Spy Pen – Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About Spy Pens

Ever considered purchasing a spy gadget before? If you are indeed looking for one, why not consider the 4GB spy pen? One of the most exciting inventions of modern time, the 4GB spy pen has worked wonders for millions across the globe, and could do the same for you as well! If you are worried or concerned about what has been going on without your knowledge in locations such as your bedroom, your workplace or even inside your car, this device would prove to be your ally in discovering exactly what has been going on!

Often considered more of a myth rather than reality, the existence of spy devices are indeed real and true, as showcased by this amazing pen that has a camera hidden within it. You could probably find them in more than a few electronic stores, as they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world that is filled with doubts and uncertainties. Let us look at one of the most well-known device of the lot, the 4GB spy pen, one that comes fitted with a camera, DVR and a battery together with the actual pen-portion that holds the ink.

The compact size of the pen allows it to video-capture an area effectively without disclosing its position, making it an exceptionally brilliant spy device. And when you buy a USB spy pen, you would be able to immediately transfer your video file to your laptop or desktop, and view it straight away! It is as simple as that!

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When we speak of pens that double up as spy devices, they would have two portions to them, namely the actual pen portion and the spy-cam portion. The size of your memory card would determine how long your video footage would be – nevertheless this would also be determined by the size and potential of your battery. On an average you would be able to record approximate 4-6 hours of video footage with the 4GB memory card, but your battery would probably last only to a maximum of 3-4 hours. Thus realistically although your memory card can go up to 6 hours of footage, your battery’s limitations would mean that you should only take into account 4 hours of this footage as your battery would need to be recharged after that.

There are plenty of models to choose from in terms of cost, design and size, thus take your time and browse through your options before you purchase the one that suits your needs best. There are options from $50 all the way to $120 when you speak of 4GB pens, thus you are practically spoilt for choice when you decide to buy this device. The more expensive they are, the better the camera resolution would be, and thus you get better quality videos when you transfer them onto your laptop.

Without doubt one of the best spy gadgets ever produced, dispel all your doubts through the purchase of this brilliant device, and live life free of doubts! Hopefully in the future there would be devices that allow you to shoot for more than 4 hours at a stretch.

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