The Altimeter Compass Watch for the Great Outdoors

Gadget watches seem to be invading the market these days. And why not? They give you the benefit of a lot of electronics, all in one tiny package that is strapped to your wrist. Not only will the techie guys love it, even the ones who love the great outdoors will too! Imagine getting a watch that does not only tell the time, but also gives you altimeter and compass readings all on top of their other great features. Amazing, right? It is the perfect device for the avid outdoors man.

Gadget watches don’t come cheap. With all the technology combined into a very compact device, you couldn’t expect any less. Therefore, when thinking of buying such, you always have to read the product specifications to make sure that it is really what you need. Otherwise, you just lost quite a bit of money there. Its high-tech features would only be wasted if you do not know how to you them, and if you do not have the opportunity to use them.

A majority of gadget watches come with a chip that keeps a record of all the information that it has given. For example, an altimeter compass watch can keep a record of the altimeter analysis and compass interpretations in a separate folder that can be accessed any time. You can do this by connecting you watch to a computer or laptop and download all the information that it has given.

Casio, a very well-known name in the watch and technology industry has launched a line of altimeter compass watches called the PAG80-1V Pathfinder Solar Digital Watch. It is the perfect watch for all the outdoorsy people out there because it combines time-telling with an altimeter, barometer and compass. It is solar powered, so battery replacement is a very minor problem.

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Another great watch would be the Suunto X10 Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch. It has the same features as the Casio Pathfinder, but it also has an added GPS system to it. Lost is not longer a word that would be found in your vocabulary.

Momentum, another great watch company also has its version of the altimeter compass watch. It is the Midsize 1M-SP42Bs1 Digital Altimeter Compass Watch. With its steel casing, dual time zones, alarms, compass, barometers and submersible up to 50 meters, it is the perfect outdoors watch for anyone!

As stated earlier, gadget watches don’t come cheap. These babies range from $150 to $450. So when thinking of buying an altimeter compass watch, make sure you would have practical use of them to make it worth the amount of cash that you have departed with.