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The Easiest Way to Copy Playstation 3 Games

The Easiest Way to Copy Playstation 3 Games

There are a lot of ways found on the internet to copy games, however not all of these ways are foolproof and not all the sites that advertise or turn up in a Google search are actually genuine. A lot of people who have PS3 game collections usually have misgivings when playing the games for fear of damaging the Blu-ray disc. And with PlayStation 3 games costing around twenty to sixty dollars, wear and tear on a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray disc is definitely something to worry about. And it is basically for this reason that a backup copy of the game is more convenient. Some people have found ways to copy PlayStation 3 games straight from the Blu-ray disc to your computer’s hard drive.

So what is the easiest way to copy it straight from the Blu-ray disc they are on? The ways and procedures are actually numerous; however the important question would be for what purpose would you have to copy it? In order to be safe from any legal actions from Sony and the game developers and publishers, the person who wants to copy the PlayStation 3 game should also be the owner of the game. This then leads to one of the reasons why it is hard to copy PlayStation 3 games as opposed to copying XBOX 360 or Nintendo games. The copyright protection software on the PS3 Blu-ray disc is said to be the hardest to crack.

So for most gamers, in order to copy games for PS3, they actually download PS3 game copy software that can bypass the copyright protection software on most games and enable anybody with any computer sense to be able to copy a PlayStation 3 game to his or her computer. This method is best for beginners who don’t want to void the warranty of their PlayStation 3 consoles by doing the next method, which is hardmodding and firmware rooting. Hardmodding requires changing the hardware configuration of the PS3, and as such voiding the consoles warranty in the process, much the same way as rooting the firmware of the PS3 to play older PS2 and PSX games also voids the warranty of the console. Whichever method you would choose one thing to always remember is to do it at your own risk.…

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Technology in Real Estate – Out With the Old

It’s time to take legacy solutions like BacNet, Modbus, LonTalk, etc… out of base buildings…forever. While every other industry on the planet has standardized around Internet Protocol (IP), and gained the benefits of open communication, information exchange, and technology that gets more functional as it becomes less expensive, the real estate development and property management industries have standardized around antiquated, limited technologies that are only utilized in their vertical.
Walk into the headquarters of every manufacture of legacy base building solutions and you will find that 100% of them run their mission critical business systems on an IP network with current web enabled applications. Why, because there are no Modbus phones, no LonTalk high density storage devices, no BacNet computers etc… These solutions are based on technologies (ARCnet, Token Ring, RS-232 etc…) that have long been abandoned by mainstream global communications. They were abandoned because they are too slow and too limited in their interoperability to be practical.
That is why in today’s “speed of business” & “on demand” world… property management is still reactive, driven by individuals utilizing “paper in binders” to get the job done. They don’t have the tools that every other industry has.
The returns in construction costs and long term operational & energy savings are available today. The IP solutions for base buildings have been around for years, tenants are demanding more, it’s now time for owners to get involved and challenge the construction industry to stop building and retrofitting facilities with technologies that were obsolete before they were installed.…

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The Future of Laptops

Decades back when desktops were launched in the market, they were seen with awe-struck eyes and were not affordable for a common man. But soon, the need for capturing new heights in the field of technology to make lives easier, made companies to come up with the innovative idea of laptops. These could be carried and used anywhere you like, unlike the desktops.
The demand for desktops came down where as it went high for laptops. But in the present day world, laptops are also on the verge of being sidelined due to the introduction of iPads and other modern gadgets. These are lighter, stylish and faster when compared to old devices. But laptop manufacturing companies are not backing out from the race and are still trying to design and introduce the next level of designs in laptops. They are to be introduced in more stylish, faster and thinner versions!
The launch of the latest technology processors and Microsoft’s decision to use Windows OS on those processors are posing a new challenge to the laptop manufacturers. To keep up with the new trend in the market and to maintain the popularity of laptops, vendors are trying to make modern and thinner laptops (with fast processors) instead of heavy laptops, which people use these days. Mores importance will be thrust on the battery life as well. By 2013, laptops might also get a battery life of 12 to 24 hours!
New laptop designs will definitely be influenced by the low-voltage chips that are used while manufacturing. High speed processors with these highly efficient chips will make a big difference to laptop designs. PC designs don’t have to be made thicker in order to solve thermal problems and memory problems can also be resolved in thinner laptops. These new designs in laptops can be a challenge to the Apple’s McBook. Laptops might be priced less because of the competition.
The next changing phase in laptops designs is to do with OS. Some time back experts felt, only one OS can be used in PCs but with HP using two OS -web OS for mobiles gadgets and another to connect to a Windows PC – have opened up a new arena. When this becomes popular, more devices can be cross-connected like this. This is helpful in running Web OS in smartphones, laptops and all kinds of tablets.
One of the major breakthroughs for laptop designs is the aforementioned low-voltage chips that will enable the PC manufacturers to come up with more powerful and faster laptops. The light weight laptops with longer battery life and much better processing speed can boost the sales. The competition still might be there from the sleek tablets but laptops will still be used by many people.…

