PlayStation Update: Brand New System Software and Features

Last October 18, 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment has released the latest system software for PlayStation 3: the PlayStation 3 system software version 3.37. This latest version of PS3 system software includes some new and revised items such as the latest security patches, settings, features, and others.

The 3.37 version of PS3 system software adds the (TV/Video Services) icon as a category to PlayStation 3’s XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu. The icon will only be seen when you use services on your PS3. Besides, you will also notice that there will be a video streaming services option which appears under the (TV/Video Services) icon. In previous versions, the icon was placed under the (Video) icon. While some services are directly available, some other might require you to download and install specific application in order to be able to operate. You also need Internet connection for updating services and information of your peripheral system. The icons on this latest updated version of PS3 system software might be displayed differently; all depending on your country or region and the availability of services.

New update on this 3.37 version also includes the Auto-Upload Saved Data. This feature enables you to automatically store new and recently updated saved data for PS3 format software in online storage regularly. To access this feature, you need to have a PlayStation Network account and become the member of the PlayStation Plus.

Besides the new (TV/Video Services) and Auto-Upload Saved Data features, the PlayStation 3’s latest version of system software also includes the improvement of the playback quality during the use of some PS3 format software, the display of the MPO (Multi-Picture format) files for 3D photos and multi-angle photos under the (Photo) and in the (Photo Gallery) icons, the addition of a feature for sharing the latest info from the PlayStation Store with your Friends, supported 3D playback of Blu-ray Java (“BD-J”) content, supported DTS-HD audio output while playing Blu-ray 3D content, and regular automatic synchronization of trophy information with the server. Like the Auto-Upload Saved Data feature, the latter feature enlisted on the 3.37 version improvement is also exclusively provided for PlayStation Plus members.

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You must download and install PS3 system software updates only from the official update data provided online or on disc media by Sony Computer Entertainment. You should also avoid any methods of installation or download which are not appropriate with the system documentation of the PlayStation official website. Any violation on the Sony PlayStation regulation might void the PS3 system warranty and result in you losing the warranty and repair services from Sony Computer Entertainment.