Advancements in Portable Technology

When talking about portable technology, what do you think of? Most likely you think about cell phones or cells, but this does not have to be the only form of portable technology. What about job specific tools that have advanced along with the rest of the technology world. Did you ever watch the older episodes of CSI? If you pay attention, in the older episodes, the ultraviolet beams they use to detect blood used to be carried vacuum looking instruments. However, if you’ve watched the newer episodes you’ll notice that instead of there being a large vacuum type machine, they now carry around small flashlight type instruments. However, cell phones are one of the biggest and best advancements in portable technology.
If you were to take a look into the past at one of the first designs of a cell, it looks much like a home phone that stands on a receiver, with a large pull out antenna. As you slowly progress time, you’ll notice that cellular devices start to shrink, get a little thinner and begin to weigh a lot less. Now, if you look at the portable technology we have today in our newer cells, they are no longer big and bulky, they are miniature, portable computers. Think about it, the smart cells of today have just as many functions, if not more, than the desktop computer you probably grew up with, do they not? Smart Cellular Devices have the ability to browse the web, download new applications, check email, update your social status and even see where your friends are. Portable technology has advanced so far in such a short time, it’s truly amazing what the human mind can do.