Kinect Vs Move – Which One Is the Right One for You?

The PlayStation Move or the Xbox Kinect are the best new video game devices to get your teenager this holiday season. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles have these next generation, innovative new addons that provide the entire family with a great way to play games without a controller, using just motions!

How Does The Move Or Kinect Work?

Due to the innovative nature of the technology, you might want to know a bit about the real function of the controller, so that you can find out if your teen wants it.

Xbox 360 Kinect: There is no controller needed with this device, first called “Project Natal” in development. A sensor bar picks up your movements, using your entire body in order to work the game and play it.

Sony PlayStation Move: There is a controller with this device, but it has a greater movement range and is more responsive in general. There is additionally a directional pad and a navigation controller.

With these alternatives, the games played with Move are able to be interacted with on a much more responsive scale. It builds on the potential started with the Nintendo Wii.

Various Choices For Buying

There are many different ways to acquire these devices this Christmas season, if you want to purchase one for your tween or teen. You can get them individually, so you can gift them to someone who has the appropriate console already, paying $150 for the Kinect and $100 for the Move.

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It’s also possible to get the motion sensors and the console itself if you would like to give them even more. The bundles for the Xbox 360 & Kinect come in two varieties; a 4GB for $300 and a 250GB for $400. You can also spend $400 to get the 320GB PlayStation 3 Move bundle.

Who Would Enjoy the Move or Kinect?

No matter how you approach gaming, whether you’re a die-hard gamer or completely new to the world of video gaming, the Move and Kinect can be enjoyed. Regardless of your playing experience, this device works like the Nintendo Wii in that many people can interact with it casually, without a steep learning curve involved. Despite all this, family-friendly gamers will want to get the Kinect instead of the Move, but get the Move if you already have a PlayStation 3. You need the console in order to work these particular accessories.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy the Move or Kinect?

Despite their classification as accessories or controllers, there is a hefty price tag associated with them. These particular devices change the way people play video games, and people are going to pay top dollar for that.

No matter which one you get, you can be sure to entertain your kids on Christmas with the Kinect and Move. What’s more, you can play the games yourself now! All you have to do is guarantee that you have the console you need already, or purchase one of the bundles that has both the console and controller included.

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