Sony PlayStation Phone – Sony Ericsson Aino

The Sony Ericsson Aino is a phone with interesting multimedia features which will definitely enhance your entertainment experience. The advancements in technology have made the mobile phones of today as multipurpose tools and this new Sony Ericsson is the latest example of this. This Aino provides functions of camera, music player and gaming console.

For capturing all your memorable moments the phone has 8.1 MP of camera with resolution of 3264 X 2448 pixels. The digital zoom of the camera is 16x which makes it easy to capture far away images with precision and clarity. The Sony Aino has an auto focus function which automatically adjusts its focus and provides optimum clarity. You can also set the focus of the camera by touching the screen as it has touch focus feature. The image stabilizer allows you to avoid the blurriness in the image which is caused due to movements of hands. For optimizing the image quality the photofix function adjusts the contrast and the light balance after capturing the image.

Other features which further enhance the quality of the images include red eye detection, bestpic, photo flash and others. If you wish to further make your photographic experience an exciting one than you can use its features of face detection, photo feeds geo tagging and picture blogging. Besides still images the camera of the Aino is also capable of recording live video at speed of 30fps. These video can also be shared with your loved ones by placing the clippings online using the video blogging feature of the handset.

For all the music lovers this device from Sony Ericsson has the latest Walkman player 3.0 which has excellent quality. The player of the phone supports multiple audio formats like MP3, MP4, AAC and others. The original artist recordings can also be used as ring tones in the handset. It has SenseMe function which facilitates mood mapping where you can create a play list of songs as per the mood of the music. Mega Bass in the phone enhances the frequencies and the bass to your music to give it more body.

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If you wish to enjoy the music with your gang of friends then you can use its stereo speakers which give full sound experience. Its album art allows you to choose music by browsing the CD and other images. Other features enhancing your overall music experience include clear bass, media player, clear stereo and Bluetooth stereo. There is also a FM radio with RDS in the phone where you can enjoy the program of your favorite RJ.

The Sony Ericsson Aino also provides unlimited gaming options which you can enjoy no matter where ever you are. Its 3D games can be enjoyed with full depth and color. It also has motion gaming where you can get physical by turning, moving and swinging your phone to control the action. The most striking feature of this phone is its Remote Play feature which enables you control and have access to the media content on your PlayStation 3 from the phone.

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