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PlayStation Update: Brand New System Software and Features

PlayStation Update: Brand New System Software and Features

Last October 18, 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment has released the latest system software for PlayStation 3: the PlayStation 3 system software version 3.37. This latest version of PS3 system software includes some new and revised items such as the latest security patches, settings, features, and others.

The 3.37 version of PS3 system software adds the (TV/Video Services) icon as a category to PlayStation 3’s XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu. The icon will only be seen when you use services on your PS3. Besides, you will also notice that there will be a video streaming services option which appears under the (TV/Video Services) icon. In previous versions, the icon was placed under the (Video) icon. While some services are directly available, some other might require you to download and install specific application in order to be able to operate. You also need Internet connection for updating services and information of your peripheral system. The icons on this latest updated version of PS3 system software might be displayed differently; all depending on your country or region and the availability of services.

New update on this 3.37 version also includes the Auto-Upload Saved Data. This feature enables you to automatically store new and recently updated saved data for PS3 format software in online storage regularly. To access this feature, you need to have a PlayStation Network account and become the member of the PlayStation Plus.

Besides the new (TV/Video Services) and Auto-Upload Saved Data features, the PlayStation 3’s latest version of system software also includes the improvement of the playback quality during the use of some PS3 format software, the display of the MPO (Multi-Picture format) files for 3D photos and multi-angle photos under the (Photo) and in the (Photo Gallery) icons, the addition of a feature for sharing the latest info from the PlayStation Store with your Friends, supported 3D playback of Blu-ray Java (“BD-J”) content, supported DTS-HD audio output while playing Blu-ray 3D content, and regular automatic synchronization of trophy information with the server. Like the Auto-Upload Saved Data feature, the latter feature enlisted on the 3.37 version improvement is also exclusively provided for PlayStation Plus members.

You must download and install PS3 system software updates only from the official update data provided online or on disc media by Sony Computer Entertainment. You should also avoid any methods of installation or download which are not appropriate with the system documentation of the PlayStation official website. Any violation on the Sony PlayStation regulation might void the PS3 system warranty and result in you losing the warranty and repair services from Sony Computer Entertainment.…

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Street Fighter IV Combos – How to Build Your Own Combos

Street Fighter IV Combos – How to Build Your Own Combos

In the early Street Fighter games, combos were rarely seen, and were nearly impossible to execute. Street Fighter IV combos now make up a vital part of the game, and you’ll need to learn a few if you ever want to be considered a true player, or if you want to play to a decent standard and hold your own online.

It’s important to understand how combo damage scaling works when learning the game. This basically means that for each consecutive hit in a combo, that attack will do less damage than it normally would. By the time you get (if you ever do) to your 9th hit in a chain, the move will only be doing around 20% of its potential damage.

Each character has around 7 different combos that the developers have already come up with, and each on can be learnt in challenge mode, with detailed instructions. For that reason, I will avoid simply listing every combo, and focus more on the theory behind them.

For Street Fighter IV combos to be effective, they have to be worthwhile. This means that they have to do enough damage to be worth the effort – otherwise you could just do another, easier move on your opponent.

