Getting a Personalised IT Support Company?

If you run or own a business, at some point, you’re going to need IT support, either to set up computers and networking, or to fix a problem that develops. Nearly all organisations are dependent on computers and networked systems to function properly, even if their business has nothing to do with computing. Billing, payroll, scheduling and inventory are almost all done to one degree or another via computers and software. If these systems go down, or are having problems, production can grind to a halt, so it is very important that a company has a support team that can quickly resolve hardware and software issues before they become major problems.
If you are a small business, or one that does not frequently need hardware or software upgrades, it is not cost effective to hire and pay your own staff for this type of support. Even if you only hire one person to set up and maintain your network and computers, by the time you are done with payroll, insurance and benefits, you will still probably be losing money by not simply outsourcing your IT support needs.
Once you make the choice to outsource for computer maintenance and support, you will need to figure out what your needs are for a support team and how often you’ll expect to need the support team throughout a given year. One of the most important things to think about is how soon you would be likely to upgrade your hardware or software. If you have recently upgraded, or are satisfied with your current system, it is likely that you will only need an outside support specialist to come in when there is a malfunction in your systems.
On the other hand, if you are expecting to upgrade in the near future, your support needs will be much more frequent and extensive. Software and hardware upgrades frequently have issues that require training, adjustment and troubleshooting, so plan accordingly. By having a realistic outline of your needs and the amount of time you will need support, you can be sure that the company that will provide your support will be ready and able to accommodate your needs quickly.
Computer support has advanced with technology, so another advantage of outsourced support is that you are able to receive support without having to wait for a technician to arrive at your location to resolve an issue. The two most common ways that remote support is done is either via phone or through remote computer access. Phone support is done by having a technician to walk an employee through a fix over the phone, usually involving resetting a particular software suite or changing a setting. Another increasingly popular remote support option involves a technician logging into company computers through the internet and taking over the machine. This allows the technician to change network settings and resolve more extensive software problems, without even entering the building.
If you own a business, look into outsourcing your technical support to save money and time.…

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