“The Edge of Reason” by Melissa Snodgrass is a story of good versus evil, of science versus superstition. It entertains while skillfully raising questions about the origins of religion and technology.
Rhiana Davinovitch possesses magical talent and she works with a group she believes is a coven. After discovering she is being used as a pawn to build a nuclear weapon she runs off. Her pursuers create a blackout and they send inhuman entities after her. Police Officer Richard Oort, an unlikely hero, comes to her rescue and finds himself caught up in a world gone mad. He and Rhiana are in the middle of a secret war that’s been going on since the beginning of mankind. On one side are the Lumina, an ancient order utilizing reason and technology. On the other side are the Old Ones, entities that have powers of magic and feed on organized religion. And humanity’s future may depend on which side Richard chooses.
This ominous apocalypse thriller tackles some thought provoking themes. The Old Ones feed on chaos and emotions that are fueled by religious beliefs. It’s an original and clever premise but one that may offend some readers. The story starts with a bang and pulls the reader into the action but drags a bit in the middle. It’s well written with good imagery and dialogue. The characterization of Richard is especially well thought out. He’s a complex hero, still dealing with the emotional backlash of a sexual assault by a business associate of his father’s. There’s a cliff hanger ending so another book may be in the works. Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (June 2, 2009) ISBN: 978-0765354204 Mass Market Paperback Pages: 384 Price: $7.99

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