PlayStation 3 General Knowledge


PlayStation 3 is the new console released on November 11, 2006 in Japan. It is the newest member of the PlayStation series produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, a Japanese video game company. This new console introduced a few unique points to the series. PS3 brought the shiny PlayStation Network and a new feature which allows users to use Blue-ray Discs as a storage device. After the release of the “fat” PS3, Sony released a Slim version by September, 2009. The Slim version is lighter, smaller and uses less power than his big brother.


The PlayStation 3 has many accessories that can be used in a big variety of games. The first controller was the “SIXAXIS”. It was used from the release of the console until 2008, when DualShock 3 took his place. The main difference of the two controllers is that DualShock 3’s vibration function doesn’t interfere with the motion sense. As we all know a controller is just not enough for the gamers of the 21st Century. That’s why the PS3 also has a “racing wheel” for racing simulation games. This wheel was developed by Logitech. PS3 users can also interact with certain games through motions using the PlayStation Eye. This is a webcam with a built in microphone, and it can be used for games like “EyePet”, “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08” and “The Eye of Judgment”.


Sony made a very reliable console with only 10% failure in a time period of two years. Even if the console is one of the most reliable out there on the market is has it’s problems. A few of these problems are the “yellow light of death”, which is a non-specific hardware problem. This problem occurred mostly in the UK, so sometimes a console repair is needed. PS3 repairs can be annoying if you do not know a store which can fix the problem near you. Also recently there was a big error with the PlayStation Network. Someone hacked the servers and accessed the user database. This leaked the personal information of around 77 million users including passwords, addresses, and payment history. Apparently no credit card data was stolen. After this Sony gave a free month membership to all PSN users with a new identity theft program.

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There are a few PlayStation 3 exclusives like “LittleBigPlanet”, the “Infamous” series and maybe the most popular PS3 game, “Uncharted”. Of course there are tons of multi-console games like the “Devil May Cry” series, “Mortal Kombat” and the “Call of Duty” series. Today game developers are more likely to publish a game on consoles like the PS3 and the Xbox 360 than on a PC.


PS3 repair is very important on these consoles, as they tend to broke. There are many things that can go wrong in a complex gaming platform like the PlayStation 3, and the repair prices scale as the problem get’s more serious. There are websites that can help you with problems like errors or PS3 laser replacement + PS3 YLOD.