PlayStation 3 Problems – Info on System Freezing and Black Screen Errors

PlayStation 3 just like other previous consoles of the same brand has its share of drawbacks and problems. Some problems are complicated and cannot be solved by an average user. While there are loads of other problems that can be easily diagnosed and solved by following some simple repair procedures

One of the most common problem is the PS3 freezing. Most of users have complained that their consoles just froze while they were playing a particular game. This problem is very general and can be caused by two reasons. One is that the disk of the game is either dirty or faulty, try playing another game and see if it happens again. Second and more valid reason is due to overheating. The PlayStation is a machine full of transistors and electronic circuits; add to it the blue ray disc also generates some heat. So to be sure that heat is not an issue use the console in a cool air conditioned environment and never houses the console in a small close compartment.

Another common problem is the black screen issue. This issue is caused by either faulty connection wires or a combination of wrong connection and resolutions setting. The remedies can be changing the wires and changing the connection settings from AV to HDMI. The settings of the PS3 and the television should match for it to be working properly.

For more information on problems mentioned above and others like the yellow light of death, lens cleaning and many more you should get hold of the PlayStation 3 repair guide. The PlayStation 3 repair guide has a whole list of problems that can be solved by an average user without taking the console to the company. The guide can help you save time and money by fixing the console yourself.

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