Playstation 3 Laser Repair

If your disk isn’t being read by your PS3, more than likely you’re experiencing laser failure issues. This one of a few common problems faced by the PlayStation 3 consoles. The laser can be replaced quickly and be back to working condition in no time.

I often get the question “why can my PS3 read my old games and play downloaded games just fine, but not my new PS3 games or blue ray dvds?” This is a very common question and the reason is there are two lasers in your ps3. One is a blue laser, and the other is red, and both read different things.

What happens in many cases is one of the two will start to go bad. Meaning the ray from the laser will begin to emit less and less over time, until it gets to the point where it is no longer affective. In the example I gave above, this is when the blue laser which reads the blue ray dvds and the new ps3 games begins to fail and the red laser is working perfectly.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. PS3 laser failure is a common issue and a replacement usually cost somewhere in the area of $120.00 to $140.00 dollars. Not bad considering the alternatives of buying a new PS3 which can be well over 200.00. Not to mention the new PS3 slick is missing allot of what the original PS3 has. Also if you choose to send your unit back to Sony, you can expect you’re going to lose all of your data when Sony sends you a refurbished unit in about six weeks and it costing you about 100.00 dollars for shipping. All of that is assuming you’re still under warranty with your unit.

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If getting your PlayStation 3 laser repaired is an option your interested in, Clicking here will give you and excellent option in getting you unit repaired at a great price, with an excellent warranty on your replaced parts all while keeping the data you have on your unit.