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Learning PLC Coding

Before you start learning to code programmable logic controllers, you need to get the software meant for coding. They haven’t changed much throughout the years, so the only changes will be minor ones. Some details will be added to older versions, but all of them have the explanation when you click on them. There are many sites you can download the program from.

PLC programming can be difficult at the start if you don’t have someone to work with you, but if someone else managed it you can also. Also, there are sites that offer you support if you have any problem with PLC or PLC software. There are a lot of little things to remember when it comes to coding, but with some professional help, it will go fast.

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Starting a project

When you open the software you will start with the start screen, and you can close that off, or if you want you can click on view in the main menu and then click start screen again. In the main toolbar, you will notice your online and offline menus.

To start a new project you have to click on the file in the main menu, then a new project, and online. Next step is to give a name to the project and hit okay. That will automatically bring up your screens, and you will see there is a terminal, run, and stop. You need to make sure that is terminal, so the designer software will actually run your terminal software.

When you click on edit mode in the main toolbar it will allow you to edit the ladder diagram. The menu with all the instruction available will pop up, and you also can see what every instruction does. In the bottom, you will have some main instructions that are going to be used as shortcuts, and you normally start with normally open contact.

That normally open contact is the input and on the other end, you should set the output that is placed also at the bottom menu with other instructions. You are also going to name them, for example, X0 for input and Y0 for output. Once you save it, you can actually turn on the input and you will notice that the output doesn’t turn on, that is because you are not in run mode or program mode.

Steps in program development

The first step before you start programming is to define the task. When you have a machine that you have to program your PLC for, you need to figure out what is actually going to happen. There is usually a master switch that starts the process and shuts it down. Then you need to check for sensors and switches.

Once you have defined the task you need to define the inputs and outputs. The third part is to develop the logical sequence of operation. You can use a flowchart or sequence table, and what this allows you to do is to fully understand the logic before you start programming it. By doing this step you can eliminate a lot of time and aggravation trying to figure out the logic itself. Read more on this page.

After you finish these three, you can finally develop the PLC program. So, when you start programming it will be easier when you know how the machine is functioning, and you will have the steps in your head that you will use for coding, so you will develop the ladder much quicker. The most important part of the ladder development is documentation.

The final step is testing the program. You want to test it thoroughly to make sure that it actually works. After a while when the testing is done, you want to go back to the operators after a couple of months and ask them if that is exactly what they want. That is when you can make some modifications based on operator feedback.

Binary interpretation

One or zero is the only thing that the computer understands, but that is actually referred for inputs and outputs of your PLC, so it is on or off. If you look at the PLC addresses, you can use binary coded decimal, hexadecimal, or ASCII meaning American standard code for information interchange.

The binary terminology is bit one or zero. Four bits are called nibble, or a digit, eight bits are two nibbles or a byte. Sixteen bits are 2 bytes but also 1 word. This also depends on which processor you are using.

ASCII is based upon 8 bits or 2 hex, and it really represents everything that you can display on a keyboard. So, every letter on a keyboard has its own number in the binary system. On the ASCII site, you …

How to Get the Most from Industrial Lubricants and Additives

All industries have specific needs with regards to operating and maintaining their equipment. Lubricants are designed to limit the friction that occurs between moving parts, including those of industrial machinery. That way, they reduce the amount of wear and tear. By using lubricants for your industrial equipment, you ensure that the machine is operating optimally. It is essential to understand the right criterion for selecting industrial oils.

Identify the regulations and policies

All industrial facilities are governed by a variety of stringent policies and laws. The reason behind the existence of the rules and procedures is to ensure the safety of the people living in these environments. Sometimes the rules are made to protect the environment by regulating the use of potentially toxic substances. Therefore, you should ensure that the lubricant you select meets the quality standards required by the regulatory body in your area.

Composition of the lubricant

Heat is often a consideration when selecting oils. Friction between the parts of the industrial machine will result in the generation of heat. When in use, the composition of the Nitro 9 Industrial Lubricants should be sufficient in preventing overheating. If the lubricant cannot meet these specifications, it might cause more problems than the ones it was designed to avoid.


The viscosity of the lubricant you choose impacts performance. Oils that are incredibly thick might get caught in the moving parts and build up residues as well as other particulates. The build-up might shorten the lifespan of your equipment.

