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Playstation 3 Black Screen Fix

Playstation 3 Black Screen Fix

Got the PlayStation 3 black screen error? Want it to be fixed? This problem is quite hard to fix, and that’s why many people would say that you should send it over to Sony and pay $150, and let them repair it. But is this really your only option? Sure, it might be tough to fix, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself.

Some tips that might fix the PlayStation 3 black screen error that you’ve got.

1) Restart your console.

2) Check if there’s a loose cable.

3) Take out the hard-drive and put it back in place.

4) Unplug all cables, and get them back in.

If these tips didn’t fix your PlayStation 3 black screen error, then you either send over your console to Sony, or you will actually fix your PS3 by yourself with the step by step repair guide.

Now we both know that sending it to Sony will costs you $150 and it will take 2-6 weeks. You’d prefer to avoid that, right? The only way to fix your PlayStation 3 black screen problem without sending it over to Sony, is to do it yourself with a PS3 repair guide.

It’s highly recommended if you want to perform a fix yourself, to use a PS3 repair guide. This is because this guide will give you step by step instructions so you’ll be able to your PlayStation 3 black screen problem fixed on an easy, cheap and fast way.

Hey, why don’t you see it for yourself?…

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Are Managed Network Services the Right Choice for Your Business?

Managed network services are quickly becoming a viable alternative to traditional management of MPLS networks. With managed network services, you essentially out-task some or all of your network services to another company who takes over the agreed upon tasks. Some of the more common tasks that lend themselves to out-tasking include: intranet and Internet hosting, data storage, business continuity and disaster recovery, managed VPN, managed business voice, and managed security.
Advantages of Managed Network Services
By moving to managed services, you can reduce overall network costs dramatically. For example, by moving to network services from a MPLS, frame relay, or DSL VPN, you could see cost reductions of 17 to 65 percent according to research by META Group.
Managed services are ideal for small companies that lack sufficient IT resources as well as enterprise organizations. If you do not have an full-time IT staff, staffing issues that adversely affect your network operations can disappear once you switch to a managed service provider. If you currently have an IT department, your IT team can focus on more crucial network issues instead of routine tasks.
While personnel costs advantages can be substantial, out-tasking to a network services provider can also result in savings in other areas including equipment costs, training costs, and recruitment costs.
Disadvantages of Managed Network Services
As with any major change, it’s important to go in with your eyes wide open to the potential pitfalls of out-tasking network services to a third party. A one-size-fits-all approach to managed services simply doesn’t, and shouldn’t, exist. As such, any provider you are considering must take the time to carefully examine your business requirements and propose a solution that addresses all of your concerns. Make sure to discuss: guaranteed uptime, availability, maintenance, reliability, and security. Most providers will draw up a service level agreement which defines Quality of Service and other parameters. Make sure that the managed services proposed align with and support your business goals.
Some managers are concerned about losing control over business operations when they out-task services such as network management. Fortunately, managed services are not an all or nothing choice. You can select the services that best meet your needs and comfort level. For example, if you want your in-house IT staff to handle some services and the managed services provider to handle others, you can easily arrange for that.
Another concern involves network security. You may wonder how safe your data is in the hands of a third party. If you are subject to consumer privacy regulations such as HIPAA, your concerns aren’t just nagging worries, they’re the law and you have every reason to expect exceptional security from your provider. Because network security is crucial and often mandated, many organizations actively seek managed services providers with security and compliance expertise.
Switching to managed services has its advantages and concerns. Reputable service providers understand your concerns and work closely with you to craft a solution that solves your business challenges, save your company money, and ease your mind.…

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Touch Screen Book Pad – The Future Face Of Books

