The Easiest Way to Copy Playstation 3 Games

There are a lot of ways found on the internet to copy games, however not all of these ways are foolproof and not all the sites that advertise or turn up in a Google search are actually genuine. A lot of people who have PS3 game collections usually have misgivings when playing the games for fear of damaging the Blu-ray disc. And with PlayStation 3 games costing around twenty to sixty dollars, wear and tear on a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray disc is definitely something to worry about. And it is basically for this reason that a backup copy of the game is more convenient. Some people have found ways to copy PlayStation 3 games straight from the Blu-ray disc to your computer’s hard drive.

So what is the easiest way to copy it straight from the Blu-ray disc they are on? The ways and procedures are actually numerous; however the important question would be for what purpose would you have to copy it? In order to be safe from any legal actions from Sony and the game developers and publishers, the person who wants to copy the PlayStation 3 game should also be the owner of the game. This then leads to one of the reasons why it is hard to copy PlayStation 3 games as opposed to copying XBOX 360 or Nintendo games. The copyright protection software on the PS3 Blu-ray disc is said to be the hardest to crack.

So for most gamers, in order to copy games for PS3, they actually download PS3 game copy software that can bypass the copyright protection software on most games and enable anybody with any computer sense to be able to copy a PlayStation 3 game to his or her computer. This method is best for beginners who don’t want to void the warranty of their PlayStation 3 consoles by doing the next method, which is hardmodding and firmware rooting. Hardmodding requires changing the hardware configuration of the PS3, and as such voiding the consoles warranty in the process, much the same way as rooting the firmware of the PS3 to play older PS2 and PSX games also voids the warranty of the console. Whichever method you would choose one thing to always remember is to do it at your own risk.

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