PS3 Controllers and the PlayStation Move

Everyone knows that having a good PS3 Controller for your PlayStation gaming is essential to getting the most out of your system. However, when choosing your second or replacement controller, you will soon find that you have a lot more options on your hands. Let’s discuss the different routes you can go in buying another controller for your PS3, and find out which is right for you.

The first question to be asked is if you will get an official Sony Dualshock 3 Controller or if you will go with a third party controller. First, lets go down the reasons to get another Dualshock 3. Sony has long been known for their superb controllers, even back since the original PlayStation. It is clear that they struck a winning formula because if you look at the current generation Dualshock 3, virtually nothing has changed over the course of over a decade of gaming. Because of this, Sony knows how to make their controllers. They are durable, respond extremely well, and feel good in the hands. The Dualshock 3 is wireless, and offers motion sensing and rumble features. Each button is analog, meaning that the gentle press of a button can be received as different from smashing it to certain games.

The primary advantage to third party controllers is price. But often the better price of a third party controller comes at the loss of quality or features. You may be able to find many PS3 controllers that are not wireless or don’t have the same sixaxis support as the Dualshock 3. The other third party controllers worth looking into are the special controllers for things like fighting games. Many serious fighting game enthusiasts will often prefer a fighting stick or pad over the traditional Dualshock 3 as well. Fighting sticks can be quite expensive and emulate the kind of experience had while in an arcade. Fighting pads are less expensive and some third party companies make very nice wireless ones.

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The last type of controller to mention is the new PlayStation Move Controller. These are Sony’s new motion sensing controllers. They look similar to and have been compared to the Nintendo Wii’s controller system. However, the PlayStation Move uses different motion technology and along with the PlayStation Eye, it can track almost perfectly one to one with the gamer’s movements. This provides for extremely realistic gaming experiences and will allow for new gaming possibilities that have not yet before been possible.

When buying a PS3 controller or PlayStation Move setup, bundles are always the best way to go. Sony offers bundles that save the gamer a good amount of money, so it is worthwhile to do your research and find a deal that will benefit you in the long run.