PlayStation Move – Battle Stations

The PlayStation Move revolutionary video game promises to become even more popular than the established Nintendo Wii. Many people have climbed on board with the idea of an active video game, and now with the superior graphics, action and fun you have can have with PlayStation Move, little is left to the imagination as far as non-stop enjoyment is concerned. Even at this early stage, too, people are saying that PlayStation Move offers better accuracy than the Wii’s controllers.

Already many games for this new system have been created, with the promise of more in the near future. At this stage you can obtain accessories that attach to your controllers to enable you to get a better feel for the action. Feel more confident, then, as if you were actually a game participant ready to do battle with an army of Orcs.

We know that Nintendo Wii is geared towards family oriented video games, particularly for children under 10 years of age. The Move games are mainly for adults, but include plenty of games that the family can participate in. Those of all ages in the family, then, can take part in this exciting new game.

People are asking, though, about differences between this new game and Kinect Xbox. From a technical viewpoint, both can be considered very similar. The considered opinion of many, though, is that the new game is superior and will become more popular in the coming months.

There is fierce competition online at the moment between the Move and Kinect. The seasoned gamers don’t like change. Wii began the gaming concept and Xbox and PlayStation have expanded it further. Xbox Kinect uses a camera to capture motion, but the Move uses both camera and wand style controllers like Wii. Thus, the battle continues.

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A critical point for some is the Move versus Xbox Kinect price. Xbox Kinect needs only a camera but the other needs both camera and wand style controllers, depending on the games being played and the numbers of players. The need for controllers means PlayStation Move can seem to be a dearer option. The Kinect bundle, however, costs more than the PlayStation Move bundle, even when considering the different hard drive console sizes.

Regardless of which video game you prefer, having a certain control while playing can be exhilarating. Video games are forever improving in the technological field and little is left to the imagination as to how far they can be developed. We now have at our fingertips, though, with the new PlayStation Move, something that can be enjoyed by all ages.