Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Warhammer 40,000 is the most popular war game on the planet and in the entire universe and has so many different platforms. Ask any kid what’s his favourite game and the chances are its Warhammer 40,000. But Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is another story.

This version we talking about is designed for the PlayStation 3 and although the graphics are nice and the game looks good, there are some serious faults with the gameplay.

Warhammer fans know that a ‘kill team’ is a team of marines that take on highly specialised military missions in space. Orks are the main enemy and they fly massive ships with all kinds of advanced technology. In this episode of Warhammer you choose your warship then you chase Ork Kroozers around the universe and blast them into oblivion. Your main objective is to cripple their mother ship ending their dreams of subjugating the human race.

Multiplayer mode is the best option for this game. Every player can select a different class ship and this will give you more variety of weapons and more firepower. During play you will unlock secret weapons and your team will become more awesome.

The campaign is short, but don’t think you will finish the game quickly. The gameplay is very difficult to complete and you will die countless times before you get the hang of it. Your team players have to work in collaboration with each other to avoid getting wiped out by the enemy. There are many death traps and unforeseen dangers in space besides the orks. Your team’s survival really does depend on every player doing his part. Fool around and it’s your end. This game is intended for serious war fans only.

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The most serious complaint about the game is that you cannot save while in the middle of a mission. That means you have to start all over again if you die and play the entire level again. For a modern game this is a serious flaw. You will be fending off waves of orks in a minefield and any explosion nearby can take out your ship as well. If you die then you need to start that level from scratch. This is the most unforgiving fault in gaming history. Many players will not have the pleasure of seeing the end of the game as their chances of reaching the final stage is almost zero. To make matters worse, any team mates in the vicinity will die as well if your ship explodes.

Kill Team could have really been a great RPG and a brilliant shooter. The action is fantastic and the graphics do the game much justice, but the difficulty of the game is a serious flaw. Most of the fun is taken away by the sheer unforgiving nature of the gameplay.

Many Warhammer fans love being a perfect soldier, but requiring them to be super human is asking too much. Console games are supposed to be fun and entertaining, but when it becomes too serious it ends up making you furious instead.