The Japanese Video Game Console Wars

In truth however, the sales for both consoles are relatively low. There is significant reason for the decline in both console sales. And this is due to a revolution in the way of gaming and individual leisure. Now, console gaming is getting some major competition from the steady growth of internet gaming and of smart mobile phones which are very alluring ways spend time.

Now, leisure time has become less of a communal affair. People are now spending time by them selves. Computer leisure is defined as bite sized and splintered. The days when families used to spend time together in front of the television seem to be coming to an end as the net and mobile phone technology is constantly wrenching people away from each other.

It is an interesting thing, because this image of a family in front of television used to be an image of modern decline in values.

But nevertheless, though company heads themselves might say that this is lamentable, they also race to take advantage of the new fragmentary and individualistic technology. Nintendo DS for example, is getting more personal as you can input your own identity and it even has a camera. The trend is evidenced by the amount of sales that Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable have garnered.

Looking at the software, one could point out that there are no real smash hits for Nintendo. There is no real big star game aside from Wii Sports Resort as well as a new type of Wii controller. However, things are looking good in the future since Nintendo is planning on releasing big name games such as the much awaited installment of Monster Hunter as well as Dragon Quest. However, could it be too late? Could it still stop the buying trend towards Sony?

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There is a big chance that there will be no turning back for Nintendo sales as the Sony PSP and PlayStation 3 is fighting really hard. Considering the fact that PSP did not do well at all in Japan but is now slowly and steadily growing into a viable market, it stands to perfect reason that the company might pull of the same campaign for the once low market of PS3.