Three Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

The days of peeling your vegetables with a knife have been over since we have been blessed with the peeler. The days of fine chopping your food by hand have been over since we have been graced with the presence of the food processor. Needless to say, innovations in the kitchen have allowed people around the globe to save time preparing their favorite meals.

Each day more and more useful cooking tools are being invented. Some of them save us time, some of them save money, and all of them can make it much for fun to cook all of your favorite things. One example is the Cravendale Milk Jug. This device is capable of measuring the milk that it holds and deciding if it is still good, fresh milk or if it has gone sour. This is a great way to make sure that you don’t drink sour milk and that you don’t waste your money on throwing milk away that you could have drank and been perfectly fine!

Another example of a neat innovation is an adjustable rolling pin. They have taken the guessing out of rolling bases when it comes to pies and pizza. It has a set of removable discs that not only make the rolling pin adjustable, but also make it easy to store. It also has 3 raised surfaces so you are able to measure thickness of whatever it is that you are rolling. This takes away the guesswork cooks everywhere are faced with when they have to roll out large items – and can also gauge the thickness. What a neat kitchen gadget!

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We all know the frustration you get when you can’t find the utensil that you are looking for. It seems that they are always around when you do not need them and disappear when you do! This has been solved by the Click n’ Cook. It has a stainless steel base with 5 spatulas that click into the base. The spatulas vary from slotted to flat to extra wide. All of them are dishwasher safe and can be clicked right back into the Click n’ Cook after you’re finished.

These are just some examples of how much time and money can be saved by using kitchen gadgets. Through innovation and creativity, new gadgets are being designed to help us be more efficient in the kitchen.