Personalised Business Gifts To Reward Staff During The Tough Times

It is often said that people get the biggest rewards for the easiest work in the good times while receiving smaller rewards in the bad times when it is far more difficult to keep a company turning over profits. Although the figures always look far more impressive when the economy is healthy and turnover is high, it is often the case that in these circumstances sales are far easier to come by. That cannot be said in the current economic climate, where consumers and businesses are more reluctant to spend and sales are harder to come by.

It is in these periods where the true stars of a team are made and the individuals who can keep a company successful in the toughest of trading conditions are discovered. It is all very well reaping the successes when the times are good, but keeping the company accounts ticking over when nobody wants to spend is another matter entirely.

Odd then that the general trend seems to be to reward staff plentifully in the good times but cut back on staff perks when times get tough. Even though many companies are struggling, it is the staff who will ultimately be the ones who will guide them back to success, and this takes more skill and a higher workload to achieve.

So if times are tight and bonuses are hard to come by, how do you reward the staff whose concerted efforts are keeping the company going?

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Personalised business gifts are an effective way of rewarding effort and providing an incentive. Motivation is a key factor in any business and at any time, and a rewarded employee is more likely to be a motivated employee. Business gifts are a cost effective way of telling the employee that their efforts have been noticed and that it is not being taken for granted. Although many employees will probably have been more richly rewarded when the economy was in a much healthier state, it is now when their efforts will be most beneficial to the company.

If you are looking for ways to reward your hard working staff, consider using personalised business gifts to get your gratitude across. The more personalised the better, so think about what interests people have or make it relevant to a team. Business gifts can be engraved or printed with a logo or a message to appeal to the recipients, turning your business gifts into unique items that will be appreciated by those who receive them.

You may think that if the employee isn’t receiving a cash bonus then a business gift will not have the desired result, but often the feeling of receiving a gift is one that is unique and guaranteed to have a lasting effect. When times are hard, it is the thought behind giving business gifts that will stick in the minds of employees and can have a profound effect on their motivation and their perception of the company and its management. The fact that you are making the effort to reward hard work even though times are tough will certainly be remembered and this will have a motivating effect on your employees.

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