PlayStation 2 Video Games – A Closer Look

PlayStation 2 video games were the bees-knees back before the arrival of the PlayStation 3 and the competitive Xbox 360. Now they’re a much underrated relic of gaming history, and are put aside for the much more expensive PS3 and Xbox360 games. But who needs the extra graphics? Who needs the modern gaming? Anyone who knew the joy of PlayStation 2 in its day will easily play PS2 games and have just as much fun as on any newer console. So let us look at some of the best PS2 games, so that we can buy them at ridiculously cheap prices and smite the modern game developers.

The Final Fantasy games are eternal, evergreen, cult following games, and anyone who became hooked on them at their birth, or even later on the newer consoles, will no doubt still enjoy them just as much on a PlayStation 2. The last proper installment on PS2 was Final Fantasy XII. It was a huge advancement in graphics and playability, with nearly endless amounts of game-play time, and can be picked up for a meager price compared to the game time offered.

If you’re a soccer fan, you will know that the game rules do not change all that often. And, not surprisingly, neither do the console versions of the game. The graphics can only go so far when rendering a field from above, and the controls are generally kept as they are. So, although new games are released every year, you would be better off simply sticking to a good old PlayStation 2 version. What’s the difference?

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But if these games don’t grab your attention, look out for some of the other PS2 classics. There’s Jak 3, for quirky, challenging and other worldly missions; Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, for a comprehensive experience of the Metal Gear experience; Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, that classic open world, sadistic game-play crammed with hundreds of missions in the unique and hilarious San Andreas environment; and, lastly, Burnout 3, for high-octane, unreal, speed-crazed fun that lasts all the way up until the caffeine in your system wears off.

To find PlayStation 2 video games you would be best off looking them up on Amazon, but, if you’re eager to score a good deal, try bidding on Ebay, as there are tones of people looking to sell some of their old games and consoles. So, if you want a cheap, fun gaming experience, look no further than PlayStation 2 games.