What to Do If Your PS3 Blinks Red

Has it happened to you? Right in the middle of your favourite game your ps3 blinks red and the game dies. This can be very frustrating because there is never a good time for you PlayStation 3 to break down. But what if you knew how to fix this red blinking light on your console, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

There are a few reasons that can cause the red light of death on your ps3; I will tell you a little more about them and the possible fixes available to you.

1. Overheating is a major cause of the RLOD, this can be rectified easily. You need to cool your ps3 down so turn it off at the mains and leave it for an hour. Take this opportunity to check the vents to see if they are clogged up with dust or something else. If they are clean it away. Also ensure that a good floe of cool air can get to the machine, this can be difficult if the console is stored in an entertainment unit.

2. Check the cables are securely plugged in as a loose cable can cause blinking red lights on your PlayStation 3. Take a moment to look at the condition of the cables too. Are they in a good state, it is possible for these to get damaged through general wear and tear.

3. Removing the hard drive can fix the red light of death. This is quite a simple procedure. If you are not sure there are many good video tutorials online that will show you how to do this. It is advisable to try this a couple of times and this should do the trick.

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4. Okay, if you have got this far and the red blinking light is still flashing then you may have a problem with the motherboard. This can be fixed easily but you have two options how to go about it.

A. Send your console back to Sony for them to carry out the repair. You will be without your console for approximately 6 weeks though. Also if your console is out of warranty then you will have to pay for the fix, this is around the $ 150 price range.

B. Your second option is to fix the console yourself. Yes you read that right it is possible and quite simple too. I would strongly recommend that you use a PlayStation 3 repair guide as this will make the whole process a lot easier. Rib Sheffield has written a great guide, it utilises the same repair methods that Sony use to fix PlayStation 3 consoles. With videos and pictures and step by step instructions it should be must have for anyone wanting to repair their PlayStation 3.