PS2 DDR Metal Pad – Just Because it Lasts a Long Time Doesn’t Mean One is Right For You

The Dance Dance Revolution game has become very popular, and the PS2 DDR metal pad is the closest you can get to arcade quality. Most of these metal pads are designed for competitions and tournaments. This means that these pads will potentially hold up better and longer than some of the other foam pads. They are also designed to hold up to 250 pounds.

These pads come in a variation of designs, some with a handrail and others without. However, most of them come with an excellent response rate and no noise when jumping on the arrows while playing the game. This means no interruptions when listening to the songs that you are dancing too. Most pads will work with carpet and hardwood floors as well so there is no real difference there.

The telling difference in metal pads is the weight. A PS2 DDR metal pad can weigh quite a bit due to the metal construction with framing and bracketing. It means that these pads may weigh between 38 – 70 pounds or more. Not exactly something you are going to want to be moving around all the time.

Because of the weight it might be in your best interest to set the game up somewhere where you will not have to take it down all the time. You are not going to want to have to set this up and take it down every day to play Dance Dance Revolution or any other similar games. Also, since the pads are metal they are not going to fold easily for you to store somewhere. This is another reason why you might want to designate a certain area to set the metal pad up and leave it there because if you don’t you are going to have difficulties storing the pad when not in use. You will need to put it somewhere that is out of the way, but easy and safe to get back out. Shelves are definitely out of the question because they aren’t going to hold up to the weight and you aren’t going to want this pad over your head when you are trying to get it back down.

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The PS2 DDR metal pad may hold up better and last longer, but it still has some drawbacks that you should consider when purchasing one. If you have the space to set it up and leave it, or if you have a great way to store it (like tucking it back behind a entertainment center standing it against the wall) then you would probably greatly enjoy the metal pad and the ability to play this game longer before the mat wears out. It is a good idea for someone with kids that love to play the game.