PlayStation 3 – Banned From Prison to Prevent a Break Out

Sometimes it feels as though the authorities watch too much television and have too much time on their hands. They have recently announced that PlayStation 3’s have been banned from prison cells due to the fact that they can send and receive radio signals. It is also said that criminal games such as grand theft auto are only going to attract more people to have violent outbreaks.

No mention has been made of the other two big consoles, such as thee Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, but have things been taken a bit too far. I personally do not feel that anyone in this day and age can break out of prison and not be caught by the authorities. The thing that people have to remember is that although we watch something on TV, such as the program Prison Break, we have to remember that it is only a program and the chances of that happening in real life are minimal.

Again on the other hand why should prisoners be allowed to have games consoles to play with? I mean most of the public do not even have or cannot even afford a PlayStation 3. We all know about human rights, but I am positive that by declining them a PS3 does not go against this.

I mean these people have committed a crime and no matter how big or small the crime they need to be punished. I mean it sends out the wrong message to youngsters all over the world and for those people that really want a games console and cannot afford one; they are going to be pushed into committing a crime just to get their hands on a game.

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Prison is no longer a strain, its much more like a holiday camp for a lot of people. They get to live and eat rent free and also get the luxuries of the outside world without working for it. People should be put off from visiting prison cells, but instead they are being attracted to commit a crime to live a stress free and relaxing life.

So finally summing up I believe that not only should the prisoners be treated like prisoners, but the authorities should look at cleaning up the sector, because most of these people have committed a crime and some of them have in fact committed a huge crime that needs to be punished.