Books have existed since as early as the twilight of the Roman Empire. Books are sheets of parchments compiled by stringing it together, with each pages containing words that would give enormous amount of information to anyone who is able to decipher the characters. As it was known in the past; someone who is capable of reading and writing is worth more than ten obedient soldiers and almost equal to a king. Educated men in the past wield enormous power because of the valuable knowledge that they have. In Ancient Egypt and China, the world’s two giant civilizations; educated men are so powerful that they could be twice more dangerous than the rulers themselves. Educated scholars have the authority to advice rulers and educate their children, who would then continue their line in a royal dynasty. All these educated men have with them are books, which contain ideas that can either build a paradise or tear the whole world apart.
Imagine a world without books. I bet you could not, for as we borrow the words of an 18th Century ex-slave turned politician-scholar named Frederick Douglass, “to burn books is to burn reason.” If there are no more books, would there be an end to the power of reason in the universe of mankind? Well, that was what the scholars would literally quote when they used scrolls. Therefore, even without books, ideas will flourish and even at a much unprecedented pace than before. I will tell you why.
Our contemporary technology has made almost anything possible. There seems to be a better replacement for good tools or creations of man’s previous brainchild. What could possibly replace books? Based on my imagination, which is then a result of the residue of all the data I have unconsciously accumulated after watching tons of science fiction films or TV shows, I have found an object that might deem books obsolete.
Picture a calculator or any rectangular flat gadget with the similar thickness and composition. There is a button to press in order for the screens to illuminate, just like a laptop monitor or a smart phone. Then an introductory text presentation will be featured on the monitor, presenting the gadget brand much like standard operating systems occurring in playing console games.
What is being shown after that is a bullet form selection of titles. Yes, you guessed it. They are book titles, sorted alphabetically or according to the KB size of each data. For example:
1. Interview of a Vampire then
2. Shogun and
3. 1001 Arabian Nights – enumerated downwards according to the titles you have downloaded from E-book.
This particular gadget functions exactly like books in the past. However, you may not flip on the pages but rather press on the touch sensitive cursor on the bottom side of the text page. There is even a saving data where it will “bookmark” your progress. Perhaps in this distant future, owning this type of academic tool will no longer find libraries necessary or personal bookshelves practical when all you need to do is to go to a station and purchase a data to be installed in your model.…

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Kinect Vs Move – Which One Is the Right One for You?

Kinect Vs Move – Which One Is the Right One for You?

The PlayStation Move or the Xbox Kinect are the best new video game devices to get your teenager this holiday season. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles have these next generation, innovative new addons that provide the entire family with a great way to play games without a controller, using just motions!

How Does The Move Or Kinect Work?

Due to the innovative nature of the technology, you might want to know a bit about the real function of the controller, so that you can find out if your teen wants it.

Xbox 360 Kinect: There is no controller needed with this device, first called “Project Natal” in development. A sensor bar picks up your movements, using your entire body in order to work the game and play it.

Sony PlayStation Move: There is a controller with this device, but it has a greater movement range and is more responsive in general. There is additionally a directional pad and a navigation controller.

With these alternatives, the games played with Move are able to be interacted with on a much more responsive scale. It builds on the potential started with the Nintendo Wii.

Various Choices For Buying

There are many different ways to acquire these devices this Christmas season, if you want to purchase one for your tween or teen. You can get them individually, so you can gift them to someone who has the appropriate console already, paying $150 for the Kinect and $100 for the Move.

It’s also possible to get the motion sensors and the console itself if you would like to give them even more. The bundles for the Xbox 360 & Kinect come in two varieties; a 4GB for $300 and a 250GB for $400. You can also spend $400 to get the 320GB PlayStation 3 Move bundle.

Who Would Enjoy the Move or Kinect?

No matter how you approach gaming, whether you’re a die-hard gamer or completely new to the world of video gaming, the Move and Kinect can be enjoyed. Regardless of your playing experience, this device works like the Nintendo Wii in that many people can interact with it casually, without a steep learning curve involved. Despite all this, family-friendly gamers will want to get the Kinect instead of the Move, but get the Move if you already have a PlayStation 3. You need the console in order to work these particular accessories.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy the Move or Kinect?

Despite their classification as accessories or controllers, there is a hefty price tag associated with them. These particular devices change the way people play video games, and people are going to pay top dollar for that.