Functions of industrial lubricant additives

  1. Separate moving parts

Lubricants are usually used to keep moving parts apart. The separation is instrumental in reducing surface fatigue, vibrations, operating noise, and friction. Oils can achieve this function in several ways; with the most common being the formation of a physical barrier.

  1. Transfer heat

You can use either a gas or a liquid lubricant to transfer heat. However, the most effective one is the liquid lubricant, because it has a high specific heat capacity. Usually, the liquid oil is circulated from the cooler to the hotter parts of the system. However, the lubricant can be used to warm or cool an operation when the regulated temperature is needed. The current flow will also determine the amount of heat to be transferred in a particular unit of time.

  1. Minimize friction

Usually, the surface-to-surface friction of any system is higher when no lubrication is used, as compared to when you apply a lubricant. When you reduce the friction between the parts of your industrial equipment, you will lessen the possible tear and wear. In the end, your plant will operate at optimal efficiency. Some lubricants contain friction modifiers, which are used to bind metal surfaces chemically and consequently reduce surface friction.

The goal of every manufacturing process is to generate profits and minimize operational costs. One of the best ways of attaining this goal is to ensure that your machinery is adequately maintained. The use of lubricants and fuel additives for your industrial equipment cannot be overemphasized. You ought to select the right oil to ensure that your machine is at its best.…

Wisconsin Has Internet Service? REALLY?

You bet! You thought Wisconsin was just a cheesy mid-western state. Well, cheese is what they are famous for, and if you like cheese, Holy God Almighty! But, you still wonder, how could a state full of cheese-heads be such a technological giant? Ha-haa! Ancient Chinese secret. Wisconsin is full of proud patriots who don’t really brag about their significant standing in the union. For starters, many areas of Wisconsin are consistently voted the best places to live in the country! This is no small feat. It follows that the good people there are capable of providing spectacular internet service to all their fellow cheese-heads. Outsiders snicker behind their backs at that moniker, but those in the know, well, let’s just say “He who laughs last…”, know what I mean?

The venerable internet service provider Wisconsin Rapids, WI, is second to none. The mighty mid-western mentality is that of a hearty breed, capable of setting standards for the whole world. Generations of extremely hard-working men and women have resulted in a population of patriots who do not follow anyone. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin is a closely guarded secret. Don’t tell anyone!

The good citizens ofWisconsin Rapidsand the surrounding area are firmly connected to the world via rock solid internet service, provided by rock solid individuals who know what they are doing. They’re naturals. You think you’re technically savvy, but that chip on your shoulder will soon be flicked off. These experts have been consistently keeping their fellow Americans fully connected for over a century! And when you thank them from the bottom of your heart, and apologize for locking mental horns with them, they will politely shake their heads (mid-west values mind you) and will thank you for your patronage. Furthermore, they will keep you connected with such a level of customer service, so as it can’t be defined, for as long as you want. Welcome to America; Wisconsin.

The internet service provider (ISP) is relatively new, in context with the digital revolution and the world wide web itself. However, it is still rooted in, or born of rather, communication technology, which has been around for quite some time. From the very origins of telegraph lines; Morse code and teletype technology, electronic communications have bettered our lives in oh so many ways. That a company can stay in business for more than 100 years is more than a milestone; it’s a top-level achievement worthy of praise and has indeed made its mark in the annals of communication history. Embracing the Internet and providing access to it has been a breeze for the cheese.

Everyone has internet access these days, and if you’re lucky enough to live in or even sort of close to Wisconsin Rapids, and you have yet to be connected to the web, just hop on the internet and give them a click. Oh, wait.

When I use the button Like on Facebook what happens?

As Facebook expands the way it allows people to communicate, the “Like” button has become almost ubiquitous on the site. The button gives an opportunity for people to know what interests you, as well as show appreciation for the messages of your friends. Wherever there was once a “Like”, there is a “difference” link, which allows you to reverse the process. Buy facebook post likes is the best and the fastest way to help you to give post likes in your Facebook.

When you click the “Like” button at the top of a Facebook page, the page is linked to your personal profile. The product, celebrity or business that represents the page appears in the “interests” section of your profile. When the page is published a link or status update, you see a story about it in your news service on the main page of Facebook. As with Facebook friends, you can choose to hide a page from your news service if you no longer want to see your new content. You can also Buy Facebook video views to increase your views result in your Facebook’s video.

