States With Households Most Likely to Have Gadgets

The Gadget Census gathered responses from households across the country to determine who owns which gadgets. This report examines households from state to state to see which ones have the latest devices. Here are the winners.

Apple iPad Winner: New York

New York State comes out on top with 52% more of their households owning at least one iPad. Maybe it’s the ultimate NY subway companion.

Smartphone Winner: Maryland

Could it be all those government issued BlackBerry smartphones or maybe the WiMAX? Maryland beat out the rest of the country with 48% more households that have at least one smartphone.

Laptop Winner: Colorado

Denver, Boulder and the rest of Colorado have 13% more households with at least one laptop.

e-Reader Winner: Massachusetts

In households in Massachusetts, you are 49% more likely to find someone enjoying an e-reader than the average home in other states.

Point & Shoot Camera Winner: Michigan

Michigan households are 8% more likely to have a point & shoot camera in their home compared to other states.

Flat Panel TV Winner: Maryland

Maryland wins again! Maryland has 13% more homes with at least one flat panel TV. Maybe crab cakes go well with TV watching or those government workers need to watch the news.

Feature Phone Winner: Pennsylvania

The honor of having “lower tech” cell phones goes to Pennsylvania, where you’ll find 14% more households with at least one feature phone. We know the economy hasn’t been great, but come on Pittsburgh. The Apple store has no short supply of cool, feature-heavy smartphones for you to check out.

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Green Award: California

California didn’t beat out any state in a household gadget analysis, but they did come out on top as the state with the most households that recycle gadgets. California households are 47% more likely to have recycled an old gadget in the last year than the average home in other US states.