No matter which one you get, you can be sure to entertain your kids on Christmas with the Kinect and Move. What’s more, you can play the games yourself now! All you have to do is guarantee that you have the console you need already, or purchase one of the bundles that has both the console and controller included.…

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Solar Technology – A Way to Save Money

Solar technology is a wonderful method for saving cash and use completely eco-friendly power, but to be perfectly sincere, it’s not suitable for everybody. Solar power equipment and installation is pricey. Certain areas and house circumstances will not be suitable for generating energy, and certain places and states will not deliver the identical incentives, rendering it a tougher decision. In order to clear up a few of the questions and dilemma, here are 5 various questions you should ask yourself to find out if solar power fits your needs and also your home.
Are You Going To Be At Your Residence For A Long Time?
This is probably the very first and most important questions to ask when it comes to solar powered energy. A solar power system can be quite costly ($10,000-$40,000 depending on the dimension and wattage), so much like when purchasing a property, you need to consider your alternatives carefully. The average house will end up reducing about $100-$200/month based on the incentives and programs you qualify for, so you are looking at about four up to 3 decades before the system pays for itself. If you’re undecided how much time you’ll be in your home, leasing your solar equipment will probably be the best choice.
Does Your State/City Make It Worthwhile?
This is how you’re going to have to do some investigation. Several states (most notably California and Vermont) seriously incentivize the purchase, installation and use of solar panel systems to the degree that you will not just save money, but you may actually profit from your extra energy and from the sale of SRECs. Some other states do not have such programs or possibly a accreditation program for SREC generation, which makes it much more expensive for the same equipment. Do your research, and make sure to find all of the city, state and federal programs you qualify for.
Is Your House In An Ideal Location?
You can’t make solar power without sun rays, so having a home with a little roof (a narrow house) or even a house that is shaded by trees, hillsides or structures will seriously restrict the amount of energy you can generate. You do not need a huge top in direct sunlight for solar to make sense, but the better your situation, the more money you’ll save over the lifetime of the panels.
Do You Have Significant Energy Needs?
Determining your power requirements can be tricky. Most people do not power their houses 100% from solar power, but you need to get a good suggestion of just how much you will need. A typical a solar panel system will produce in between 1000-2000 kWh each month. To get a good idea of just how much energy this is, the easiest way might be to look at your electricity bill to see how much you are currently utilising. Alternately, you might go through your house and add up the electrical appliances you actually need. For instance, a pc uses around 300-500 watts, whereas a refrigerator uses 500-1000 watts. How this switches to kWh is take your total power level usage (for this instance, let’s say it’s only the computer and also the fridge, so around twelve hundred watts) times the time period it’s being utilized (again, let’s think that both are utilized twenty-four hours/day) and you get 28,800 watt hours (or 28.8 kWh). There are also gadgets you can get to evaluate your utilization, or you can merely look at your meter and measure it from month to month or daily.
Is Going Green Crucial To You?
Finally, how important is it that you “go green”? For some, the cost, the irritation of trying to get governing programs and the prospective to save virtually no cash depending on your circumstances may not matter when you take into consideration the positive impact you’ll be having on the environment. The green facet of going solar is an intangible value that you’ll need to think about and decide for yourself what its worth. Ultimately, there will be some cost associated with either decision, so weigh all of the implications and options carefully before making your final decision.…

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HTC Desire – How Good is It?

