The Best Multimedia Convergence Device Yet – Using the PlayStation 3 In Its Ultimate Form!

Is it a Home Theatre? Is it a Machine? Is it artificial Intelligence? It is the best Gaming Console Yet? NO! It’s all rolled into one and more! Yes, if you were thinking about one of the best gaming consoles in the market, there is no denying that the PS3 machine lives up to its expectations. It is a multimedia device and a gaming system – all molded into one.

PlayStation or PS – as we lovingly call it has revolutionized the way we game since it was first brought out in the market. From the basic model to one of the world’s most advanced computing system, the PS3 has it all! Here are some of the coolest features of the system:

• Games: After all, this is what the machine has been created for – for playing games. There are hundreds of gaming titles available for the same and good news is that it has backward compatibility with your old PS2 games as well. Therefore if you wanted to play some old games and revive your nostalgia, the PS3 lets you do exactly that! However, with increasing competition from other two well-known competitors have dented the sales of the product’s game range – a bit. The other big name in the fray has an equally enviable collection of games.

• Home Entertainment: If you were looking to buy a home theatre system with a great Blu-Ray player, look no more beyond than the PS3. The PS3 is also a blu ray player that churns out the greatest invention in Hi-Def entertainment flawlessly. Now that your player blues are done away with, you can hook up the beast with some great surround speakers and a LED TV and voila! Enjoy games and hi-def movies – all from the same setup!

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• Network Games: The PS3 network is good. But it has been facing stiff competition from other big players in the industry who have pioneered network gaming online.

• Connectivity: This is perhaps the best convergence feature in the gaming behemoth. The need of the hour is device convergence. There is a competition on the market to provide a system that converges all your work and entertainment. PS3 is a step ahead in that. The connectivity ranges from USB, HDMI, DIV, S-VIDEO, and VGA to even high-frequency wireless connectivity options. This allows the device to be hooked up with an array of system such as your PSP, camera, TV, music system, computer and other devices as well. It also has internet connectivity ports on it.

With advance in entertainment, gaming has become an integral part in our lives. This is not just true for the youth but a lot of elder members are also seeking solace in gaming. With motion sensing technologies and other physical gadgets being added to the device, the Sony PS3 is one of the best in the market. However, there are other similar gaming consoles too which are currently giving the PS3 a run for its money!