PS3 Problems: YLOD – Learn How To Fix Your PS3 In Under An Hour

This thread is to give an idea of what the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) actually is how to recognize it and how to repair it. What is the YLOD? The YLOD is not an error but an error message!

What causes YLOD? Basically it is an overheating problem. The PlayStation 3 gives this error message (YLOD) out when the connection between the motherboard and the graphics process is interrupted. This happens too often encountered by overheating. The contacts between the graphic process and the main board are so affected that a connection can not be produced anymore. However, if certain fuses are defective, then the PlayStation 3 also reports the YLOD.

Other errors such as temperature sensor defective, faulty power supply, etc. are almost impossible. A hard disk crash is excluded, because even with a defective hard drive will boot the PS3.

How does the YLOD manifest itself? One can say that the YLOD occurs whenever the PS3 works. So when playing a Blu-ray disc and in all that takes the graphics to deliver. You are watching a movie or playing a game and all of a sudden the picture is gone. The PS3 will beep 3 times and then the LED flashes red. If they now turn on and again we hear may start again the melody but usually the light turns green and then yellow short (this is the clear sign of YLOD) and then it flashes red again.

There is still a disc in the PS3. What now? If this happens to a 60GB PS3, unfortunately there is no way to get it out again. At least not in the normal way. One would have to disassemble the PlayStation. For the 40GB and 80GB versions there’s a little trick to eject the disc forcibly. At least not in the usual way.

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Go to execute the following steps:

The PS3 on the power switch off (rear).

Finger on the eject button and put on it can be.

Turn the power switch back on.

Wait briefly and release.

The disc is ejected.

What about the data from my HDD? It is not possible to save the data after the occurrence of YLOD save. This is the built in crypto-chip of the PS3 which ensures that the data is encrypted so they can not be hacked. To contribute, however I recommend you regularly perform a backup.

How can I prevent?

The PlayStation 3 gets much hotter than in the restive state because it has to give sufficient heat whilst in use and this causes ps3 problems. This creates residual heat, which promotes the YLOD. Make sure there is enough space around the PlayStation to suck in enough air to cool the ps3. If at all possible keep it near a window to get additional cooling. If this is not possible, then you could use a fan pointed directed to the PlayStation.

Keep the PlayStation away from other heat sources, such as heating, TV, receivers, etc. Use a vacuum cleaner on the PlayStation where all the holes are these usually get clogged up with dust when its dust free use a compressor to blow out any dust within side the PlayStation all these will help you keep your PS3 Problems to a minimum.