Move Over Wii, PlayStation Move Now Controls The Action

Just a few years ago, Wii took the gaming system world by storm. Before that time we couldn’t imagine a gaming system where the movement of your hands and arms controlled the action. in You simply turned on your console, loaded the game of your choice, grabbed a controller, and you controlled the action. The only thing is that Wii seemed to be catered more towards kids, rather than adults. Well, a new guy is in town, and he goes by the name PlayStation Move. The PlayStation Move works with the PlayStation 3 system and a device called the PlayStation Eye to pretty much do the same thing the Wii does, only better. Plus, this is a gaming system for children and adults alike.

We’ve heard reviews of the PlayStation Move and they have been nothing short of stellar. We’ve seen the videos and quality of the graphics and they beat Wii hands down. Because this new gaming system is scheduled to come out on September 17, 2010, we have unfortunately not had the chance to play any games yet. However, I can tell you that it has blu-ray gaming, movies can be played in high definition, games can be downloaded, and it has built in Wi-Fi. Just the fact that you can now get off the couch and control the movement of the game, has many folks counting the days til this product hits the shelves. At least 15 games are scheduled to be available at launch.

Now, this gaming system comes in a couple of different versions. First of all, if you have the PlayStation 3, you can get in the action by purchasing a PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move Controller and some PlayStation Move Games. The PlayStation Eye acts as a camera that follows your every move. That is enough to get you started. There are plenty of sports games as well as kids games to give you hours and hours of fun.

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If you do not have a PlayStation 3 system, my recommendation is to purchase the PlayStation Move Bundle. You will then have a complete gaming system that not only allows you to enjoy existing PlayStation 3 games but also lets you control the action. This bundle comes with the PlayStation 3 Console, PlayStation Eye, a wireless controller, a PlayStation Move motion controller, and a sports game.

Because this new system is coming out just before the holiday season, and if you have any interest at all, my recommendation is to purchase it as soon as possible.