Playstation 3 Yellow Light Fix – Your Options

PlayStation 3 Yellow Light Fix:

Getting your PlayStation 3 always holds promise to hours of enjoyment in games and fun with family and friends, but sometimes the fun and games have to be put on hold because of PS3 errors. One such error is the PlayStation 3 yellow light which always needs fixing straight away. A frustrating situation, the PS3 yellow light is also known as the yellow Light of Death.

What is the PlayStation 3 yellow light phenomenon?

This yellow light phenomenon on the PS3 is one that frustrates players everywhere, especially when they don’t know the fix for it. This error happens when you boot up your PS3 and then instead of the green light that you expect, instead you get a yellow light which causes your PS3 console to immediately shut down again.

Are there any quick fixes to this yellow light problem?

One PlayStation 3 yellow light fix is to simply check the cables on your console and make sure all the power and AV cables are secured. Another way would be to remove the hard drive of your PS3 console and then put it back again, and then restart the unit. Otherwise, you may have to resort to bringing your PS3 console to a Sony service center or you can buy a PS3 repair guide to help you fix it yourself.

Taking my PS3 console to a Sony repair center

Taking your PS3 to a Sony center to be repaired may get you the PlayStation light fix that you need. The downside to this is that you may never know how they fixed it so it may happen again. Another downside is that this action will cause you to spend more money that you hope to. Bringing your PS3 unit to a service center can put you back about $150 for the servicing.

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Buying a PS3 repair guide

This option is probably the most helpful and practical of the quick fix solutions. By getting a manual you will be able to learn more about your PS3 unit, its quirks, and how to troubleshoot the quirks. With the repair manual you will be able to repair your console and save yourself a lot of money by doing so. Who knows, you may even be able to charge your friends for your repair skill when they come to you with their PS3 console problems!