Most Street Fighter IV combos follow the same basic pattern. They start with an introductory attack – one that is easy to hit with, and won’t push your opponent back to far. These are usually light punches – either crouching or standing, or some kind of an aerial lead-in move. The idea at this stage is not to go for damage, but to get close enough to your opponent so that you can unleash the real moves, whilst temporarily stunning him so he can’t hit back. Next you’ll proceed with a succession of moves, each gaining in power, before finishing off with a special move or an Ultra combo.…

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Outsourcing Information Technology – What is It?

Information technology (popularly referred to as IT) is an important aspect of doing business now. With a whole lot of consumers taking their business to the internet, outsourcing IT really does make a lot of sense, because IT experts are in huge demand in a lot of industries. In addition to this, a lot of functions of information technology can be managed much more affordably if tasks are outsourced to independent firms and individuals instead of utilizing in-house providers.
Outsourcing information technology projects take place in a lot of industries due to a lot of factors. First and foremost, this helps to control the costs associated with IT projects, this can be quite expensive to manage by on-site employees, who have rather limited resources, equipment and of course time. When information technology requirement change or the budget is limited, outsourcing information technology helps to save money and resources.
One other good reason why IT outsourcing is used by a lot of companies is because of time factors. Having an additional IT support that works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on a project will of course help improve the chances of getting the project done in a timely fashion. In a lot of cases, this can really speed up the time needed in order to complete a project by vital deadlines.
Most times, software or web development projects become quite complex, which will necessitate the extra support of IT experts who are known to specialize in much more difficult projects. Outsourcing information technology is used by a lot of organizations that are limited in handling complicated or new processes. A project may be a lot more effectively performed by certified IT experts who can work round the clock in order to address much more difficult aspects of the task. Sometimes it might take months to accomplish a particular task with an existing in-house information technology team.
One of the pretty good reasons for using IT outsourcing is to be able to also adapt fast and affordable demands of customers. If an organization wishes to compete in the market today, the organization must be able to make improvements and changes quickly so as to still retain customer loyalty. Today, customers in general demand a very fast response, services and products that will address their immediate needs and cheaper solutions to their problems.…

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DisplayPort Extenders Replace HDMI Extender And HDMI Switch Technology As Audio/Video Standard

DisplayPort extenders and switches are rapidly becoming the industry standard for extension of audio and video production as well as in personal computing graphics. The most current evolution of this cutting-edge technology is marked by recent advances in DisplayPort technology that give all DisplayPort extenders the highest bandwidth on the market of any available audio/video repeater- whether DVI, or HDMI extender technology.
DisplayPort extenders are poised to take audio and video signal data further, faster, at a higher resolution, and with less signal loss than ever before! This means that DVI and HDMI extenders are possibly reaching the end of their product life-cycles.
DisplayPort Achieves 70% Greater Bandwidth over HDMI Switch/HDMI Extender Options
DisplayPort extenders are capable of carrying more bandwidth than any other legacy DVI or HDMI extender options available, up to 17.28 gigabits per second (gb/s) in the current generation, 70% greater bandwidth than the highest generation HDMI switch specifications. DVI components face the limitation. Even the value-oriented first generation DisplayPort standard is capable of delivering speeds up to 8.64 gb/s.
DVI and HDMI Extenders Have Lower Bandwidth
By comparison, the final generation HDMI extender has a maximum throughput of 10.2 gb/s, and the value-oriented first generation HDMI extender specification tops out at just 4.95 gb/s. Value-oriented first generation single link DVI cable is also limited to only 4.95 gb/s. The most expensive dual link DVI extenders are capable of data transfer at maximum speeds of 9.9 gb/s, whereas single link DVI cable is even slower. Value-oriented single link DVI cable is limited to only 4.95 gb/s. DVI and HDMI switch speeds are identical.
DisplayPort: Most Recently Updated, Here to Stay
Second generation DisplayPort 1.1a was released in November 11, 2009. Second generation HDMI was released on June 22, 2006. The HDMI switch is unlikely to receive any major upgrades in the near future due to initial bandwidth and technical design parameters. The same goes for HDMI extender technology.
Perhaps most unfortunately for DVI technology die-hards, the consortium of tech companies that first came together to establish the DVI standard has since disbanded. There will be no future updates to DVI.
DisplayPort Primary Features
DisplayPort 1.1a has all the great technical specifications of DisplayPort 1.0, but with perhaps the greatest advantage over legacy HDMI switch and DVI switch support- DisplayPort is designed to carry audio and video signal over fiber optic. A DisplayPort fiber optic switch should outperform a typical DVI or HDMI switch.
What this means is that for the first time ever, production companies and techno geeks alike are now able to enjoy sending audio and video signals over long distances with minimal signal degradation. While typical HDMI switch and HDMI extender brands pay a royalty fee to the licensor, DisplayPort is an open license technology, (with the exception of HDCP digital rights management), and is royalty free.
DisplayPort Becomes New Graphic Standard
Graphics standards in video cards and monitor displays are migrating rapidly towards DisplayPort due to its billing as the highest bandwidth and most current technology. By 2013, many of the world’s primary computer vendors and display makers including AMD, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, LG, and Samsung will feature DisplayPort as their primary audio and video display technology, with HDMI offered as a legacy carryover. This may buy time for HDMI extender and HDMI switch makers, but DVI vendors will be out of luck.
Many other industry heavyweights including computer vendors- Apple, Acer, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba; and graphics and display makers- Asus, ATI, Matrox, NEC, NVidia, Pioneer, Philips, RealTek, and Viewsonic have already started retailing dozens of new products utilizing the new DisplayPort standard.…

