Why Choose MP4 Instead of MP3?

Although appearing later than MP3, MP4 today has replaced MP3 as portable gadget for people to enjoy their moment on their way to business or home. MP3 is usually cheaper and smaller than MP4. Why MP4 could take their place and become the favorites of most people today?

MP4 players support more file formats than MP3. Usually MP3 only support.mp3,.ogg file types. MP4 support far more formats, including .mp3, .amv, wmv, .wma, .wav, .MPEG 1, 2, 4, .MP4, .JPG, .AVI, .VOB, .ASF, etc. The result is MP4 allow us to use more types of files.

MP4 give us more choices in the song selection. We can only switch the present song to next song or previous when using MP3 players whilst MP4 offers song menu to let us choose the song we want to listen to.

Although advanced types of MP3 allow us to view photos or pictures just like an MP4. However, their screen is usually much smaller. While we view images inside, we might feel that these images are distorted or not clear. MP4 electronic gadget could easily offer us sharp and clear images because of their big screen and high pixels.

MP3 players have limited functions. MP3 generally offer functions to let us listen to music/FM radio, record, and store phone number. However, MP4 allow us to comfortably read E-book, play songs, watch video, replay recordings, etc. Some advanced MP4 are even made with built-in cameras. Plus, new functions are continuously added to MP4 new models while MP3 nearly stop developing.

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MP4 has large storage capacity. They can store from 256 mega bites up to 40, 60 and up giga bites. For the same storage MP4 and MP3, MP 4 gadgets usually store more files.

In conclusion, MP4 are able to provide multimedia solutions while MP3 just offer simple audio function. In the information booming technology times, most of us like to own a cool gadget with multiple functions and attractive appearance.