After the success of the HTC Legend, HTC has made further strides forwards with the introduction of the HTC Desire, which has a better processor and screen than their previous release. The 1GHz processor rivals any processor you can find on the smartphone market right now, making multitasking a snap and allowing you to access whatever applications you need faster than you could have imagined before. It is truly a welcome improvement, not only on the HTC Legend, but on most offerings from other manufacturers too.
The Android 2.1 operating system and HTC Sense user interface are found on this phone, allowing you to get around the myriad features of this phone very conveniently. All you have to do is pinch zoom on a main screen, or just double tap the Home button, and you can quickly glance at all of your home screens, of which you can have up to seven. Just tap the screen you want and you are on your way. You can customize fully each of your seven home screens with the applications you are looking for.
The HTC Desire really shines when it comes to its superior touch screen, which measures in at 3.7″, which is larger than any other smartphone on the market, giving it a lot of information with its 480 x 800 pixel resolution. You can see these applications very sharply with the AMOLED technology behind the screen, which can come in handy when you are reading a lot of small print in web browsing and reading emails.
With the bigger screen, you can use the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard very easily no matter what mode you are in, allowing you to minimize the typos that usually come with these types of interfaces. This way, it is simpler than ever to send out a little email very quickly, and you can look at Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with the Quick Office program, and PDFs are easier to access than ever before with the PDF reader.
Those of you with experience in using Android phones will not be surprised by the user interface, which includes a series of four buttons – Home, Menu, Back, and Search. The Search button is particularly interesting, as it will search both your phone and Google at the same time. As you type out your search criteria, it will sort through both until it is just left with Google, in the event that what you are looking for is not on your phone. This is the kind of intuitive interface that you will be glad you picked up once you get this smartphone.…

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Introducing The All New HTC Desire S

At present, almost everyone around the world owns a mobile phone. It has become a necessity for a lot of people because it makes it easier to communicate with people. Both the young and the old have their own mobile phones to use. But these mobile phones are not just for texting and calling people. The modern mobile phones have numerous of features. It is used for internet, games, email, pictures and so much more. One of the phones that can offer you those features and a lot more is the HTC Desire S. Here are some of the important features of the phone that you would want to know.
The first thing that you would notice about this phone would be the wide screen. Most phones have small screens so you can’t really see the good quality of the pictures and the videos. Many people who purchased this phone agreed that the big screen is a big plus. Watching videos and movies is definitely better. If the movie has subtitles, you can see and watch it clearly. It is also touchscreen so it makes it easier for a lot of users. Touchscreen phones are very popular nowadays so it is another good feature.
Besides the wide and big screen feature of the phone, the HTC Desire S is Wifi ready and can be used for internet. The new phones have this capability. A lot of places nowadays offer Wifi. So they don’t need a computer or laptop to access the internet. With the use of their phones, they can send emails and start searching the web. This is another reason while people buy this phone. With its big screen, it makes it easier for them to navigate and look at websites. It can also support a lot of types of websites.
The HTC Desire S is powered by Android. Android is a type of operating system. With this system, you can download and use different applications for your phone. These programs would make your mobile fun and useful at the same time. Fun because you can download applications like Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, YouTube and so much more. Useful because you can install applications like Adobe flash, Microsoft office applications, Yahoo mail and other programs that could be used for work or school. So this phone is used by both students and working individuals. You just need a high memory card and you can install as many applications as you want.
These are just the basic features of the HTC Desire S. There are so many more features and specifications that can be found in this phone. If you are into cell phones and modern gadgets, this would be a good phone for you because of its specifications. But if you just want to watch videos, text, call and use the internet, this is also a good phone for you. The HTC Desire S is good for anyone who wants to have a nice and useful phone. It is definitely worth it.…

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Conducting A Successful PS3 YLOD Fix – What You Need To Know About Fixing Your PlayStation 3

Conducting A Successful PS3 YLOD Fix – What You Need To Know About Fixing Your PlayStation 3

The proud owners of the fat version of PlayStation 3 were the first ones to get hit by the PS3 YLOD Fix. Don’t know why the fatties always get it, but nonetheless, the issue is as important as gaming is to an average gamer.

For the PlayStation community, the PS3 YLOD Fix is needed whenever the console reeks of increased temperature, and/or some sort of software issue. Do know this that the error is similar to Xbox 360’s RROD. Hence, it’s known as the PlayStation Yellow Light of Death, which is the alternative name of pure disaster for an avid gamer like you.

The next big thing is to know how to fix this issue… Surely, the simple and direct way is to send it to PS3 officials for an “instant” repair. The first thing they’ll notice is the warranty period of your console. If the gaming system is within its warranty timeline, you’ll be charged half the amount of what is normally dished out of a Non-Warranty console owner’s pockets.