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Gizmos and Gadgets For You and Your Loved One

Gizmos and Gadgets For You and Your Loved One

Just imagine a life without gifts and gadgets, a life without calculator, a cell phone, a washing machine, a gaming console, a GPS, or a portable music system etc. It seems that the life would be acutely boring and in some cases a hard time to live on. This is how gizmos and gadgets have taken their place in our lives. Be it entertainment, private needs, office needs or simply anything life without these sounds almost incomplete in this technical era. And buying the latest tech gizmo is always a high for a techno savvy person.

With the launch of Apples iPad the 7″ ingenious console that has oodles of feature loaded in it, is the most hyped electronic gadgets that is now ruling the market. Those who love acquiring latest products can go fan at the world’s first dual screen device – the enTourage eDGe. It combines a notepad, notebook, e-reader, and video/audio recorder and player in one Linux with Google Android OS device. On this student friendly, one can surf on the internet, read an ebook, listen to music, watch music and send and receive emails. There is also an e-ink technology that opens a virtual keyboard to take down note and access journal pages.

Apart from all this there is much more that is ruling in this amazing world of electronic devices namely Block clock, Gel spa, Zapcap bottle opener, Universal desktop charging station, Pebble battery, Solar power courtesy lights, Snore stoppers etc. These are low priced gizmos apart from gaming console that find lots of uses in the daily life and still are cheap. Therefore one must take a look and be aware of the latest gizmos and gadget surrounding you and must acquire all that suits you to add more sense in his or her life.…

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Pulse Oximeter Devices And What To Expect In The Future

Although pulse oximeter devices have gone through many transformations through the years there still remains many exciting new changes that will be coming to the device. One of the major changes that will be coming is the way that the device can wirelessly communicate with the physician’s computer system in his office to monitor your health. This is in development but will most likely utilize such technology as Bluetooth in order to be able to transmit that data to the physician’s computer. Why would this be beneficial you may be asking? Well, imagine that you are on a trip away from home and far from your physician who monitors you on a daily basis. Also, imagine that you are suffering from COPD and that it is imperative that you measure your blood oxygen saturation or SpO2 on a daily basis. Well, when you are on vacation all you need to do is simply place your finger inside the pulse oximeter and that data is automatically routed to your doctor for analysis.
If you doctor sees that the pulse oximeter readings are not normal or something that is cause for concern then they can make their professional recommendation as what you should do. It will be in essence as if your doctor is with you the entire time wherever you go and keeping an eye on your health. The other advancements that are coming is actually the ability to use hologram images for the readings of the devices. These hologram images will allow for much easier use and reading of the product and thus improve the overall experience of the device. So it really would not matter what lighting situation or environment you are in you can easily read the screen and interpret the results in order to monitor your health.…