The New Gadget – iPad Alupen Touch-Sensitive Pen

Alupen touch-sensitive pen has been invented specially for iPod not long ago, although the touch iPad is so convenient to touch just with figures and become more and more popular among all the people from any corner of the world.

Some people must feel confused with this new invention for the touch screen of the iPad is easy to operate directly by touching the screen with figures flexibly. Do you also think the iPad Alupen touch-sensitive is unnecessary? Every invention comes out with the function and ability that others can not replace. So does this iPad pen. Figures are bigger to operate some small actions on the touch screen. The pen is the perfect item to help you to make best use all the functions of the iPad.

The small black box looks easy to take or recycled when I got it. The pen and one volume are inside the box when opening it. All others are the introduction of the Just Mobile series products. Designed by Denmark designer, the pen is about 12cm long and it is made of aluminum. The design of the pen looks very plain as North Europe style.

The nib of the pen is made of black soft rubber. And the feeling of the soft pen nib is just like the figure. The other end just look like the pencil, you can see the black refill in the middle of the pen. This design makes the pen be out of merchandise and be more practical for the users. The pen is easy to hold in the hand, the pen nib is soft and flexible to move, write or draw on the screen.

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People hardly have the chance to write with pen in the life with the rapid development of the high-tech digital items. Even someone doesn’t know how to write with pen for they type all the letters on the PC or iPhone they want to speak. The customized letters you write on the screen are very clear. The letters written by you can reflect your own personality clearly. The super iPad pen attracts more and more App fans to buy iPad.