Effective Starcraft 2 Zerg Hotkeys Guide – Hotkey List For Zerg Units & Buildings

The Zerg race is among the hardest to learn in Starcraft 2 as they are extremely fast to swarm the opponent with hordes of their armies but their units are outrageously costly, which, in the early stages of the games, makes them extremely fragile. This is where the mastery of the hotkeys plays. Hotkeys are very important as they allow for commands and orders to be conveyed promptly, as a result allowing for improved direction, organization, and added time.
Are you looking for an effective Starcraft 2 Zerg Hotkeys Guide that can facilitate you to play the Zerg race fittingly and win games versus other players? Here is a hotkey list for Zerg units and buildings as well as technology upgrades:
Zerg Building Hotkeys
make 1 Hatchery – H
to build an Extractor – E
for Spawning Pool – S
produce Evolution Chamber – V
put up Spine Crawler – C
place Spore Crawler – W
for a Roach Warren – R
to have a Baneling Nest – B
get a Hydralisk Den – H
make Infestation Pit – I
have a Spire – S
1 Nydus Network – N
1 Ultra Cavern – U
Zerg Units Hotkeys
Drone – D
Overlord – V
Zergling – Z
Roach – R
Hydralisk – H
Infestor – F
Mutalisk – T
Corruptor – C
Ultra – U
Queen – Q
Zerg Technology (Upgrade) Hotkeys
Hatchery Upgrades
Pneumtized Carapace – P
Ventral Sac – V
Burrow – B
Lair – L
Hive – H
Evo Chamber
Melee Atk – M
Missle Atk – A
Carapace – C
Spawning Pool
Metabolic Boost – M
Adrenal Gland – A
Centrifugal Hooks – C
Roach Warren
Glial Reconstitution – G
Tunneling Claws – T
Organic Carapace – O
Infestation Pit
Peristalisis – P
Pathogen Gland – G
Hydralisk Den
Grooved Spikes – G
Fly Attacks – A
Fly Carapace – C
Greater Spire – G
Ultra Cavern
Speed – A
Armor – C
Generate Creep – G
Overseer – V
Creep Tumor – C
Spawn Larva – R
Transfusion – T…