PS3 Red Light Blinking – Possible to Fix it in Less Than 1 Hour?

When your PlayStation 3 decides to take a turn for the worse and gets the notorious PS3 red light blinking on the front, then it’s time that you need to think about fixing it. I want to tell you about 2 very common and simple ways that you can go about fixing your console in this article.

Method 1 – The Sony PS3 Red Light Blinking Fix

This method is probably the most used method when it comes to repairing that broken Sony PlayStation 3. That’s because it’s really easy to send your console off to the Sony repair service to have them fix it.

I want to tell you some things that you might not know, though, before you invest the time and money into this.

The first thing that you should know is that if your systems warranty has expired it will cost you money to have Sony fix it. Yes, that’s right, they will charge you to fix your PlayStation 3 even if the PS3 red light blinking isn’t your fault (which is usually the case). That’s why many people have resorted to the other method of fixing PS3 that I will talk about shortly. The cost of this service if your warranty has gone out is $150. That’s crazy and half the price of a new system or 3 brand new games!

Another thing you should know about the Sony repair service is that it takes a long time. I’m not just talking about a few weeks, but you might be waiting up to 2 months to get your PlayStation 3 back. That seems a little excessive, but that’s ok, because there are other alternatives to getting your PS3 working again.

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Method 2 – Fix PS3 Red Light Blinking Yourself – Possible?

I know it sounds crazy, but you can definitely learn to fix your PlayStation 3 red light error yourself. And here’s the even crazier ‘s not that hard to learn to do.

Many gamers have resorted to this repair simply because it doesn’t cost so much. Now, if you are inexperienced with electronics, this might seem really hard and is something you are probably shaking your head at and thinking: “This isn’t for me”.

But let me just tell you before you completely dismiss it, that you can find repair guides online that show you exactly what to do, and they usually have videos and pictures to walk you through the self-repair process that I’m talking about here.