Yellow Light of Death Fix – 3 Sure Methods to Fix PS3 YLOD

Did your PS3 refuse to come on? Are you looking for a proven yellow light of death fix that will help ensure that it does not happen again? Would you like to know what your options are and which ones are very effective? Would you like to know what methods work? Here are a few pointers to guide you.

1. Use the Wet Towel Method

If you own an Xbox, then you must be familiar with this method. What you do is unplug the ps3 and then wrap a lightly wet towel around the console. The idea is to get it to cool down fast. Make sure the towel is not overly wet as you don’t water seeping into the console. After this, try to put it on. It should come on if the problem is not that severe.

2. The Hair Dryer Method

Get a hair dryer, and aim the nozzle at the console or the board -you would need to open the case which could void your warranty, so be careful. The idea is to look for broken contact and use that to reconnect the contact again to the solder. This is known as reflowing. Do this for about 15-25 minutes and then allow a fan or AC to blow-dry the console. Turn it back on after coupling and see if it comes on. If it doesn’t, it’s time to do the following:

– Return to Sony.

This will not cost a dime if you have warranty. But if yours is expired, it will cost you at least $150 and 6-12 weeks of waiting. And in most cases, the HDD would be formatted causing you to lose all saved games.

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– Send to a Repair Shop

This is a good option but it will cost you at least $60 -budget about $140 for this- you could also lose your games and it could take about 6 weeks to get it fixed.

– Fix it Yourself

This is the most effective yellow light of death fix you could choose. All you need are instructional guides, and videos with a detailed step-by-step guide showing you what you need to do. Follow them and you would have your game back on in about an hour (2 hours for those who aren’t tech savvy), save yourself over $150, still have your games intact and even repair your friends’ and make a lil’ change on the side.