor does the user have to worry about AMC for these products. Third party vendors do provide AMC for LAMP based products also, but user has an option. If he/she is technically savvy, he/she may chose to maintain the system by self. If however, user is not tech-savvy one may chose to go with a vendor for regular support.

With support of large community of developers it comes with features that are much more user friendly many times than what people imagine.

Because of the quality of developers, generally the software is lighter to work on and maintain.

With technology base of Open Source, products built on this platform are more suited for Cloud computing structure than other heavy weight products in the market.

It is light weight as compared to other available proprietary technologies, thus consume lesser hardware and network resources.

With Cloud computing coming up as the next wave, ERPs built on LAMP stack have natural advantage in exploiting this technology.

Thus, it makes eminent sense for Open Source ERP for SME. The users can look at various alternatives available.…

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Need Assistance In Roof Repair? Read This Article!

A solid roof can prevent leakage of water and debris. If your roof isn’t doing what it is supposed to, it can cause damage to many other ares of your house. Good maintenance procedures will save you from roof problems in the future. Read the roofing advice below to prepare yourself.

When you fix a leak, it is imperative that you get the job done on the first go. Do not find one bad spot and stop. Check every square inch of your roof for problems; you might have a number of issues.

Mow your lawn before the contractor comes to remove your roof. This enables them to find nails much easier should they fall during the job. A magnetic nail finder also works better in short grass if your contractor uses one.

Always check the references of a contractor before hiring them. Follow up on the reference you are given and contact them for their experiences with the contractor you are considering. Also, you may want to inspect some of the addresses on your own. Check out the work and see what it looks like for yourself.

If your contractor won’t be out for a day or two, you can put a bandage on your leaking roof. Consider nailing in a layer of heavy plastic over the leaky area. This is a temporary repair that allows you to hire a contractor to fix the problem permanently.

Be sure a potential roofer is properly licensed. Do not simply believe that he is legitimate based Canada Homes off what he says. Look up your local building department and call to ask what paperwork is needed.

Any homeowner who’s had to repair a roof or replace one entirely can tell you what a nightmare it is to deal with the consequences of poor roof maintenance. You have the power to avoid such hassles now that you have read the above information. Be sure to use your new knowledge, and make the most of an always tough situation.…

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Here’s the Easiest Way For You to Burn PlayStation 3 Games!

Here’s the Easiest Way For You to Burn PlayStation 3 Games!

Copying PlayStation 3 video games seems to be on the thoughts of many PlayStation 3 players! Many PlayStation 3 owners have no idea the way to copy their games and we frequently get questions about this. In today’s guide we are going to review exactly methods to burn PlayStation 3 games.

I think it’s important that we clarify that we are certainly not writing this so people duplicate games they do not own. Copying PlayStation 3 games in order to protect your games against loss or scratches is normally legal though. Losing a PlayStation 3 game simply because it gets misplaced or scratched is a horrible experience.

Let’s have a look! If you want to backup PlayStation 3 video games, you will need to make use of a computer program designed to burn PlayStation 3 games. These kinds of programs are made exclusively for gamers that need to to backup video games and are not the same type of software as what is used to copy a movie or music cd. Your everyday cd copying program does not allow you to duplicate PlayStation 3 game discs.

PS3 games come with copyright protection on the disc which stops regular burning software programs from copying them. These blocks prevent your computer system from being able to make sense of the info on the disc which means your computer system can’t copy the video game onto another disc.

Luckily you can get past these copyright guards if you have the right type of software on your computer. When you have this kind of program on your system, your system can duplicate PS3 games because it can understand the game information. You need to set it up on your computer system and are then able to burn a PlayStation 3 video game whenever you choose.

Whenever you want to duplicate a PS3 game, simply place it in your personal computer, wait a few minutes for your computer system to transfer the data onto your computer’s memory and then throw in an empty dvd disc. In approximately 20-40 minutes you will end up getting a copy of the PlayStation 3 game disc that to can use in your PS3.

A computer program like this will cost you around fifty bucks – you shouldn’t have to spend much more than that. I also would suggest searching for a game copying program that offers a moneyback guarantee just in case it does not work with your computer.

When you can easily burn PS3 games it’s a snap to duplicate whatever PlayStation 3 game you need. Anybody that owns a PS3 can make full use of this type of software to guard their PlayStation 3 games.…

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Sony Presents The Move Controller

Sony Presents The Move Controller

Wii is having Wiimote, Xbox 360 has Natal and the PlayStation 3 has the Move. Because so, Sony decided to call his own motion controller presented here under the original name of Eye Motion. And it’s a fairly complex controller, composed of three different devices, and labeled as a function somewhere between Natal and the Wiimote with Nunchuk.

