PS3 Red Light Flashing – How to Repair the PS3 Red Flashing Light

Are you having the ps3 red light flashing problem? Is your console refusing to boot? Did it give three beeps before the light began flashing? If any of these happened, then you can be sure that you have the infamous and dreaded ps3 red light of death. Fixing this is not just a straight jacketed thing. This is because there are many causes. Here are a few repair tips to help you fix it.

1. Cool the Console Down

Sometimes, this problem is caused by the heat generated by it. The PS3 console is built in such a manner that heat doesn’t readily escape leading to excessive heating which may also affect other integral parts of the console like the HDD and the board.

So, cool the console down by either directing a fan towards the vents or placing it directly in front of the AC. If you have any other cooling device too, it will work.

2. Turn off the High Definition

I know this is a bummer and that it affects the viewing quality, but the truth is that the high def often generates more heat. But this is the way Sony built the console and heat is an essential part of its functions.

3. Avoid the Corners

Avoid placing the console in any corner or place where there is no proper ventilation, the reflected heat from these places tend to increase the temperature of the console resulting in more heat which of course tends to result in the ps3’s red light flashing and the console shutting down.

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