Clicking the “like” button under a new post or comment from a friend shows that you value the content. Whether you find the fun to publish or according to what someone has written, click the “Like” link to let the poster know you have a positive response to it. A message can also be left under a comment or post for more details about what you clicked on “Like”.

When you click the “Like” button on a Facebook page a new story is posted on your wall informing your friends about it. The story will also appear on the news channel of people connected to you. Mark a message or a comment from a friend will cause a small link that says “[Your name] likes this”, which was posted under the original content, but no story is posted to your own profile or anyone’s news channel.

When you like commenting or posting a person, she gets a notification at the top of the Facebook screen in the form of a small red flag. When you click on the flag a short message appears that your will tell you what part of the content to click “Like” on. Marking a page will give the page permission to use the thumbnail on the page, and may also appear in the page advertising.

Imagine it’s a rainy afternoon in the United States and a 55-year-old lady is at home, checking her Facebook account to laugh at the occurrences of her grandchildren, then enter Instagram and look for ideas for remodeling her kitchen.

At that moment, but in another part of the world, a 23-year-old boy in Japan walks Instagram to work to find out what his favorite artists are doing. Then go to Facebook and see if your friends agree to go out that night to Karaoke.

It is very clear that each platform plays a different role in the life of each user but how do you know if these roles vary depending on age, gender or location?

A Facebook survey gives us the answer

Facebook was curious to find out and conducted an online survey of users aged 18-64 in Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States using Facebook and Instagram at least once a week.

Vicki Molina-Estolano, project leader and researcher for the Facebook IQ project, talked about the results of this survey and what they can mean for advertisers.

According to Molina-Estolano, it is important that advertisers know who, how and when users use Facebook and Instagram so that they can engage people on a more relevant level.…

Do not Be Fooled, Here’s How to Distinguish Original and Counterfeit iPhone Cables

Although claimed as the exclusively and the most exorbitant prices, not all Apple device supporting accessories claimed its authenticity. The proof, in October 2016, the Cupertino origin company filed a lawsuit to Amazon for selling fake iPhone accessories. Fake accessories in the form of adapters, cables, and some other accessories are made by the company Mobile Star LLC and 50 companies other fake device manufacturers.

The danger, counterfeit accessories sold can pose quite dangerous risks, such as heating up, short circuit, and burning. Apple claims to have tested the feasibility of the accessory and found a number of problems in low- and high-voltage circuits.

Well, in order not to be fooled, it’s good for iPhone users to check the authenticity of the cable used. The BGR page, Tuesday (4/4/2017), summarizes how to easily distinguish original and fake iPhone cables. Check out the following tricks:

Verify ‘Made for iPhone’

Apple has 2 types of accessory production standards: production standards made directly by the company, and the standards on which they verify third party accessories. That way, the official accessory that has such a standard definitely has the words “Made for iPhone”.

Made for iPhone writings and logos can be found in the accessory sales box, whether it is a separate earpod sold, battery charger, casing, dock or speakers. Well, the original cable iPhone instead does not have Made for iPhone writing. The reason, the only accessory that is not labeled, is a charging cable. So, if you find a charger cable that has the frills Made for iPhone, it is definitely fake.

Designed By Apple and Cable End Checks

Designed by Apple in California

In addition, the original charger cable also definitely has the words “Designed by Apple in California” or “Assembled in China” behind the sales package. The inscription “Assembled in Vietnam” or “Indústria Brasileira” is also an authentic code that signifies the authenticity of the iPhone cable. Make sure the above is accompanied by a 12-digit serial number on the package.

Differentiate Cables

The next step is to distinguish the end of the cable from Lightning Port. The original iPhone wires have fine, non-protruding gold stripes. A metallic material is also smooth and does not feel rough like a fake version. Not only that, the tip of the original Lightning Port cable is usually silver with a glossy gold line, unlike the fake version where the Lightning Port is black-colored.

Meanwhile, the original cable thickness of the original plastic material must be consistent, measuring 7.7 mm x 12 mm, different with inconsistent counterfeit wires and uneven thickness.

For more details, you can see the picture below.

