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Some Information about Darknet

Darknet is termed for a computer network that has a restricted access and is used chiefly for illegal sharing among peer to peer. Deepnet is the term also interchangeably used for Darknet and is more than the search engines to be capable of indexing. Darknet has anonymous websites, meaning you cannot tell who the website owners are if you go into these sites. However, you can still trace these non-indexed website owners by looking at who bought the domain name. In Darknet, the onion router network is used by these websites. By using so many nodes, the origin cannot trace where the data is coming from or where it is going, and this is the basis of the Tor network. In this site, friends can have group discussions on serious issues, or if you are a journalist who would like to write some topics and does not want to be known as the author, or you could be selling some products and entertainment. In other words, Darknet will serve you with full anonymity.

In order to communicate anonymously, the US military base was the first to create the Tor network. The Darknet keeps government files that are not open to the general public except to those people who have the passwords to access these files.
Anybody can create and host anonymous websites that offers anything and gives any information that cannot be searched form the normal web since the sites are never indexed in Darknet. It is through the Tor browser that you can easily get into the Darknet domains.

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Darknet or Deepnet is a part of the internet offering anonymous websites that offer any kinds of content and is in the media a lot today.
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For those websites that do get indexed, Darknet would start. Some sites do not get indexed for some reasons like the webmaster was inefficient, no effort was placed into search engine optimization, or as simple as having no need to index the page at all. An example are some research projects with websites with participants only having interest with the site, thus there is no need to have the site indexed. Thus in this situation, these websites end up floating around the internet, of no interest to anyone, and are never picked up by crawlers of search engine, leading to becoming a part of Darknet.
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Millions of sites were started but abandoned by designers and webmasters that become part of Darknet, especially since these sites are on free hosting and never removed. These sites are sometimes found by anybody and they could have interest in it or also none at all. Also, since the search engines do not have these sites in their indexes so you cannot easily find them.