Final Fantasy X Anima

An Aeon is basically a monster that you can summon to aid you in battle. Every Aeon is different, and most have a different elemental power (for example, Shiva is the goddess of ice and Ifrit is the god of fire). To gain an Aeon, you must first find it in the game then defeat it in battle. Final Fantasy X Anima is one of the scariest looking creatures in the entire game, and like each of his other Aeon compatriots, he is also available to fight as a Dark Aeon. Dark Anima is actually the second hardest boss in the entire game, just behind the Dark Magus Sisters. When Anima appears he is covered in chains, giving the sense that he has just risen from Hell and is not completely allowed to release his full power.

In Final Fantasy X Anima can be found in the Baaj Temple, and although he is such a key character to the game’s story, it is not necessary that you find him. Anima’s main attack is called ‘Pain’, and will kill almost any enemy in a single blow (barring a few tough bosses).

In Final Fantasy X Anima is one of the most difficult Aeons to beat, but it is absolutely worth it. Some consider Anima to be the strongest of all of the collectible summons in the game – even stronger than the trio of Magus Sisters. Part of the reason for this is due to his Overdrive, which can (when fully trained up) do over a million damage points! The second reason for this is that Anima deals non-elemental damage, meaning he is effective against virtually any enemy. Summons such as Ifrit are only good against Ice type enemies, and will actually give Hit-Points to fire-type enemies.

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