Review – Wheelman (Playstation 3)

Wheelman – The aim of the game is a cross between a Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed, with a mixture of shooting and foot sections of reckless driving. Milo Burik, starring Vin Diesel and digital incarnation, will be able to seize all vehicles that came within range, freely exploring the city of Barcelona, the scene of events. The plot centered on the adventures of an undercover cop, will proceed through 31 main missions, accompanied by hundreds of secondary tasks and resources useful to obtain additional weapons. While sections walk perfectly reflect the canons of classic action games, with a third-person view and a simple cover system, just to survive shootings, those enclosing guide all innovations designed by developers.

To get rid of his enemies, Milo can use the special qualities that enable him to momentarily reverse its direction to shoot freely pursuers. In these moments, highlighted by a classic time in slow motion, a few well placed shots are able to detonate the vehicles even more resistant, resulting in accidents and spectacular choreography. During the chase, with a particular command you can move quickly to the side, avoiding obstacles or sock a vehicle nearby. This system, called melee attacks with vehicles, gives extreme physicality Sections driving. Note, however, that its operation is clearly designed for an analog controller, where the movement in question is linked to the right stick. Fortunately, under review, this bug has been fixed.

Another crucial aspect is the stealing air from Milo used to procure a new vehicle without wasting time and speed. Just get close to a car running and press the appropriate button to see our hero pounce on an unsuspecting driver and then throw him out unceremoniously, so as to enable the determination of the car. This system is particularly clever in that dramatically reduces the downtime that is created when their car is too damaged. Nell’inseme therefore Wheelman is a fun, immediate and balanced. The biggest problem concerns the design: still shows polygonal models and animations that seem to come straight over from 2005 to textures that are too easy to Barcelona.

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