Conducting A Successful PS3 YLOD Fix – What You Need To Know About Fixing Your PlayStation 3

The proud owners of the fat version of PlayStation 3 were the first ones to get hit by the PS3 YLOD Fix. Don’t know why the fatties always get it, but nonetheless, the issue is as important as gaming is to an average gamer.

For the PlayStation community, the PS3 YLOD Fix is needed whenever the console reeks of increased temperature, and/or some sort of software issue. Do know this that the error is similar to Xbox 360’s RROD. Hence, it’s known as the PlayStation Yellow Light of Death, which is the alternative name of pure disaster for an avid gamer like you.

The next big thing is to know how to fix this issue… Surely, the simple and direct way is to send it to PS3 officials for an “instant” repair. The first thing they’ll notice is the warranty period of your console. If the gaming system is within its warranty timeline, you’ll be charged half the amount of what is normally dished out of a Non-Warranty console owner’s pockets.

Even so, there’s no solid assurance of the PS3 to be void of this error for the rest of its overall life. There is a fair chance that the same error will show up again, mocking your inability to cope with it. Seeing to the fact that the PS3 YLOD Fix would cost you another $150+ and 3 to 4 months in waiting, you’d have to be insane to send the console back to one of those Sony Representatives.

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At this point, getting around the issue becomes more easy and cost effective through the purchase of PS3 repair guide. A legit guide comprises not only the PS3 Yellow Light of Death Fix, but it consists of all the possible errors that you may stumble upon in the long run. All the more, such guides are a rare find because of their cost factor and the amount of information stored in them.

The easiest way to buy one such repair manual is to check online. Be wary of scammers and always go for those sellers who’ve a Money Back Guarantee. You’ll be happy to know that the flashing light error can be eradicated by resetting your console, a simple replacement of hard drive or a mere system format. In the latter case, I’d advise you to back up your profile and saved game files to avoid any interruptions. All the more, such easy steps will help you avoid hasty payments. Also you can make a little bit of the green dough on the side, by repairing PlayStation 3 Consoles in your local vicinity.