Top 3 Reasons To Buy the PlayStation Move

Another motion-sensing control game console has been created, this time by the very renowned Sony. For years before this top-notch variant of PlayStation, there was PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 which were all fun and exciting until Nintendo came out with its amazing Wii. Like the Wii, PlayStation Move makes use of a hand held controller (pointing device) sans the wiring attached to the console. Accordingly, the controllers have a corresponding motion detector on the actual console that is the PlayStation Eye.

There are other motion-sensing game consoles out in the market apart from Sony’s PlayStation Move like Nintendo Wii and the latest from Microsoft, the Xbox Kinect. Although Sony’s and Nintendo’s are more alike compared to Microsoft’s game console (which does not use a controller at all), here are some good reasons why this is the better choice:

Easy to Use Controller

Sony retained some of the configuration in the new controller from the old ones like the buttons (triangle, square, an ‘x’ and a circle) although the whole design is new (microphone-like) with a huge orb at the end that glows in any kind of color like blue or red. Besides this, it is easier to hold than the controller of Wii with a nice curve to it that will fit your hand perfectly. The main button called the ‘Move’ that you can use is positioned well under your thumb which works well while you’re playing. Like the Wii, there is another button underneath the controller and is also perfectly situated where you might need it.

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Great Games

There are several games which you can play with that is perfect for every single member of your family. Dads can try playing their favorite sport Golf like Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour or the very challenging Bowling with Brunswick Pro Bowling. Other sporting games include beach volleyball, Archery and Table Tennis among so many others in Sports Champions. Young children can play with the whole family with games such as Start the Party and Singstar. There are more aggressive fighting games as well from shooters such as The Fight, Socom 4 or Resident Evil Gold Edition and epic battles like Aragorn’s Quest and Tron.

Accuracy and Accessories

Like any other Sony game consoles, you can get other controllers. Having two controllers (one per hand) will actually work better when you are playing especially for games where your avatar is actually holding two things like in Aragorn’s Quest, a sword and a shield. They also made available a controller shaped like a real gun which will work best when you’re playing shooter games like The Shoot and Time Crisis. These accessories are very accurate as well and will serve its purpose especially with more the active sports games.

All in all, this is a good choice over Nintendo Wii since the design of the controller is perfect and there are great games which you can buy exclusively under Sony. Apart from these reasons, you have to realize that there are few computer games which lets you work out at the same time so get a set now and start having loads of fun this Christmas.

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