What’s Better, the Xbox 360 Or the PlayStation 3?

Are you wondering what system would be better, the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. A couple months ago I had a choice to pick between the two and I decided to go with the 360. The reason I decided to go with the 360 was simple… they had much more game variety.

This has nothing to do with knocking the PlayStation three, because I truly feel that the PlayStation three does have better graphics and they beat the Xbox by just a little bit with that aspects of their system. After played the PS3 for a while I realized that Xbox is going to need to add some more graphics if they want to compete with their rival system.

But on the flipside, the 360 has tons of video games with different themes is that anyone can get them into.

I’m a big-time sports fan so that’s mainly what I play but I have noticed that there are tons of versions of different types of games that you can begin to play unlike the PS2 which they’re not that many different selections for you to choose from. Sure this is going to expand over time but I’m speaking of right now.

There are many more options to choose with the Xbox 360 and a lot more add-ons as well.

Also after a lot of game play on the Internet on the Xbox live function it is clearly beating the PlayStation. Xbox live is a community where you can go play other individuals at any specific game that you choose, which is a great venue for competitiveness. No other system out there beats the online play that the 360 has to offer.

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It is going to be interesting to keep tabs on how the systems develop and the new things they bring to the table throughout the years. Whether you choose to pick a PS3 or 360, you’re not going to be disappointed in any aspect with your decision. This article was just to tell you which one I thought was better out of the two.