Do I Need CMMS Software for my Business?

Does your company use any equipment that requires maintenance? Are you interested in updating any manual maintenance techniques? This article will explore computerized maintenance management system (or CMMS) software. Do you need CMMS for your business? What is CMMS Software?

Equipment for a business requires maintenance to prevent shut downs or unexpected problems. For example, you may run a business that bottles soda. If order to bottle your product you have an assembly line of machines. Each of these machines requires quarterly maintenance. Your current method of maintenance involves a manual system. On the outside of each machine is a small paper ticket. This ticket is taken once each quarter by one of your employees to a maintenance technician. The technician then schedules a time to repair the machine and leaves the card on the outside of the machine for next quarter. What would be different if you used a CMMS software instead?

Preventive maintenance CMMS software digitizes all these tasks. Instead of a ticket on the side of the machine, a ticket would be sent via email. Each quarter, the CMMS preventive software would contain a list of machines that need maintenance in its database, (entered by you or one of your technicians). The software would send an email to each technician, and once maintenance is complete, the software would log and set up the next quarter’s maintenance schedule. All these tasks would be complete and efficient.

What other task can CMMS help your company with? CMMS preventive software can also help with: managing inventory, work orders and purchase orders. Work orders are fully automated, giving options to generate based on time, date or work needed. Also, CMMS assists with the reliably of your equipment, employee scheduling, custom reports, and is available in many different languages. What are some of the benefits of CMMS software?

Peace of mind is the first benefit of CMMS software. There is no need to worry about missed maintenance due a lost ticket or an employee not remembering to take the ticket to a technician. All of this is done wirelessly, by the software itself. Another benefit of CMMS software is a custom detailed report of the maintenance send directly to you or your equipment maintenance supervisor. This report is generated automatically, eliminating the wait for the technician to come report verbally, or to send in a written report.

A useful feature of some CMMS software is web-based options. Many providers of CMMS preventive software allow the software to be accessed online. Once online users can oversee multiple locations and work remotely. Being on the web, CMMS software can be used by multiple users. This feature can be handy for an international or large company that has many work sites and a large volume of equipment to be maintained.

If you have need of fully computerized equipment maintenance, CMMS software is the solution for your business. CMMS software is reliable. CMMS software makes maintaining all your equipment hassle and worry free.

Consider all options when choosing an internet service provider

There are a lot of internet providers Camden SC residents must choose from. Which one is right for you? The trick is understanding what an internet service provider does and determining which one works best for your needs. There are several things you need to consider when choosing an ISP, and you need to have some understanding of what you need the internet for to make the right choice.

Internet service providers have been around since the internet first became available to the public. An ISP provides customers with access to the internet. Most of them do not restrict what people can view or how much or how long they can be online. When the internet was first popular, it was common for ISPs to charge by the minute or hour spent online. This made accessing the internet rather expensive. Eventually, as the internet became more and more pervasive and more and more necessary for everyday life, this went away.

These days, high speed internet is the most important aspect or offering when considering an internet service provider. At one time, internet users had to use a modem and phone line to dial up to their ISP and access the internet. This limited the speed as the phone lines were the same used by actual telephones. With the advent of cable and other methods of accessing the internet, speed increased. To watch movies, listen to music or stream popular television shows, an ISP offering high speed internet is a must.

Users of internet service providers generally pay the ISP a monthly feel. For this fee, they get the method in which to access the internet and the benefits of the high-speed services offered. They can use their internet for their computer, or their smartphone or tablet as well as the ever-popular streaming devices that also need to access the internet to function. These days, even appliances such as refrigerators need to be able to access the internet.

Normally, internet service providers have different levels of access and cost the users can choose from. There is also a difference depending on if you plan on using the internet access for business purposes or for personal use. Businesses these days also rely on the internet, and many service providers also provide homes and businesses with Wi-Fi, so they can access the internet anywhere in the house or business area.

To find the right internet service provider for your needs, asses what it is you need the internet for. Are you just updating social media or sending emails? Are you planning on watching movies or streaming television shows? Will you need access for multiple people? Is this internet access going to be just for personal use or are you running a business?

Once you have decided the ways in which you plan on using the internet, you can make the best determining as to which internet service provider offers the best service and value for your needs. Answering those questions can make the decision much easier.…