Even so, there’s no solid assurance of the PS3 to be void of this error for the rest of its overall life. There is a fair chance that the same error will show up again, mocking your inability to cope with it. Seeing to the fact that the PS3 YLOD Fix would cost you another $150+ and 3 to 4 months in waiting, you’d have to be insane to send the console back to one of those Sony Representatives.

At this point, getting around the issue becomes more easy and cost effective through the purchase of PS3 repair guide. A legit guide comprises not only the PS3 Yellow Light of Death Fix, but it consists of all the possible errors that you may stumble upon in the long run. All the more, such guides are a rare find because of their cost factor and the amount of information stored in them.

The easiest way to buy one such repair manual is to check online. Be wary of scammers and always go for those sellers who’ve a Money Back Guarantee. You’ll be happy to know that the flashing light error can be eradicated by resetting your console, a simple replacement of hard drive or a mere system format. In the latter case, I’d advise you to back up your profile and saved game files to avoid any interruptions. All the more, such easy steps will help you avoid hasty payments. Also you can make a little bit of the green dough on the side, by repairing PlayStation 3 Consoles in your local vicinity.…

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Top Ten Must-Watch and Most Anticipated 3D Movies in 2010

The success of Avatar made way to the new technology in movies–3D Technology. The year 2010 is very promising in movie industry because the rise of 3D in movies is inevitable that almost all movies are shot in 3D to give more emphasis on the photography, visual and audio effects. The characters will look real while you are watching every move they make. Here is a list of the top ten most anticipated 3D movies this year;
Top 10: Yogi Bear 3D
In this movie, you will be able to witness the voice talents of Anna Faris and Tom Cavanagh (Observe and Report). To make it perfectly entertaining, Dan Akroyd is thrown in to complete the cast. So far, a lot of people and families wait for its release.
Top 9: Piranha 3D
If you’ve watched previous Piranha movies and enjoyed, there is no valid reason why you couldn’t enjoy with this one. The fact that it is shot in 3D is a great factor to wait for its release. It could be a fun movie for the family.
Top 8: Alpha and Omega 3D
Previews of this movie will show that this movie has romantic and flick parts. You will surely find this 3D movie conducive for family entertainment. It is a must-watch movie for the whole family.
Top 7: Step Up
This is another production from Disney so you could expect too much from this movie. Previews of this movie revealed the dazzling 3D effects at play with superb plot and story. This can keep adults busy while keeping teens smiling. The perfect duo Adam Sevani (Step Up 2) and Alyson Stoner (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) make this movie even more interesting to watch.
Top 6: Alice in Wonderland
Obviously, it belongs to the most anticipated movies of the year. With Johnny Depp in the cast, expect something outrageous, but don’t forget that this one would be better viewed in 3D. Your sense of sight and hearing can surely distinguish the difference between effects of non-3D movies.
Top 5: Megamind
One more time, Dreamworks brings another 3D movie to enjoy in summer. You should have watched this amazing movie with its combined heroic and comedy scenes. Perfected by 3D technology and the cast which includes Brad Pitt, Will Farrell, Tina Feye and Jonah Hill.
Top 4: Despicable Me
Finally, Universal Studios has produced something new for movie viewers. Despicable Me is about an evil villain who has nothing but a plan of stealing the moon. If you haven’t watched this movie, then you just missed a big laugh.
Top 3: Friday the 13th (Part 2)
Are you fond of camping with your friends? Watch this movie and you don’t want to go in any of your escapades. The title itself implies something evil or something unlikely to happen when you go out of your home during Friday the 13th.
Top 2: Shrek Forever After
The first Shrek movies were so great that even children cannot forget every scene. Now, Dreamworks even made it more enjoyable for the family and appealing for the viewers by using the 3D technology to enhance the visual effects and audio surrounds.
Top 1: Toy Story 3D
This could be the last and the final of the Toy Story series. Pixar set everything up with a good plot bearing the continuity of the first Toy Story movies. Also, the use of the 3D technology made the movie even more appealing for the viewers. People who have watched the first episodes have waited long enough for this. Thus, it’s worth a watch.…