India has come a long way in the last 20 odd years. From being a country where technology reached the homes of only a few privileged, it has become a nation where everyone has accepted technology as a part and parcel of all aspects of their daily life. Today, even in remote villages you can find farmers getting information on better farming techniques off the web. Mobile phones ring in the pockets of Indians across cities, small towns and villages. Not to mention the hundreds of diverse satellite channels that Indians watch day in, day out.
It is however, shocking and a shame that the country has yet not warmed up to the excellent and highly useful technology that is GPS. What is GPS?, you may ask. GPS or Global positioning System is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The system uses satellites to map positions of stationary or moving objects on the earth promptly and accurately.
Many Indians can use GPS to enhance their lives in great many ways. Are you business owner worried about the location of your vehicle or the whereabouts of your employees? GPS is the solution for your. Concerned parents who would like to monitor the whereabouts of their young ones in this fast and crazy world can easily do so with the help of GPS. Even mobile phone owners who would like to protect their expensive cellular phones from theft can locate and repossess their instruments in jiffy with the help of this amazing technology. Lost in a new city? GPS will show you the way to your destination, however remote it may be! Furthermore, the technology can do wonders in social applications by the police or medical departments.
The rate at which this technology is being lapped up by the west, sooner or later India will realize the bountiful advantages of GPS. Soon, it is bound to enter households and offices across the nation. And why not, it is after all a cheap and effective way to make business and personal life safer and better.

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