More specifically, we have the main rod, 200*46 mm and 145 grams, easily recognizable by light ball on top. This is for main hand, and is the essential component of the Move’s. Its movement (in this case the light ball) is brought before the Board Eye, available for years. And on the other hand will be available on a rod, sold separately, with dimensions of 138*42 mm.

These two rods are providing the user a lot of buttons, and even a mini joystick, and incorporates gyroscopes and accelerometers for all three axes, plus a terrestrial magnetic field sensor. So motion is not brought before the Board only, but all these systems and sensors. And that’s why Sony assures us that Move is the most advanced motion controller.

Both controllers are based on Li-ion batteries for energy, and communicate among themselves and with the PS3 by radio (wireless). The user receives feedback by Move, in the form of vibrations of rods or ball color changing light.

Although Move is largely complete, Sony has decided to release it until the Autumn. And give time to this game studios to make compatible titles. It is hoped that by the end of 2010 a total of 20 games to support Move.

The price for this controller will be under $ 100. It remains to be seen which console will dominate the moving games. Wii from Nintendo is clear the best in this area at this moment.

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How to Purchase a PS2 Game

How to Purchase a PS2 Game

PS2 game is a version of Sony PlayStation video games. Many years ago, the most advanced developments of video games was cached by Sony PlayStation. The Sony PlayStation 2 is developed to become more successful than other competitors. Want to enjoy by playing games? If so, know more key points before going to buy them.

If you want to purchase a PS2 game, it is really much tough to discover a trusted authorized best seller. Once you got the information, you need to maintain good contact with the sellers. If you don’t know how to purchase then spend some time to read the following tips which helps you a lot.

1. Find how you can get the setup of the game and reseller certificate.

2. Choose reputable sellers. An authorized dealer is the good selection if you find them. Enquire about them, it is must to know whether they are selling good products or not and verify once about the customer services of distributors.

3. Keep the prices, services and delivery charges in mind and select the best dealer among all the dealers.

4. Contact the seller and set up an account with their product. Ask them to give you the game at the best price that they can able to offer and don’t pay the amount until you confirmed that the product is checked.

5. Get guarantee slip from the dealers and must know whether they will your money back if the game is damaged or not.

While you are investing money, you have to think about the safety and quality of the game. So, follow the above tips to get a good game. Definitely, you can get a good PS2 game. Sony PlayStation games are really special games and you can get more joy in playing the games.…

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Spy Pen – Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About Spy Pens

Spy Pen – Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About Spy Pens

Ever considered purchasing a spy gadget before? If you are indeed looking for one, why not consider the 4GB spy pen? One of the most exciting inventions of modern time, the 4GB spy pen has worked wonders for millions across the globe, and could do the same for you as well! If you are worried or concerned about what has been going on without your knowledge in locations such as your bedroom, your workplace or even inside your car, this device would prove to be your ally in discovering exactly what has been going on!

Often considered more of a myth rather than reality, the existence of spy devices are indeed real and true, as showcased by this amazing pen that has a camera hidden within it. You could probably find them in more than a few electronic stores, as they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world that is filled with doubts and uncertainties. Let us look at one of the most well-known device of the lot, the 4GB spy pen, one that comes fitted with a camera, DVR and a battery together with the actual pen-portion that holds the ink.

The compact size of the pen allows it to video-capture an area effectively without disclosing its position, making it an exceptionally brilliant spy device. And when you buy a USB spy pen, you would be able to immediately transfer your video file to your laptop or desktop, and view it straight away! It is as simple as that!

When we speak of pens that double up as spy devices, they would have two portions to them, namely the actual pen portion and the spy-cam portion. The size of your memory card would determine how long your video footage would be – nevertheless this would also be determined by the size and potential of your battery. On an average you would be able to record approximate 4-6 hours of video footage with the 4GB memory card, but your battery would probably last only to a maximum of 3-4 hours. Thus realistically although your memory card can go up to 6 hours of footage, your battery’s limitations would mean that you should only take into account 4 hours of this footage as your battery would need to be recharged after that.

There are plenty of models to choose from in terms of cost, design and size, thus take your time and browse through your options before you purchase the one that suits your needs best. There are options from $50 all the way to $120 when you speak of 4GB pens, thus you are practically spoilt for choice when you decide to buy this device. The more expensive they are, the better the camera resolution would be, and thus you get better quality videos when you transfer them onto your laptop.

Without doubt one of the best spy gadgets ever produced, dispel all your doubts through the purchase of this brilliant device, and live life free of doubts! Hopefully in the future there would be devices that allow you to shoot for more than 4 hours at a stretch.…