The Truth About The Newest Apple iPod Touch Gadget

The iPod Touch has been crowned as a king of hand-held gaming and the new iPod comes with three load of new features to make it even more gaming friendly. The apple upgraded the iPod processor and screen for smoother, and more detailed graphics and long last built-in video camera for DH recording, and more.

Do these new features make a must have? Let check it out.

First, let’s talk about the new screen. Apple has brought its high-quality resolution retina display to the iPod Touch, which packs pixels density so small so you don’t even see the lines of resolution.

The retina display provides vibrant visuals, and smooth and detailed graphics. It is not as nice as iPhone 4’s, but still the retina display is nice and great for gaming.

Under the hood, the new iPod Touch, the Apple packs the A4 processor, which helps to power the retina display and produce better graphics. It does not provide extra speed, but will allow your iPod to provide more graphically intensive games.

Apple also provides a built-in gyroscope to provide better motion and tilt tracking, but as of now, not many games apps are using it.

But the biggest addition to are, of course, the new cameras. Now, you can record HD videos, take photographs, and even video-chat with people over Wi-Fi using real-time. Video-conferencing works only between other iTouches and iPhone 4s, but it is still cool way of connecting people.

There are some issues with the iPod Touch: namely that it is still using stainless pack that can get scathed easily, and the base model has too little storage capacity for the price i.e. the cheapest model is $229 and it comes only with 8 GB of space and the price goes to $299 and $399 for 32 and 64 GBs respectively.

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