Endearing Holograms

Transporter beams have been a subject in more than a few science fiction films and shows, though I suppose Star Trek is the most famous for it, and the saying “Beam me up, Scotty” has of course become a household phrase.
Realistically though, the technology required for such a feat is way beyond the scope of any current technology today, even remotely. In fact, Star Trek has pushed science to its limits on many fields and presents with seemingly impossible challenges indeed such as warp drives, replicators, transporters, and scanners that instantly cure diseases and injuries.
But there are many other marvels of technology that are in our grasp and they will surely radically alter the way we live and interact with one another. Some things we are sitting on and just don’t know what to do with yet.
A major marvel that is clearly in our possession is the hologram. In fact, surprisingly enough, it’s been around for quite sometime now. A hologram is of course a replica of a real object formed by reflecting laser beams, though its main drawback now is its telltale “glow”. And if you haven’t already thought of it, yes, it is possible to hologram people and take video chat to a whole new level.
But it’s even more than that you see because as the technology develops, holograms will look absolutely real. Two holographic people will actually be able to meet in a virtual environment and feel the same as if they were actually with each other.
Well, almost- the problem is that replicator technology from Star Trek that so far leaves us clueless. Unless things really change, you won’t be able to hold or feel a hologram or even shake her hand. So for now anyway, we may be visiting far off loved ones and doing business in distant lands, but there will be no substitute for the real thing.…